Fight Guide Part 1

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather
the judgment that something else is more
important than fear.”
–Amrose Redmoon

Dear Friend:

This guide is about to build up your raw fighting skills to fearsome levels, it will put you ahead of 99% of most other guys on the streets today – even if you’ve NEVER been in a fight before in your life.

Fight Myths

First let’s start with some entertainment that doubles as education. I’ve listed some “fight myths” that have been floating around for years. You’ll now be one of the few people on earth who knows with 100% certainty that these “truths” are really ugly rumors, urban myths, and just plain ol’ damned lies.

Here they are:

1. Martial Artists Win Streetfights: Listen: I don't like to "knock" the martial arts. They all have something valuable to offer. We owe them a debt of gratitude for getting us where we are today, and they're better than nothing. BUT...unfortunately, many of the arts being widely taught today are ancient arts, developed for another time and place in history, for specific conditions and circumstances that simply do not exist in the world you'll be fighting in today.

As one instructor put it: "Martial Arts is what you do with somebody while street fighting is what you do to somebody." I wish I could take credit for that quote.

Okay…. There are really 4 types of martial arts schools out there:

  • True Martial Arts - This is learning the “art” for its own sake. Think of it like learning to sculpt or paint because you enjoy it as an artistic discipline – not because you’re looking to become a highly-paid advertising mogul…
  • MMA Schools – Refers to “sport fight” training – which is NOT the same as studying street fighting. Remember that the ultimate goal in sports combat is NOT the same as a real street fight. In street fighting the goal is to “end the threat as quickly as possible” – in MMA it’s to “make money as quickly as possible”. Promoters don’t want every fight to end in 3 to 6 seconds (as most street fights do), so they strip away the most effective fight moves.
  • Martial Combat – This is the type of training (also known as true street fighting) that I cover in this guide. Martial Combat has one goal in mind – to end the threat as quickly as possible. There are NO rules – and every confrontation could end in serious injury or death.
  • “Belt Factory”- I’m betting this is the kind of training with which you’re most familiar. Which boy hasn’t dreamed of one day emerging from a Dojo wearing a black belt and kicking ass on anyone who dares cross him? Which parent hasn’t believed that the local dojo will help their son learn to defend himself? Well that’s just plain false security because “belt factories” aren’t teaching an invincible Martial Combat streetfighting system. Nope… sorry… they are teaching Martial Arts. Nothing wrong with that, but one has little to do with the other.

Statistics show that your average “store front” black belt does not have a much better chance at winning a street fight than any other average guy.

Shocked? Well don’t be. Most martial arts concentrate on discipline and complicated “fine motor” techniques that go straight out the window when “crunch time” hits. And many martial arts techniques are simply no longer useful. Breaking pine boards in half for example was originally developed to train warriors how to shatter an opponent’s protective wooden chest plate. Can’t think of many street thugs today wearing that. The high flying roundhouse kick was developed to knock a man off his horse. Might work for a guy on his Harley…

2. The 5-Minute Fist Fight. This is a big one and it’s important that you get this Hollywood version of fighting out of your head. We’ve all been exposed to movies where the hero is endlessly fist-fighting. Yes, one big-gulp and a large popcorn later, he’s still going at it. But here’s a reality check for you. Nearly every actual street fight lasts for no more than 3 to 8 seconds! That’s right. It’s all over with in less time than it took for you to read this paragraph. Once you understand this, you can appreciate just how little time you have to recognize what’s going on and take decisive action to win. The key is what you do in the time leading up to that 3-8 seconds burst.

Alright... that's it for right now. We're just getting warmed up -- there's plenty more to come. In fact my next lesson will talk more about fight myths that may just surprise you. Don't miss it.

Til next time...


Bob Pierce
Head Honcho, TRS/FightFast

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“You can prevent your opponent from defeating you
through defense, but you cannot defeat him without
taking the offensive.”
– Sun Tzu