Our Mission At FightFast.com:

Here at FightFast.com it our mission to teach you just how quick and easy you can become fully capable of recognizing, avoiding and/or dealing with potential threats to yourself or people you care about.

It's not nearly as complicated as you might have been lead to believe.

In fact, it is simple. Our instructional materials are designed for full and thorough understanding of how to dominate bigger, meaner and even more skilled attackers... should the need ever arise.

The side benefits... of which there are many... is the increased confidence that will infuse it's way into every area of your life. In a matter of days, hours even, you will gain the steely eyed calm confidence of man who is in charge of his destiny. Other people, especially women, will take notice when you enter a room. Trust me.

So, without getting politically correct sounding like a politician being interviewed for the news...

We're going to teach you
the science of learning how to

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How quickly can I learn this Fight Fast stuff?

Which instructor is the best?

Where and how do you find these instructors?

What's the difference between this and my local martial arts dojo/school?

Can I really learn how to fight effectively, from a DVD/Video?

Is this going to be expensive? Is the Free Video Fighting Course REALLY Free?

What if I already know what's featured on the program that I purchase?

If I purchase one of your programs, am I guaranteed to never lose a fight?

Can I just buy a gun to protect myself instead of having to learn all this Fight Fast stuff?

Will this stuff work for a teenager, a woman or an elderly person?

Is learning this going to turn me, or my spouse, into some kind of violent bully or, simply put, a jerk?