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From:   Bob Pierce
        Special Projects Coordinator, TRS

To:     My e-Hotlist Member

Dear Friend:

Big news.

Super dangerous stuff that you've NEVER seen before.

From a real live American war hero too.

I'm talking about Special Forces bad-ass Jack Stone. I call him the “American Samurai” (for reasons I’ll tell you about in a second).

And no... you've never heard of him.

You can't Google him, or read about his military honors in the newspapers, or watch the president pin medals on him, or anything like that.

His Middle East missions were way too nasty and "illegal" for that.

Truth is “Stone” is not his real name and he's refused to reveal any Special Forces secrets without a fake name and a mask to hide his identity.

What he’ll show you is THAT sensitive.

You cannot find a more qualified teacher of these vicious hand-to-hand fighting secrets ANYWHERE in the United States... not in the FBI field training units or CIA Virginia compounds, not in any of the high-tech DOE dojos and combat centers. No where.

This stuff is hands-down... the best-kept secret among "insiders" in the world of serious combat. It’s for my “hotlist” members ONLY... and I’ll even let you...

See It All FREE
If You Choose!

There's no law against owning these DVDs... or selling them. As an American I've got the perfect right to do this -- although I'm probably creating lot of powerful enemies in the process.

I've done it before.

And over the last 20 years I've had threatening calls from the FBI... mysterious break-ins at my office... master tapes that strangely "disappeared"... black trucks with dark tinted windows parked outside my business.

It’s scared the hell out of my staff.

I'm absolutely serious. This isn't some paranoid bullshit. Get a hold of some valuable government secrets yourself and see what happens.

But the only way anyone can stop this deal is to stop me from getting them out. Once the DVDs are in the hands of the "public" (meaning non-military people like you), the game is over. That's why I am selling these special packages at almost half what they're worth!

And this Stone guy's the real thing.

What I CAN tell you about him is this: He originally emerged from the U.S. Navy’s Special Forces. Underwater demolition. Months and months of grueling mind-bending training.

Crawling through ditches filled with pig intestines during live ammo drills... shivering in stinging salt-water with exploding shells while defusing "devices"... surviving days in the field on a dehydrated cube of vegetables then forced to run through intensive "mind-screwing" exercises and other nasty stuff the military calls “sharpening the soldier”.

It’s why out of 200 special forces soldiers who signed up, 188 dropped out.

Couldn't hack it.

Stone was one of just 12 who made it through -- and was promptly shipped off to serve TWO bloody tours in the Middle East.

His elite training made him first-choice among the most clandestine special forces -- an invisible “ghost-soldier” who slipped behind enemy strongholds to eliminate selected bad guys.

Stone's got 54 of those deadly missions under his belt. Let me repeat that...

Bloody Combat Missions.

That is scary shit most civilians can't even fathom.

You won't ever hear a word about any of it either. All grisly covert dirty-work that the U.S. government will NOT confirm.

This isn't any screwing around.

Stone had is ass hanging out in the breeze. He's got blood on his hands -- and Middle Eastern fascists shuttered at the thought of ever appearing on his black list. A guaranteed death sentence for them.

And did you see this Stone’s martial arts credentials? (Here's where the "Samurai" part comes in).

He's 100% American, (born in California), but at just 8-years-old his "adopted" father took him to Japan. This is a guy who had trained extensively with Morihei Ueshiba -- the FOUNDER of Aikido. In case you don't know, that's huge... the equivalent of...

One-On-One Training
With Bruce Lee!

By the time he was 16 this real-life "Karate Kid" mastered Aikido... Aiki-jujutsu... Ninjutsu... Muay Thai... Japanese Tiger and Dragon Kung Fu... Korean Hup Kwon Do... Russian Sambo... French Savate... Brazilian Jui-Jitsu... and more.

Stone's sheer knowledge of the arts and real-world combat experience is breath-taking.

This is the guy I'd want to train with.

Here's what this all means for YOU: Okay... let's face it... the strength of Americans has always been their willingness to adjust on-the-fly. If something isn't working, we throw it out and invent something that does.

Screw pomp and tradition.

So while British brigades with muskets and bright red uniforms lined up like bowling pins, American revolutionaries hid in the trees and picked them off with rifles.

And during WWII, when the enemy popped out of tunnels like gofers, we figured out how to smoke them out with jellied gasoline.

And when the Taliban crashed jets into our skyscrapers then dug in and waited for pitched battles with thousands of clueless U.S. troops, we parachuted in a dozen or so Spec Op weapons-experts and...

Cut Their Nuts Off
With GPS Laser-Guided Weapons.

Man we're good when we have to be.

And that's Stone's whole point.

It's time you adjusted. Got clued-in to this new American way of fighting.  A hybrid of surprise-and-attack Special Forces mindset tactics and brutal martial arts skills that really work.

I was thrilled to hear about it. 

And when my deep contacts in this industry informed me that Stone was willing to get on camera and reveal this new material, I pulled together every penny I could muster and shot one of the most amazing videos ever.

You just gotta see this.

"American Samurai" is fast, it's easy to use, and yet even casual training in it will allow you to rub the noses of bigger, meaner, and more skilled streetfighing thugs into the dirt.

It's so deceptively dangerous, people will think you're using magic to knock opponents out!

Sounds like some Hollywood bullshit, doesn't it? Well, it's not. Stone's the real deal.

He's seen all the bloods, brains and guts -- so he'll be the first to tell you to walk away -- or run -- from a fight if you can.

But sometimes that's not possible.

There comes a time when slobbering goons don't want just your wallet.

They want your wife.

Or to mess with your kids.

And standing there like a helpless Gomer is not an option. You must act decisively and quickly with...

Downright Vicious...
 Even Filthy Violence!

When it happens -- and let's pray it doesn't -- you'll be soo glad you learned this.

You don't have to be some muscled-up athlete either. Because it's all "quick-burst" actions based on a special forces style mindset with specific brutal techniques.

Simple, easy to learn and devastating short cuts to ending a fight in seconds. Whether he's bigger, stronger, more skilled, or has a few buddies waiting to jump in.

None of that matters because what Stone has to teach you virtually eliminates any advantage that your opponent may think he has.

First, you'll discover some hardcore advanced (yet surprisingly simple) barehanded fight methods including:

  • Why something as ridiculous as balancing on one leg means a huge advantage for you. (Hint: you're suddenly able to deliver a merciless pummeling on your opponent with three limbs).
  • How you can use natural "core movements" to generate incredible damaging power. (With very little effort too). When your opponent "comes to" he'll swear you clobbered him with a Louisville Slugger.
  • A simple martial arts "dance" that will quickly build your sense of posture and balance so you'll always stay ontop and in control of the confrontation.
  • A tricky modified Muay Thai kick perfect for close quarter fighting (which almost all street fighting is). This short super powerful "chop-shot" requires almost no training but will bring him to his knees instantly.
  • How to blow out his knee in one simple movement he won't be expecting. (perfect for anyone throwing a jab at you). (Hint: watch for him to "plant" that leg... at which point it's child's play to shatter his knee cap).

And tons more. Easy techniques that’ll clue you in fast to Stone’s simple system.

Next, Stone shows you 19 nasty little "show stoppers" designed to end the fight before it gets started. You'll LOVE this because it's all about leaving him in a bleeding heap with you untouched...  including:

  • Six brutal ways to "remove", anyone stupid enough to grab your shirt, wrist or forearm (put him down in writhing pain... or out-like-a-light... your choice).
  • How to use a vicious "windmill" to turn the tables on anyone who grabs you from behind. (Works especially well if he's foolish enough to give you a "monkey grip").
  • An easy "counter elbow grab" that uses simple gravity to snap his thumb like a brittle twig (even small women and children can effectively use this amazing trick for anyone who grabs them by the arm).
  • A amazingly easy "ankle snap" that uses your opponent's own body weight to shatter the delicates in his knee and ankle. Instant non-lethal solution for anyone who decides to "get in your face" and push you around (bad idea... for him).

And there's a lot more here too. Easy elbow snaps (for someone who grips you by the shoulder)... how to use just a few pounds of pressure to "pop" his wrist (very painful)... amazing secrets to shattering his nose... how to use his own pants to land him head first, (where you can finish him)... and so much more.

These are immediate and devastating responses for the most common fight-openers. Combined with your own "forward triggers" (Stone teaches you the most critical "mindset" techniques), you can quickly dominate him for simply touching you, (or use the arsenal of lethal moves when you're life is in real jeopardy).

Then Stone adds some very wicked "Rapid Neutralization" tricks including:

  • A very sneaky "ridge-hand" shot to the neck. This one's lights out, game over for him (but be careful... it’s lethal).
  • How to use your opponent's own jaw line as a nifty little "handle" to snap his neck (very deadly... and very easy).
  • A very simple (but oh-so wicked) move that will crush his two lower discs... snap an upper vertebra... then crush his trachea all in ONE swift (and easy) body motion, (save this filthy move for when you're in serious trouble).

And a lot, lot more.

Diaphragm shots that'll instantly take the wind outta him... how to crush his windpipe using very little effort... vicious "flowing motion" moves for excruciating spinal damage... using your body weight to crush his throat... simple "leg snaps" that'll land him square on this head (instant knock-out)... and on and on.

But hold on... there's also plenty of good stuff on handling "multiple attackers", and "armed attackers" too. Stuff like:

  • A very cool "sea-saw" method to dealing with two attackers. Crisscross their arms and knock their heads together in one smooth and effortless move. Hilarious (because they’ll look like idiots), but it really works, (you must see this one to believe it).
  • How to use gravity and a simple "core" tug to lock up two attackers trying to grab your arms.
  • A neat "stacking" technique that has multiple attackers blocking and stumbling over each other like keystone cops, (doesn't matter how many you're facing... you'll never be trapped in the middle and can take out one opponent at a time).
  • Why a person with a baseball bat is not as scary as you'd think. Stone shows you one deft "circle walking" move that strips away all his power instantly.
  • Why it's actually stupid for you to "step back" from an attacker with a stick or bat (and how you can take it away from him like candy from a baby).
  • An inside defending elbow tactic that viciously attacks the knife hand of an attacker (allowing you plenty of time to disarm him... finish him... or simply escape).
  • Why you always want to have "hands up” when facing down a gun (it's actually a "fight-ready" offensive position when you know what to do).
  • The ONE most important thing you must know when facing a pistol.
  • The psychological trick to getting an armed opponent to "shift" his eyes and give you time to strip the weapon. (Suddenly you're in control while he's begging for his life).

And there's a lot more here too. How to position your hand over the gun slide and his trigger finger to make it impossible for him to fire a weapon... how to exactly position your elbow for a clean disarm set up... how "pleading" can lull him into a sense of overconfidence (until you flip the switch and take him out)... why keeping a clear visual on this eyes is one of the most important elements to disarming a gun... simple "arm controls" and "arm breaks" that'll force him to instantly drop the weapon... and tons more.

These are the best fighting tactics in the world... the REAL world, not the bullshit world of dojo's and MMA wannabe's and rule-bound formal matches.

This amazing "American Samurai" DVD is packed with Special Forces body and mind training combined with specific martial arts "street smart" moves that work like crazy -- and end it all fast.

Okay... you'll want to hurry to get your hands on this exclusive new material. Like I said, right now it’s only for “hotlist” members. (I gave Stone my word that I wouldn’t release this to the general public for at least 11 days from now).

So here's what you need to do right now: Click on the "Add To Cart" button below.

My staff will immediately rush you Jack Stone's uncut pre-released "American Samurai" DVD package. The price is $129 -- but as a special to "e-Hotlist" members who jump on this right away, the price has been slashed for you. Almost in HALF to...

Just $69!

That's $60 off what the "release" price will be -- a wildly generous deal for this incredible new release.

But you don't risk of penny of that purchase price. Because I am willing to back everything up with my usual solid gold money-back guarantee...


You don't like it, you don't have to keep it. It's that simple. Just return the package and I’ll rush you every penny of your purchase price. No questions. No hassles.

That's just like seeing everything for FREE if you want!

You can also order by telephone too. Just call 1-800-899-8153 and tell the operator that you are interested in "American Samurai, Department AMS-300", (be sure to mention that department number to secure your steep discount).

Or if you'd rather pay my check or money order, (payable to TRS), send your $76 (that's $69 plus $7 shipping and handling) to: TRS Direct, Department AMS-300, 606 E. Acequia Ave., Visalia, CA 93292.

Of course ordering online is the fastest and easiest way, but no matter. We'll rush you out your package the moment we hear from you.

But WAIT -- I've got something more for you. I've got a FREE bonus DVD that you can keep just for trusting me on this new release.

It's a Special Forces "Quick-Shape" routine that will get you into the best shape of your life -- without a lot of time.

Look... U.S. Special Forces are in better "fight-shape" than anyone else on the planet -- yet they don't... they can't... spend hours lifting weights in the gym. Way too much on their plate for that nonsense.

So Stone covers the 8 different "short burst" routines -- a kind of combat conditioning -- to get you in the best shape of your life FAST -- without weights or equipment.

Just 15 minutes a day is all you'll need to get into amazing shape.

This "Quick-Shape" DVD is yours to keep -- even if you later decide to take advantage of my generous guarantee and send everything back for a prompt refund. It's a gift from me to you.

A little "thanks" for being a "e-Hotlist" member.

But you must hurry.

I've created just one-gross, (that's 144), of these special packages with the free bonus. As an e-Hotlist member I will hold yours for exactly 11 days. After that, I'll assume you're not interested and pass your "American Samurai" and your FREE "Quick-Shape" DVD to the hotlist guy below you on the list.

Why let that happen?

There's NO risk for you -- you've got a YEAR to check it out for nothing -- and you'll get that cool Special Forces workout FREE, just for your trouble.

This is about stopping, today, your old life as a pushover... and starting, instantly, your new life as a man to be reckoned with... someone who doesn't take shit from anybody, who walks the streets unafraid, and who demands respect -- and gets it.

The time to act is now my friend. My staff is standing by, waiting to send all of this to you now.

Just hurry or you'll miss out, okay?

For a safe life...

Bob Pierce

Bob Pierce
Head Honcho, TRS/FightFast

P.S. Okay... just a quick recap -- so you're fully aware of everything you'll receive when you order right now.

  1. American Samurai – my brand new release. The latest cutting-edge bare-handed fighting secrets of a seasoned Special Forces combat soldier.
  2. A full $60 off what everyone else will pay (only for my "e-Hotlist" members).
  3. A full one YEAR guarantee. Watch it. Learn it. Use it. If it’s not the coolest thing you’ve ever seen then I insist you send it back for a full and prompt refund.
  4. Quick-Shape Special Forces DVD. Eight simple “quick burst” routines to get you in the best combat shape of your life – fast and without a lot of fuss.

But you've got to do this now. There's just 144 packages made up and my staff needs to receive your order within 11 days before all your stuff is passed along to the next hotlist member.

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