And the amazing thing is, you can learn it in one day!

Secret New Fighting System
Will Make Even
A Black Belt Karate Expert
Putty In Your Hands!

Dear Friend,

If you are even remotely interested in learning how to physically protect yourself (and your loved ones) with complete confidence, then this will be the most important letter you ever read.

Here is why: I have recently discovered a"scientific" fighting system that is so effective, you will be able to knock senseless anyone who confronts you–no matter how skilled they are at fighting–within 4 to 6 seconds! What's more, this fighting system is so easy to learn, you will be able to master it completely overnight, even if you have never been in a fight before in your life, or are a "klutz" at physical skills. Kids, women, even grandparents can master this system with equal ease–and be able to instantly "put away" any bully or criminal who comes after them.

This system is called Explosive Metafighting Technologies (X-Tec™). I've seen it in action, I've used it, and I tell you with all seriousness that it is simply...

The Most Devastating
Fighting System Imaginable
– Yet It's Like Nothing
You've Seen Before!

In most cases, you'll be able to end a fight instantly with a single move (that cannot be defended against!) no matter how"overmatched" you are in size or meanness. You do not need quick reflexes, big muscles, flexibility, or any previous fighting skills at all. Nor do you need hours of practice, because you can learn everything–on your own–in just a short time. And since this amazing new system is based on the way you move naturally, once you see how X-Tec works, you'll know instinctively how to use it forever!

I know you're probably skeptical right now – I certainly was at first. But let me tell you, everyone who has seen X-Tec in action has finally admitted that it is, ultimately, the only truly undefeatable hand-to-hand fighting system ever developed. And 'm talking about people who have a lot to lose by admitting this... for example:

  • A young woman (with no previous fighting skills) learned just the basics of X-Tec before leaving for a job in Africa, and taught it to her friend. Soon after arriving, both women were cornered by 6 adult Nairobi gangsters in a park... and the ladies' simple training allowed them not only to instantly get out of trouble, but to send their attackers running away in panic!
  • An Albuquerque man who had been passive and meek his entire life (a basic "nice guy" who wouldn't hurt a fly) spent just over three hours practicing this new system, yet had learned enough to fight off 4 attackers when he and his wife and kids were jumped without warning!
  • A well-known local 4th degree black belt fighter has publicly refused to even go up against an opponent using X-Tec–once he saw it in action he could instantly tell he would be helpless to defend himself, or to even get a strike in before he went down!

Here is how we came to discover X-Tec: For some time now, I have had access to the inside of the modern military and law enforcement world (called the "industry' by some). This is the world of the Navy SEALS, federal agencies like the DEA and the FBI, big-city police SWAT teams, and even some "quasi-legal' organizations that I could never tell you about.

The secrecy surrounding this "industry" makes James Bond movies look calm... and the real-life combat that goes on would make Rambo faint. That's just the truth. Most of what these people do is top secret – including many of the fighting techniques they use. (The military "brass" has actually stepped in to stop us from disseminating previous fighting technology to the general public!)

Anyway, a few months ago I received a phone call from one of my inside "contacts" – who promised to introduce me to a "mystery man" who was not well-known outside the industry, but who was highly respected by insiders because...

He Had Never Lost A Fight...
Despite Leading One Of
The Most Dangerous Lives
On The Planet!

This man had developed (somehow) a strange new fighting system that had absolutely revolutionized hand-to-hand combat among the professional soldiers and cops who needed it. Yet, despite the deadly effectiveness of the moves, the system was astonishingly easy to learn an simple to remember. It requires no special skills, no physical strength or agility, and almost no practice time at all... a perfect fighting tool for professionals who often needed to use what they learned immediately... yet it involves no martial arts or "classic" fighting methods whatsoever!

This system has been taught to FBI agents, big-city police SWAT teams, and even top-secret U.S. military units (for "security operations" the general public never hears about). The professionals who use this system trust it because they knew from experience it will work every time under the worst conditions imaginable: It doesn't matter if they are exhausted, starving, wounded, carrying heavy packs, or operating in cramped spaces where a round-house punch was impossible. The simple fact is...

If This New System Didn't Work,
Good Men Would Die!

Man, this was something I wanted to find out more about. It wouldn't be easy – the man who developed this new system was still heavily involved with highly sensitive government "work" and was (with good reason) suspicious of outsiders...

And He Had Never Trained
Anyone He Hadn't Personally Hand-Picked!

That's where my own "inside contacts" really paid off... and I got to meet Rick Reynolds. He stands 5'10", weighs in at maybe 150 lbs., and looks remarkably like Barney Fife (the deputy from the "Andy Griffith Show").

Yet, before he became so well-known for his incredible fighting system, Rick was able to study the "Science" of hand to hand combat in a personal way most men connot conceive of!

By the time he left the military, (where he served as a hardened combat soldier) Rick had become, quite literally...

One Of The Most Dangerous Men In The World
At Hand-To-Hand Combat!

And his training didn't stop with the war. He got a job walking a police beat in Albuquerque, New Mexico... the leading U.S. city in almost every criminal statistic! (It's the crossroads of Interstate-40 and I-25, two common routes of felons from Mexico and both U.S. coasts.)

Rick has been shot, stabbed, had his nose broken 12 times, been run over by a car, and put in the hospital on six occasions... yet he has never lost a fight!

Rick doesn't overpower anyone with size (he's small), or speed (he's got average reflexes), or even skill (the style he's developed consists mostly of single moves that will end a fight instantly... there's absolutely nothing fancy or complicated about it)!

When he left the police work after 14 years (he had reached the office of Chief of Police), he became a bodyguard for people twice his size. Clients included Tex Cobb (who fought Larry Holmes for the heavyweight boxing championship), Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Lou Ferigno ("The Hulk" on TV).

How effective are Rick's fighting methods? His waist was smaller than Tex Cobb's thigh... yet Rick was hired to protect Tex! That tells you something, doesn't it?

Rick has spent 26 years developing his one-of-a-kind fighting system. He has "melted down" everything he learned from the battlefield and the street and...

Distilled It Into A Basic, Simple, And Deadly System
That Can Now Be Learned
And Used With Ease By Anyone!

Let me tell you, despite his brutal background, Rick is one of the most concerned men I've ever met. He's seen firsthand how bad guys take advantage of decent men and women and children, and he seriously does not like it.

He hates the idea of his kids, or anyone else's kids, having to walk in fear in their own community – and it wasn't difficult to talk him into finally sharing this new system of fighting with civilians outside the "industry". A system that we could bring to people like you, to people like my family and friends. A system that would work with...

100% Effectiveness,
100% Of The Time!

The importance of this knowledge becomes brutally obvious when you see your standard downtown martial art studio in action. What people learn there are fancy moves that can take up to 10 years to master... yet it's more like dance than fighting. And black belt "experts" are notorious for looking great in the dojo, and then getting beaten to a pulp by average street fighters in real life. Even more important...

Why Do You Need To Practice Fancy Moves When
Real Fighters End A Fight
In 4 to 6 Seconds
With One Artless Blow!

Black belt instructors who aren't real-life fighters simply do not have the knowledge of what happens in a real fight. And this creates a "mystery zone" for their students... if you aren't 100% confident that what you learn will work in the real world, how can you justify the time you spend learning any technique? I think that's ridiculous.

With The "Real Life" Fighting Know-how You Get From X-Tec,
You'll Always Know What To Do When It's "Crunch Time"!

There will be no "gray areas" in your knowledge. No guessing. Not even a shred of self-doubt! If you ever have to use what you've learned, you will have the confidence of knowing what to expect at each and every moment – from the first push or insult to the moment you decide to end the confrontation. I can't stress how crucial that is in the real world. It's the difference between standing there blinking and being a victim...

And Walking Away
As The Victor!

Here's what else you're going to learn:

  • The one huge mistake all inexperienced fighters make in their head that guarantees they will be turned into victims... and how to "parlay" it into an advantage that will give YOU an instant 200% increase in your chances of winning–even if it's your first fight ever!
  • Why your weight, strength, speed and agility are the least important parts of winning a street altercation!
  • (And why the one simple secret that is important will give you an immediate and enormous advantage over any other fighter you meet!)
  • How to automatically avoid the blunders that get even nationally-ranked karate masters demolished in street fights! (It's called "Stress Shock Phenomenon" and once you've stored this knowledge in your nervous system, you'll never "freeze up" or panic when your adrenaline starts to flow and the dirt hits the fan! Yet there isn't a karate studio in the country that knows how to teach this crucial part of winning fights!) very important
  • Why your fist may be the absolute worst w apon you can use in hand-to-hand combat! (And exactly how to strike so you won't damage any part of yourself!)
  • The 2 worst things you can do when being choked during a fight... it's what most people want to do instinctively, yet knowing just one artless move from this system can free you and end the assault at the same time!
  • Simple fight-ending moves that require no strength whatsoever! (I know of arthritic 80-year-old grandmothers who have knocked young male attackers senseless!)
  • Your body's 8 most devastating natural weapons (including your own "personal piece of steel pipe"!)

And more, and more, and more. This package is truly the most amazing self-teaching method of real-life fighting you've ever seen. Just listen to what some very impressive people have to say about Rick's fighting system.

In A Matter Of Hours
You'll Surpass The Fighting Skill Of Guys With 10 Years
Experience In Martial Arts!

That's because this stuff is based on what works in real-life fights that take place in four to six seconds, and not in "perfect" environments where you have a lot of room and a mat under your feet. You need no previous experience in any kind of fighting whatsoever – we'll show you everything you'll ever need to know. You don't need to be strong, quick, agile, or even in shape. And every move is based on the way you move naturally there's no gymnastics involved, no spinning kicks, no jumping, no fancy moves of any kind.

So How Much Does This
X-Tec Package Cost?

Not very bloody much, if you understand what went into it. First of all, Rick Reynolds commands incredibly steep fees for personal instruction (and he only gives it to personally invited people!), and earns thousands of dollars a day when he teaches special sessions for law enforcement and military agents.

So, we finally came up with a price that is fair to everyone -- $69 (plus shipping and handling). Plus our regular money back guarantee. IT'S EASY TO ORDER: You can simple click on the "Add To Cart" below:

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But here's the thing. I've got just 88 packages prepared and ready to go for "e-hotlist" guys like you. If you screw around and wait, your package won't be here when you call. So please, do this now while this is still available to you.

For the protection of yourself and family...

Bob Pierce
Prez, TRS

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