A VERY short 11-day "window of opportunity" is about to snap shut…

Important News Flash:

Military "Slip-Up" Allows Top
Spec Op Counter-Terrorism Expert
To Reveal The Scary New "Dominate, Control,
And Kill If Necessary" Hand-to-Hand Secrets
That Middle East Soldiers Are Using Right NOW
to Slaughter Enemy Combatants
In Iraq and Afghanistan…

    This is the first time that anyone outside the top secret U.S. Spec Op fighting units overseas has ever been able to know these "short-cut" fighting secrets even exist! If you act fast, you can see them for yourself, taught personally by the ONE man who developed this system and perfected it in real blood and real combat.

    This is a martial art DREAM — simple PURE fighting skills that let you dominate anyone of any size or experience, even when you're surprised and facing multiple attackersand all you have to do is WATCH the training to "get" it down!

    Don't believe me? Fine.

 Here's my guarantee:  
Check it out for yourself -- I GUARANTEE
you'll agree that this is THE most vicious
and simple-to-master fighting system
you've ever experienced

    But you must act FAST… because once the military learns it allowed this stuff to leak into civilian hands, you will never hear about it again

Plus, I've arranged it so you can see everything for FREE if you choose…

From: Bob Pierce
President, TRS

I just today got back from Idaho… where I had to rush in to catch a man who was home for just a few days. In-between deadly top secret counter-terrorist missions in the Middle East.

He's now back in Baghdad, doing the nasty stuff he does best. But before he left… he allowed me to get his amazing new fighting system "down on record". This is a HUGE deal for us, and you. It's the ONLY way civilians will ever be able to see this simple, vicious, hyper-effective new set of grind-`em-up "quick kill" fighting skills now being used exclusively by front-line Spec Op troops.

Right now, in the bloodiest parts of Iraq and Afghanistan, the best soldiers and special operatives we have are using THIS EXACT fighting system EVERY DEADLY DAY.

They use it because:

  1. It works like crazy -- to dominate multiple attackers, control ANY attacker instantly, and open up "permanent" elimination of the threat whenever you choose…
  2. It is so simple to learn and master, that soldiers can just watch the training in the afternoon… and USE it to save their lives that evening. There are only a FEW core moves, and they are all natural, instinctive, and based on the "gross motor skills" of your reflexes. (That means there are absolutely ZERO "fancy" moves, or anything you must practice at to get good. You learn these few easy moves, and BAM! You are instantly PURE BAD ASS.)
  3. Plus… once you use this new system in combat, there is NO DEFENSE another man can use, hand-to-hand, to counter you. It's that effective.

That's why the elite forces now battling Iraqi insurgents and Afghan warlords DEPEND on this super-secret system.

As you should know, our guys are desperately OUTNUMBERED every time they leave the compounds… and yet they MUST go out every day into hostile crowds.

So when they say this system is what they RELY on… you can bet your life it's the REAL THING.

Here's the story:

Through my extensive contacts in the high-end (and mostly secretive) combat arms of the U.S. military (and the very secretive "extra-governmental" agencies now involved in counter-terrorism)… I found Glen Boodry.

I get a little choked up just thinking about the "chain" of contacts that led me to Boodry. My good friend and long-time TRS contributor Tommy Carter (former Army DELTA member who hosted our notorious — and world-famous — DELTA/SEAL Boot Camp for civilians a few years ago, plus several other best-selling combat instructional packages) was killed in Iraq soon after introducing me to Boodry.

Tommy will always be remembered as one of DELTA's most respected and well-known officers. A true battle-hardened hero, decorated and immortalized by Hollywood and American literature. He never hesitated to put himself into danger's path when duty called… and we owe him and his family a HUGE debt of gratitude for his service.

He is missed.

That's the real world of deadly combat these men face.

And Glen Boodry is one of these respected men. So much so that…

Spec Op Guys Seeing The MOST COMBAT
Now DEMAND To Be Personally Trained By Boodry

Because they know — from deadly experience — that learning these simple fighting secrets WILL save their lives.

For many of the soldiers on the front-front lines of today's WORST combat situations… Boodry is the teacher they RELY on.

He doesn't get to teach very many soldiers what he knows… because he's still on ACTIVE DUTY. And he gets the choicest and most dangerous assignments every time. He's one of the elite military's most trusted combat veterans.

Here is just a taste of his vast military experience:

  • He provided personal protection to Hamid Karzai — the current President of Afghanistan. This duty was "Class One" dangerous, with numerous on-going assassination attempts. Boodry often had to fight crowds of attackers, without being allowed to kill anyone because of the extreme politics of the situation. So he relied ONLY on this stunningly-effective fighting system he developed, and had to USE it daily.
  • He's one of the US Government's top "Classified" counter-terrorism specialists. That got him shipped immediately to the Middle East once the heavy fighting began. I cannot give you current details of his whereabouts over there, or his current duties… or the military brass would come down on both of us like a ton of bricks. But he's there, fighting. (His main occupation is a "sniper/counter-sniper Team Leader", which, despite the title, involves more hand-to-hand urban fighting than gun play… because you often have to fight your way though hostile crowds to reach snipers, before you can take `em out.)
  • He's considered one of the top specialists we have over there… because, among the many martial arts he's mastered, he knows the odd styles of hand-to-hand used by Middle Eastern terrorists. It's NOT karate or ju-jitsu. His special fighting knowledge has kept him in the HEAT of the War on Terror since 1989.
  • He's been a skilled martial artist since he was a kid, and is a recognized (and feared) expert at Muay Thai (with 14 wins and 7 knockouts as a pro fighter in Thailand). He's also spent serious time in the Philippines, and was there when Marcos was toppled and every American in town was a target. He and four other Spec Op soldiers had to fight — without weapons — for two solid days, against knives and sticks and really pissed-off mobs, before finally reaching an American base.
  • And a lot more. He's fought vicious drug lords in Columbia (the kind who behead hostages faster — and with more pleasure — than the whacked-out terrorists in Iraq do)… and has been "loaned out" to big-city SWAT units to take out narcotic labs, as an Assault Team Leader. (The worst were the bathtub "meth" labs run by bikers unafraid to die.) He's been instrumental in over 750 "Code Red" cases, including suicidal hostage-takers.
  • Oh yeah… and he was a front-line Team Leader for Spec Op units during Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Shield, and the current Operation Enduring Freedom. Worked with Army Spec Op, Navy Special Warfare, Air Force Spec Op, FBI, DEA, DELTA… it goes on and on. Medals, citations and awards up the yin-yang. Has held Top Secret clearance (and you know what that means).

And here's something you probably don't know: Boodry gets hired out ("on loan" from the military) to protect celebrities like Jay Leno and Marie Osmond… AND he often has to protect their bodyguards!

Why? Because even big, hulking professional bodyguards don't understand REAL WORLD fighting in a way they can USE. (Though after seeing Boodry at work, they BEG to learn his simple system.)

Boodry is the most sought-after professional soldier/fighter/special operations leader you'll ever meet.

And it's okay to ask "Why?"

Here's the answer: I cannot even begin to list the martial arts Boodry is an expert at. He's a full instructor for Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do Concepts and Filipino Martial Arts (including the Estalilla Kabaroan System, as used by the feared 1st Filipino Infantry during WWII). Trained with "real world" grappling master Larry Hartsell as well as numerous Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champions in South America. If that's not enough, he also holds Black Belts in two different Korean martial arts and is a Master instructor of krabi-krabong, the deadliest blade fighting art in the world!

You get the idea.

But here's where Boodry goes WAY beyond any other teacher you'll ever know: After YEARS of bloody hand-to-hand combat in "real world" situations of life-and-death… he learned to REDUCE all martial art skills down to

Just A

Have you got that? There are a ton of "wannabe" fighters out there who say they have easy systems to teach you. But they're lying… because they've NEVER able to actually test, perfect, and refine their systems in constant mortal combat.

Boodry is THE man among elite Spec Op soldiers heading into the difficult combat overseas right now. Because…

  • He knows that you will ALWAYS be fighting more than just one person at a timeand the others may be hiding, or waiting to come at you… so you cannot afford to waste more than a few seconds taking any attacker out.
  • He knows that ANY "fancy" fighting move will FAIL under the stress of real-world combat. FAIL. There is no artistry in street-level fighting, when your life is on the line against terrorists and enemy combatants. ALL of your "fine" motor skills (the delicate muscle movements and strikes of formal fighting) become numbed-out and worthless when the adrenaline starts flowing.

Nope. You need to know basic, animalistic "gross motor skills" to survive and winthe kind of natural, instinctual moves and skills that work no matter how stressed-out you are, or how much pain you're in, or what the situation is.

That's why Boodry's extensive education in martial arts is so important — he's not just "saying" that most of the fancy, hard-to-learn stuff doesn't work in real combat.

He's already PROVED what works and what will get you killed. This guy has blood on his hands, and decades of experience to prove his point.

This is GREAT NEWS for anyone who's been dreaming of a truly effective fighting system that is…

  • Easy to learn fast, because the moves are so simple and basic, and there's no need for practice, no need for formal training, and no need for high-end conditioning.
  • It works no matter what shape you're in — against multiple attackers, armed attackers, and highly-skilled gangs who have ambushed you in the dark. You can be wounded, dizzy, drunk or exhausted… and it STILL works like crazy to take out ANYONE who screws with you.
  • Even better… you don't need prior training, don't need to be big or strong, and you don't even need to have any prior fighting experience under your belt.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?

Well, the soldiers and special agents who line up to learn at Boodry's knee don't CARE if it "sounds" too easy, too simple, or too strange.

They just want to learn the simple and immediate skills of kicking serious ass under horrible combat conditions.

And they CAN'T spend a lot of time learning hand-to-hand. A soldier's first weapon will always be the gun. Then the blade.

When a soldier has been forced to use hand-to-hand, that means things are really screwed up… and his life is in immediate danger. He needs to be able to "click" his body into FULL KICK-ASS GEAR instantly… and get busy taking out everyone he can reach.

That's What Makes This So Great
For Civilians!

We can't walk around armed to the teeth, like a soldier. We HAVE to rely on hand-to-hand almost every time we are surprised, ambushed, or attacked.

And that's why my money is on this amazing new simple fighting system created by Boodry for combat soldiers in the Middle East. They're fighting in the streets, in "urban" warfare. And, because of the politics, they CAN'T always just kill everyone they encounter.

That would start another riot, and they can't afford that.

Same with civilians. You can't just kill everyone who pisses you off, or even pushes you down in a bar.

So you NEED a system like this — which allows you:

  1. To totally dominate anyone who threatens you…
  2. Without killing them (right away)…
  3. So you CONTROL them until you decide what to do.

It's up to you, completely, how things turn out. This gives the ability to fight when you have to, and not worry about going to jail because you've just ripped someone's head off.

Oh, you'll still leave them on the ground, unconscious, humiliated, hurt. And they'll regret the day they got in your face.

But you don't have to worry about having killed someone.

Unless… you're in one of those horrible situations where you MUST deliver lethal power to save your loved ones or yourself.

You've got to SEE this new system for yourself to understand it fully.

There are only a few "core" moves. Boodry teaches you EXACTLY how to get your "mindset" right, in a split second… so you are NEVER vulnerable.

And yet, this is NOT the "usual" menu of chokes, kicks, bites and manipulations you'd see in ANY OTHER fighting system out there.

What you see here will blow your mind.

It's the answer to anyone who has dreamed of a truly vicious set of skills that can be learned just by watching the training… and absolutely COMPLETES your need for effective hand-to-hand self defense in the real world.


Here's just a "taste" of what you're about to learn, fast and without sweat:

  • What to expect to happen to your body when the stress of lethal combat gets in your face… and what to DO about it. (Knowing the physiological reactions that happen, and the secrets of CONTROLLING those reactions, mean you'll NEVER BE NERVOUS… and you'll know exactly what to do with the river of adrenaline that starts pumping.)
  • Why soldiers with real combat experience shun "fancy" strikes that require practice and delicate moves… and rely ONLY on basic, simple, "natural" and instinctive moves to obliterate any opponent in a split second. (They need to take care of each attacker so fast because there's usually another one right behind him.)
  • How to make MAXIMUM USE of your "startle" reflexes when ambushed or surprised by violence… so you channel your natural "kick the living crap out of him" impulses with laser focus that cannot be defended against!
  • "Live fire" secrets that automatically keep you loose and mobile (and impossible for your opponent to "get a bead on", which keeps him confused and unable to land a blow).
  • The "total" mindset you MUST get into to dominate an attacker. This is what separates the men who survive from the boys who get humiliated, or killed. (It's easy to "fuse" this mindset into your system, too, once Boodry shows you the simple secret.)
  • How to "cycle" blows, within 3-second bursts, that never allow your opponent a chance to recover or return the attack. (Critical combat trick.)
  • Wicked combat boxing secrets you can use instantly from a normal "conversational" stance… for when your attacker confronts you and it becomes obvious YOU have to start things. (And end them, in another second or two.)
  • The 8 "instinct" moves that are ALL you need to know for real combat. (Pure animal viciousness at your sudden command, whenever you need it.) NO ONE, of any size or strength or skill level, can stand against these basic, brutal strikes.
  • Front-line ground techniques soldiers demand to learn — easy stuff that eliminates the ridiculous training time other grappling systems require. These are the "instinctual" basics that your body will instantly recognize and be able to USE.

And a ton more. But the basic stuff can be learned JUST BY WATCHING the training.
No practice necessary.

And, again, you don't even need to be shape to master this stuff. Soldiers know they will likely be exhausted, possibly wounded, and for sure weighed down with packs and equipment. They CAN'T allow their training to require perfect conditions… or they will die.

This is PERFECT for civilians like us. Easy to master, simple to use when needed, and you don't have to devote much time to getting it down.

This will change your life. Instantly.

But hey — if this stuff is really so good, and so many active soldiers and SWAT guys demand to know it…

Why Haven't You Heard
About Boodry Before?

Because… he hasn't had the time to train anyone BUT professionals.

However, he's about to retire from military service. And the military has NOT yet secured a "do not reveal" order for his training. (Even though Boodry "invented" this new system from his experience with combat and martial arts — and he is solely responsible for every detail of it — the military has a bad habit of demanding secrecy.)

So Boodry knows he has a short "window of opportunity" to lay the groundwork for his teaching career. He knows that getting his reputation out there is crucial… and very time-sensitive.

So he's agreed to allow us to get the word out, for as long as we're able. To a "select" group of guys like you, who are hip to just how important this stuff really is.

This is GREAT news for you. It means… if you act fast… you can see EXACTLY the same fighting secrets now being used by the most active soldiers in the most active battlegrounds today!

That Also Puts An

If you don't act fast… the military might come down hard on us,
and FORCE to stop. They've done it before, several times.
Shut us down completely.

I suspect it's going to happen again.

However… while in Idaho (where Boodry was taking a short time off between missions), I rushed in my special "quick response" film crew… and we GOT BOODRY ON TAPE teaching EVERYTHING!

I still can't believe we pulled it off.

This guy is a SECRET LEGEND among the top soldiers in the world. They demand to learn what he teaches before heading off to real combat.

And I've got it ALL on DVD for you. Boodry himself, teaching every detail of his mega-dangerous, super-simple and easy fighting system.

You're in for a treat… if you have the guts to act fast.

Here's the deal: I'll admit there's a LOT of critical new information here - and I'm willing to offer you every minute of it right now. It's all that's ever been produced, and you'll be absolutely thrilled with the HUGE package of fight goodies you'll receive.

We've broke down this entire DVD video package into three easy pieces. They are:

  1. Real World Hand to Hand Combat: It's nearly FOUR hours of intensive (but simple and easy to follow) fight instruction. This package represents the hardcore foundation of Boody's devastating system -- and I can't stress enough how super-critical it is that you watch this first. Believe me… see this just once and the light bulb will pop on while you're hit with the biggest "ah-ha" experience of your life.
  2. Takedowns and Ground Fighting: This is the "next level" of wicked hand to hand instruction. It's more advanced, but once again, Boody shows it all in an easy to understand and simple to execute system.
  3. Close Quarters and Edged Weapons: This is the "top level" of Boody's instruction. Super advanced real world stuff that'll put you above any dojo-trained black belt. By the time you're done with this, you'll understand why NO terrorist wants to mess with Boody. It's the most advanced, cutting edge fight info available today.
  4. DVD Bonus "Gifts". I've also put together three "gifts" that I want to give you for FREE. Three candid DVD interviews with Boodry that'll suddenly open your eyes to the real world of fighting. They are: (a) Perceptions Of Realities - which will make perfectly clear to you the difference between Dojo marital arts, Hollywood martial arts and real world combat. (b.) Seven Keys To Owning a Handgun - a mega instructive insight at what it takes to own and use a handgun properly… (c.) Keys for Home Security - which will take you step-by-step through properly protecting yourself and your loved ones right inside your own castle. These three interviews are yours to keep -- FREE -- no matter what.

Look… if I broke this all apart and offered it in pieces -- you'd pay over $450 for it all. But that'd be a crime, because this fight-system is just that, an entire system that should be watched from beginning to end. So I'm offering this entire package, the three DVD package AND the FREE bonuses for just $177. It's an astonishing deal considering that it's all 100% guaranteed.


But here's the thing. I understand that some guys are a little more skeptical. They want to want to "test drive" a more fundamental package just to make sure that Boody's all that we say he is. No problem.

Here's what I've done. To make sure that EVERYONE who wants to check this out has a shot at it, I'll let you take a look-see at Boodry's basic "foundation" DVD package. You won't get the more advanced "Takedowns"… "Ground Fighting"… "Close Quarters"… "Edged Weapons"… or any of the "DVD Bonus Gifts"… but you WILL receive the "Real World Hand-to-Hand Combat." It's just $97. Like I said, it's four hours of instruction and is the very foundation of this incredible new system.

Add Only The BASIC Package To Your Cart Now:

I've arranged things to happen at breakneck speed… so that…

    (A) I will rush this package to you so you can see everything for FREE, if you choose… and…

    (B) I will pay you an EXTRA TEN BUCKS just for you trouble if you aren't happy.

I have a small number of DVD packages here, and I'm ONLY sending them out to people like you, who are on the "e-Hot List".

There's a package here earmarked for you. It will be rush-shipped just as soon as you give the word.

You don't risk a penny… but because I've got so much invested in this project (and there's so much at stake), you need to call and use your credit card.

Here's what to do right now: Click on the "Add To Cart" button below.

Or you can call my special office number:

ask for Dept. RW-305

Just tell the person who answers "I want the Boodry DVDs, fast". They're not free, but you can see them for free, if you choose.

Here's how: To get your DVD package rushed out to you, we'll charge your credit card $177 + $7 S&H. That's the low, super-discounted price of this package that Boodry insisted we charge — I believe we could charge $500 and more for this stuff, but Boodry is dead-set against "gouging" people. This $177 + $7 S&H price point is a HUGE bargain.

Once you get the package, I'll give you a full YEAR to check it out, however you see fit. I don't want you to feel that you're under any pressure to decide.

If — even on the last day of your year guarantee — you decide these DVDs are not what you thought they'd be… simply send the package back for a full refund of your $177. No questions will be asked. You do not even need a reason — just send them back with a note saying "Sorry, but I want a refund".

That means you get a…

One-Year, No Risk,
100% Money-Back Guarantee!

If you do decide to ask for a refund… that also means you will have seen everything…


My accountant is going bananas over this, but I don't care. It's worth the slight risk to make sure you understand how IMPORTANT all this is.

But I cannot expose myself to this kind of risk for very long… so you have to call within the next 11 days. That means you have to HURRY.

And by the way… if you prefer to pay by check or money order (payable to TRS), you can just mail in with your payment to: TRS Direct, Dept RW-305, 606 E. Acequia Ave., Visalia, CA 93292.

You will still get the one-year no risk guarantee.

But you know what? I don't believe I'm risking anything here.

Because Boodry really is everything I've said he is. He is the REAL DEAL — a combat veteran of HUGE respect and experience… who knows how to TEACH YOU the same combat secrets he teaches other soldiers who must face death in the Middle East battlefields and mean streets.

So don't put this off, or you'll miss out.



P.S. I have a package set aside for you… but because of the enormous time pressure on us, if I don't hear from you within the next 11 days… I will give your package to the guy below you on the list. There is absolutely no guarantee we will be able to produce any more packages in the future… so you need to get back to me as soon as you possibly can. Remember, you have a no-risk guarantee for the next entire YEAR. There is absolutely NO reason you should put this off, even for another day.

P.P.S. I almost forgot — I have a FREE gift for you, too. Boodry insisted I send you this extra DVD he made, free. It's all about close quarters knife fighting — the principles behind using a blade, how to carry it, slash and cut methods used by soldiers, and unique self-defense methods using a knife that NO ONE ELSE has ever revealed to civilians before.

This bonus DVD is yours free, to keep no matter what else you decide.

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