If You Believe Boxing, Kickboxing
And Stand-Up Fight Skills Alone
Will Gain You Victory Against
A Bigger, Stronger, Faster Fighter...

...You're Dangerously
Out Of The Loop!

From: Bob Pierce
President, TRS Direct/ Fight Fast

To: Fight Fast "Hot List" Member

Dear Friend:

I've got important news over here at "fight central".

You may find this a little shocking because it's exactly opposite to what most trainers -- including myself -- have been teaching you for years.

But this is absolutely imperative if you're ever up against:

  • An opponent who's a very tall and skilled stand-up fighter. A lanky Golden Gloves boxer, for example. Long arms, blazing speed, highly trained. You'll discover how to instantly shut down his reach and skill advantage and put YOU in total control.
  • A massive behemoth of a man -- a World Wrestling no-neck kind of dude with arms like redwood tree branches. What I've got will allow YOU to totally dominate, humiliate, and leave him bloody, dazed and wondering what the hell just happened... no matter WHAT your size.

Best of all, you don't need any special strength, coordination, or skills to make this work. PLUS... as a hotlist member, I'll even let you learn it all...

For Free
If You Want.

It's brutal and vicious stuff -- packed with fast-paced Jason Bourne-style slamdown moves that will end a fight in a sudden blur of violence against a larger, stronger more skilled opponent.

Here's the story: Over the years my instructional DVDs have been pretty clear: Never, ever purposely take the fight to the ground. But...

There IS an exception to
that rule .

You'll need to know this if you ever really want to fill "the big damn gap" in your arsenal of hand-to-hand fight tactics.

Because your trickiest, most filthy stand-up skills just won't work against an opponent with a combination of extraordinary reach, quick hands, and killer stand up punching skills...

... or against an opponent who's so big, strong and well-trained that going toe-to-toe -- even for a few seconds -- would only get you slaughtered.

As a "hotlist" guy you understand that it's to end a fight... on your FEET.

But let's face it, against a tall professional-level boxer with hands like greased lightning... or a goliath who can pick you clean over his head and launch you into orbit, you need to have an effective and devastating "Plan B".

And that's precisely what this is. A VERY brutal fall-back position I call "Bone Breakers". This DVD package is an intensive lesson on how to slam him down HARD and take him out of the picture -- sometimes permanently -- in a couple of seconds...

Bam, bam... he's down... and out.

It's over and you're getting the hell outta there... or applying quick and nasty moves that'll finish him fast.

This is definitely NOT some kind of training for high-school gym wrestling or standard ground fighting. No way. In fact, "Bone Breakers" was perfected for use in some of the most nightmarish situations imaginable...

Behind the walls of this country's
most dangerous prisons .

While everyone else is stuck on getting their "stand up" or "ground" fighting skills established, you'll know how to dominate the fight outside of striking and ground skills.

Your teachers -- the guys who will teach you everything -- are James Painter and his crew.

You may remember Painter. He's the feared ex-con that Fight-Fast worked with a couple years back.

Painter doesn't look like one of the most feared fighters in the world. No. He's overweight and let's just say he's NOT in great shape.

So, when he tells you that you do NOT need strength... or special agility... or even lots of sweaty practice to "get" these down... you can believe him. He doesn't practice. And few of the guys he's taught practice.

They just kick serious ass. No holds barred.

James did 37 months in the federal prison system for possession of a sawed-off shotgun. He's not a rapist, not a burglar, not a very nasty guy at all. He just lived in a bad part of town... and owning a "shunt gun" seemed like a good idea...

Until he got cought

Fighting for respect is a fact of life in prison. James knew that going in. With a couple of black belts he already knew a little bit about fighting when he arrived at his cell block.

But what really shocked and dismayed him was that he was "targeted" early by some lifers (with nothing to lose by killing him)... who were much (much) taller... far more skilled at stand-up fighting, (these pumped-up monsters did nothing but train day and night)...

... and who got their sick thrills by knocking-out "newbies" with one-punch shots.

Painter's "black belts" -- he quickly discovered -- did him absolutely NO GOOD AT ALL inside those cramped prison walls.

He needed to find a way to fight against tall well-trained fighters who knew how to use their reach and punching power.

Look... prison ain't funny. Guys on the outside may joke about it, but on the inside...

The humiliation and degradation is REAL.

Which means you better know how to earn respect fast.

That's what this DVD package will solve for you. A simple and fast way to bring down big, skilled fighters who don't give a rat's ass about who they hurt, kill, and humiliate.
Prepare yourself, because this is brutal.

Here's just a taste of what Painter and his crew will teach you in this astonishing DVD package.

  • The "Painter Jitsu" spinning flip takedown that lands him hard on his skull while instantly popping his elbow. Very surprising how quick, easy, and fast this is. Leave him bleeding and unconscious, or apply a nifty rolling knee technique to hold him in position while you continue to pound him senseless.
  • A very sneaky "circling" trick to draw in his closest leg for a simple leg "hook and chop" maneuver. Almost like felling a tree. Allows you to keep your distance and still drive him hard into the ground using almost no strength or energy.
  • The very nasty, (and devastatingly effective) "Japanese Wizard" move that uses gravity and his own body weight to slam him down HARD. It works BEST if you're smaller because of your downward leverage advantage. (Advanced-level viscous stuff here... and it really works).
  • The super-slick "Sit-Down Slide-Under" takedown and finishing move. This one's the Full-Monty -- a way to get around the power of a big man and end the fight instantly. Astonishing because it's so fast and effective and impossible for him to go anywhere but face down. (Easy to train too. Your buddies will be amazed with this one).
  • An astonishing flying scissors kick (absolutely stunning) to knock him straight on the back of his head and set him up for a bone-breaking leg lock. Combined with a clever distraction (easy, once you know how), and he'll never see this coming.
  • A quick "Wrap-Around" leg takedown perfect against a big man. Uses a quick Thai kick to distract and soften him up, then a devastating inside leg wrap to will instantly collapse his wheels and drop him like a sack of potatoes. Works like magic, no matter how big he is.
  • How to perform a clever "duck under" to avoid being tied up and struck by your opponent. You'll be untouchable as you get behind him and lock-in a choke... before he even knows what the hell's going on.
  • The proper way to apply a classic rear naked. So many fighter are getting this wrong. This is how to get massive knockout PRESSURE using your "third hand" to cut off the blood or -- if you need to get lethal -- crush the windpipe. (Either way he drops instantly so you're never "taking a ride" on his back.)
  • A small circle Jujitsu move to "snake" your hand into position to get a proper guillotine choke. The trick is to use your thumb as a guide, (bypasses the biggest mistake when applying this choke.)
  • How to pin his arm for a nasty triangle choke. Again, most guys have never really trained in the proper way to apply this. This is a fast and simple way to choke him out -- using his own arm. (You'll also learn a "sit out" variation for really big dudes. Instant lights out.)

And a lot, LOT more.

Like a bait tactic that allows you to trick him into a leg choke, (King Kong couldn't get out of this one)... the smart way to "ground and pound" (most fighters do this wrong, especially against bigger opponents)...

... a little-known but very effective "Criss-Cross-Choke" that uses both arms to cut off his jugular and carotid... a very simple (and excruciatingly painful) way to tear out his shoulder joint using very little pressure... the right way to perform a wicked collar choke...

... how an average guy can shatter joints and bones using nothing more than his own simple body weight... how to use placement and countering as a smart way to initially deal with superior boxing... when it's critical for you to switch to a "high-low" stance...

... and on and on... and on. Over 3 hours of intensive instruction...

That's impossible to find anywhere else.

Imagine having the inner peace and confidence to go anywhere in the world without worry...

...relaxed in the knowledge that you are among the most viciously-effective fighters on the planet capable of taking care of business against anyone of ANY size.

So how much is this DVD course going for?

Well, it’s cheap -- less than you’d pay for two lousy lessons at the local karate school... less than a big meal for two at a fancy restaurant... less, even, than a new pair of boots.

Ask anyone who has trained with James Painter -- they’ll tell you how it was the smartest money they spent -- because it meant learning the most effective fighting skills on the planet.

Here’s what you need to do now:

Click on the "Add To Cart" button below.

Use your credit card. Fight-Fast/TRS has been in business for over two decades now and I've built a solid reputation for being honest and treating my customers like gold.

The price for this "Bone Breakers" package is just $97 -- an AMAZING price considering that it'll change your life...

... and instantly infuse you with the kind of raw skill and confidence you may have never known before.

But you don’t risk a penny of the $97, because I'm backing everything up with...

An iron-clad ONE YEAR guarantee.

Here's how it works: If, after watching this DVD package just ONCE, you aren't happy for ANY reason...

... then I insist you return it for a full refund.

You've even got 12 full months to decide. That gives you plenty of time to make up your mind... and it allows you the chance to discover these secrets...

Absolutely FREE
If You Want!

As a hotlist member, I totally trust your judgment.

Check around. Fight-Fast is the ONLY company in this industry willing to put our money where our mouth is. We completely back-up our products. Nobody is more generous.

You can also place your order by telephone too. The TRS office number is 1-800-899-8153. Tell the operator you want "James Painter's Bone Breakers". (Ask for "Department BNB-300").

Again... have your credit card ready. We'll take it all from there.

If you'd rather order by check or money order (payable to TRS), send your $100.99 (that's $97 plus $3.99 shipping and handling), to: TRS, Dept. BNB-300, 606 E. Acequia Ave., Visalia, CA 93292.

No matter how you order, your package will be rushed out to you immediately. Of course the fastest and easiest way is to simply order online right now:

But hold on... there's something MORE for you...

A hot FREE Bonus!

It’s a DVD package called "Ruthless Clinches and Takedowns".

It's takes things to an even more advanced level. You may have to watch this one a few times. Maybe even train it. But it's so well worth it. Killer information about "clinch" range moves and ruthless takedowns that any real fighter would chew an arm off to own.

Learning this kind of stuff is so important. In the street -- or in prison -- it means survival and instant respect.

Look... street goons never let their skills stagnate, neither should you.

This teaches you how to quickly handle bigger, taller, stronger men using super-effective skills and tactics... defensive transitions... smooth counters and combos... tricky escapes... quick and dirty leg takedowns... and tons more.

It's all vicious, very advanced offensive stuff, packed with brilliant counters that will frustrate and dominate even the best trained opponents.

These moves are devastating and amazing.

This truly stunning bonus has sold all over the world for $69 -- but for the next 3 days I will be include it in your package for NO additional cost -- yours to KEEP for FREE -- even if you later decide to return the "Bone-Breakers" DVD program for a full and prompt refund.

But you've got to jump on this now.

I've made up exactly 144 packages with the free bonus (the most efficient method to duplicate DVDs). I have NO plans on ordering up another batch.

This is just barely enough to cover my first-tiered "hotlist" (that's you). But if I don't hear from you within the next 3 days, I'll contact the hotlist guys below you and give them a shot at it.
No need for that to happen since you're taking NO RISK by ordering right now.

So hit the "Add To Cart" button now... and see what all the fuss is about. You'll be glad you did. It'll give you a critical key to the puzzle and open up a whole new world of confidence.
For a safer life...


Bob Pierce

Head Honcho, TRS/FightFast

P.S. Okay... quick recap, just so you're clear about everything.

When you order now, and you'll receive:

  1. "Bone Breakers" DVD package. Brutal techniques to taking down and taking out larger, more skilled fighters. Tricky stuff that'll let you dominate the fight without going toe-to-toe...
  2. ONE YEAR guarantee. You've got a full 12 months to decide if you want to keep this or not. Which gives you a chance to learn this all for free...
  3. FREE Bonus: "Ruthless Clinches and Takedowns".  A mega-advanced training package jammed with offensive clinches, counters, escapes, and dirty leg takedowns designed to frustrate and dominate even highly trained opponents. Worth $69, yours to keep.

But you gotta hurry. There are just 144 of the free bonuses to go around. In less than 72 hours I'll contact the next level of hotlist guys about this.

When they're gone, that's it.

So it's best to act now.