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X8 Stinger

Dear Hotlist Member:

With your permission, and with complete respect for your privacy, I will rush you a stunning top-quality throwing knife -- along with a knife throwing instructional DVD…


I’m not screwing around here. Take a good look at that photo. It’s called the “X8 Stinger”. This vicious weapon is the real-deal:

This incredible knife-throwing package normally sells for $97, but today it’s yours FREE! It’s a stunning giveaway that’s got the industry buzzing with excitement… and my competitors quaking in their boots.

They ask: How can I afford to be so generous?

Well, let’s just say my little self-defense business has been doing very well for the last 23 years. Sure, it’s had ups and downs. But mostly ups. I consider myself blessed.

FightFast is now in a strong enough position to take a few big chances. This is one. I’ve called in the product engineers and put some serious bucks on the line…

CAN Throw-And-Stick This “Stinger” Knife…
With Total Accuracy.

I don’t care if you have trouble flipping on a light switch. You CAN do this. And it’s easier than you’d think.

You see, a hundred years ago just about every red-blooded American man knew how to throw a knife. Today, sadly, it’s become a rare skill that’s on the edge of becoming a lost art.

It kills me to see an important piece of our heritage going extinct, because:

The X8 Stinger is not only practical and useful for protection of yourself and loved ones -- but it’s damn entertaining. SIMPLE too, once you understand a few key secrets.

That’s why – along with your free “X8 Stinger” -- I’m also including a free DVD instructional package called “Stinger Knife-Throwing Secrets”.

You’ll love this.

Your teacher is “Mr X” -- a one-time Special Forces combat soldier and accomplished martial artist who also happens to be a knife throwing expert. He’s one of the best in the world and has used his special skills overseas…

In Actual Deadly Combat!

I can’t say much more than that. For various reasons (which I legally can’t discuss), Mr. X agreed to reveal his secrets ONLY if FightFast withheld his identity and “blurred” his face on camera.

No problem. The instruction is all you’ll need anyway. And what you’ll see couldn’t be more clear and concise. No fluff. Nothing but killer “how to” info.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover from this nearly 1-1/2 hour long DVD package.

And MORE… a lot more! Simple “arching” techniques that generate massive power shots… An easy “palm throw” that ensures total accuracy in tight quarters… The secrets to choosing “expedient” weapons to attack from “outside a man’s range of influence”…

… The “windmill” throw that uses maximum “shoulder radius” for super-accurate long shots… when to throw straight at a target and when to angle your shots… How a simple wooden dowel can be the BEST training tool for developing a true power throw... and tons more. Way too much for me to cover here.

You’ll become an expert so fast, I swear it’ll shock and amaze family, friends… everyone. All I ask is that you give me the chance to PROVE it to you – on MY dime.

Here’s how I’m gonna do that. First, click the “Get My FREE Stinger Throwing Knife Pak” button now.

Again, the knife and DVD are FREE. I only ask that you cover the $9.95 shipping and handling charges that it’ll cost me to get you this package.

I’m covering the cost of the knife and the DVD package, and have already paid the elusive Mr. X a hefty upfront “commission”. I hope you understand that this one-time shipping and handling fee is just my way of separating out the guys who are serious.

The way I see it, if you’re not willing to at least pay the shipping and handling, you’re probably not that interested in learning this amazing rare skill.

But you don’t even risk a penny of your shipping and handling fee. Because if you don’t feel like you got the “bargain of a lifetime”… if you aren’t having a ball sticking your X8 Stinger where ever you aim it… if you aren’t thrilled knowing you have a serious new skill and weapon tucked away in your arsenal…

…then just call my office at 1-800-899-8153 and I will refund your $9.95 immediately, and…

You Can KEEP The Entire Package… FREE!

Yeah, I know that sounds crazy.

My business partners think I’m nuts. They insist I’ll get ripped off. But I don’t think so. You’re on my hotlist for a reason. I trust you completely and I want to make sure that you get the best I can manage, even if that means taking some big chances.

When your package arrives (it’ll feel like Christmas), I ask that you don’t start tossing your new weapon around until you carefully watch the DVD. Twice if you have the time.

This vital instruction covers the advanced fundamentals to safely and effectively throw your new knife.

After watching the DVD package, go out and practice in a safe place.

I personally practice alone, in my back yard. It won’t take long to get the hang of it either. That’s when the fun really starts.

But you can’t sit around thinking about this. If you want in on this deal, you gotta click on the button now.

Just hurry, okay? My business partners are already VERY nervous about this and there’s a limited number of packages I can give away. Just 177 to be exact. That’s barely enough to cover my “First Tier” hotlist, (you’re on that list).

(NOTE: If you didn’t receive an email directly from ME about this -- like if your buddy forwarded my email message to you -- then you’re not a hotlist member and you will be told “no” if you try to order. This is for my “hotlist” ONLY.)

If I don’t hear from you in the next 7 days, your cool “X8 Stinger” throwing knife and your “Stinger Throwing Secrets” DVD package will be passed along to the hotlist member below you.

I seriously doubt it’ll ever get that far as guys are already snapping these up from word of mouth alone.

So do this now. You can’t get a better deal than free.

For a safer life...

Bob Pierce

Bob Pierce
    Head Honcho, FightFast/TRS Direct