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Which is why - along with your quiz results - I'll also include 11 easy to learn (and wicked) video fight tips. I call them my "Combat Mini-Clinic." It'll get your fighting skills up to speed fast, and best of all it's totally FREE.


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The 11 video lessons are all FREE.

This is not a joke. Fight-Fast has been in the self-defense industry for nearly 25 years. These "dirty tricks" are just my way of helping average guys protect themselves (and their loved ones) from the kind of criminal scum roaming our streets.

It's powerful stuff. Simple "bam-bam he's out" U.S. Special Forces Israeli combat techniques that are NOT martial "arts" -- but rather handful of moves to END any confrontation, against anyone of any size... in a couple seconds.

If you don't like it, (some guys can't stomach the quick and simple brutality of these moves) you can stop receiving the free lessons with just one click of a button.

Fact is though, these moves work like crazy -- even if you currently know NOTHING about fighting. Even if you've never been in a fight before in your life.

It means walking the street in total confidence knowing you can instantly "take care of business" if you really have to.

I'll send you this video fight course - along with your quiz results - by email.


(Your information is secure and 100% confidential.)

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Bob Pierce
Bob Pierce
President, FightFast.com