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If you're cool with learning all-new grappling secrets
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From: Bob Pierce
President, TRS Direct/Fight Fast

To: Fight Fast "Hot List" Member

Dear Friend:

Something is happening in my office, right now, that has never happened before.

I am getting phone calls from other talents in the TRS stable... who understandably want to remain anonymous... who are RAVING about these all-new, super-nasty groundfighting tactics by Mark Hatmaker.

That has never happened before.

Most fighting experts are pretty cocky, and almost never offer respect to another fighter (unless they can kick their ass).

Mark Hatmaker... the "professor of grappling"... is getting that respect. And experts are calling ME to admit it!

I'm stunned.

Mark is maybe 160 pounds soaking wet... and tells everyone he's 5'8"... but I bet he's not even that tall barefoot.

Little guy.

And yet... he has personally revolutionized the way real fighters use groundfighting.

Mark is making a fortune just from all the Vale Tudo no-holds-barred/no-rules fighters who seek him out for a private tutorial.


Neither has most of the streetfighting world. Heck, most professional fighters are still terrified of this small guy, even if they outweigh him by 150 pounds and have a dozen more black belts.

And yet...

These Are The Simplest Fighting Skills
You Will Ever Learn!

Mark has been teaching his secret new grappling techniques for a couple of years now... but only to a very small and pre-selected audience. This is a perfect opportunity to get in on the action.

Best part:

You Don't Risk
A Penny To Check It Out
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If you are a student of world-class fighting... and you want to see the absolute MOST CUTTING EDGE grappling moves out there — tactics so new that they shock and bewilder opponents before the lights go out and the fight's over... then you MUST see Mark Hatmaker's new video.

No risk. And... You get to KEEP some really cool fighting materials, no matter what. For FREE.

Here's the deal: Mark is in the middle of creating the most comprehensive series on grappling tactics ever produced.

They are brutal. Nasty. Dirty, even (if you're the guy on the losing end).

But then, that's the idea, isn't it.

Basically... this new DVD package of Mark's (which we just shot and edited in our super-private California studios) answers the most common question fighters have in grappling: Now that you're on the ground, what the heck do you do to END THE FRIGGIN' FIGHT?

Mark keeps it simple... something no other martial art has been able to do. So simple, in fact... that there are just 3 basic positions he bothers to cover.

They are the most common positions you will find yourself in on the ground, in a fight. No — wait. They are the ONLY positions you will find yourself in, 99% of the time. Crossbody... cross-side... and top body.

Unless you're grappling with a double-jointed gymnast, this is pretty much all you need.

He keeps it simple, but don't think that means limited effectiveness. All those pro's begging for help know different. It's a MYTH that grappling has to be difficult, or complex. Mark — and his students — prove that, day after day.

Simple, yes. But also advanced, at least in effectiveness. I know that's hard to believe, because so much of your training so far has been a struggle. Well, don't believe me, then.

Check out what these pro's and no-rules fighters have to say:

"Mark Hatmaker has thrown away all the nonsense and focuses only on the simple and most effective techniques that are easy to learn. I'm only 5'7", and Hatmaker has taught me how to take on bigger guys. I'm amazed how well they work against bigger, stronger men."
-- Paul Molnar, Jiu Jitsu/Karate Black Belt Instructor, Knoxville, TN.

"This is reality-based street combat that is easy to absorb. It also fits perfectly with my department's self-defense training, and it works on the street with outstanding results."
-- Sam Day, Training Officer, Davidson County Sheriff's Department, TN.

"I've now discarded most of the old stuff I'd learned that doesn't work, and replaced it with Mark Hatmaker's amazing techniques. Working with him has been a real awakening, and the skills are unparalleled."
-- Tim Auxier, Vale Tudo Fighter, Maryville, TN.

"Mark is obviously dedicated to reality-based fighting skills. With these skills, you can confront everything that's out there with absolute confidence."
-- Justin Mount, Martial Artist, Vienna, IL.

"Being someone who has studied Judo and also learned a little jiu-jitsu under Renzo Gracie, I can really appreciate these tapes. I wish I knew these escapes before I went to train under Renzo. If I did, I wouldn't have gotten my ass kicked as much as I did. Don't get me wrong, Renzo is one of the best teachers out there, but it takes such a long time to master the techniques and by the time you've mastered it, you find out there is a way to counter it. Grappling is a very technical art and it does take a long time to learn the moves that much quicker."
-- Arie Assouline, Queens, New York.

We've got a ton more on file... but you get the idea.

This is a genuine...

Short-Cut To World-Class Groundfighting
That Devastates Your Opponent In Seconds!

Let me give you a taste of what you're about to learn:

  • How to use just 4 pounds of pressure to twist a large man's wrist so it instantly activates Pain Central in his system! (You've never heard this kind of screaming before.)
  • Simple move that turns anyone who tries to throw you down from a middle grab into limp hamburger!
  • His arm in your face? Snap it like a twig from the crossbody position.
  • Super-fast choke-outs straight from your shoulder, in tight, when he least believes you can pull it off. (Good night!)
  • Unexpected moves that not only block his best moves... but leave him open to your fight-ending next move! (It's a blow he won't see coming, has never seen before anyway, and will dream about for the rest of his life... after he wakes up.)
  • Super-wicked head scissors locks (all new, too) that allow you control King Kong like a baby squirrel.
  • Plus... painful heel hooks... nasty disabling neck cranks... easy to learn double-cross chokes that defy logic (yet work like magic!)... And filthy entanglement locks that wrap him up like a big, mushy (and sobbing for mercy) pretzel.

And lots more.

This is a short DVD. Probably the shortest training session you will ever have in your life.

And yet... you will LEARN MORE USEABLE SKILLS than you have from any year in any dojo!

Like I said, don't believe me. Believe yourself.

You can check it all out, without risk.

Here's how: Just hit the "Add To Cart" button below right now.

The purchase price is just $69 -- an amazing deal considering that you're getting a TON of moves straight from the master himself. You can use your credit card to have one rush-shipped to you right away.

Or, if you prefer, call my office, toll-free, at 1-800-899-8153 and tell whoever answers you want “Mark Hatmaker’s Instant Edge".

To use your check or a money order, (payable to TRS), just make it out for $72.99 (that's $69 plus $3.99 shipping and handling) and sent it to: TRS Direct, Dept IE-300, 606 E. Acequia Ave., Visalia, CA 93292.

You aren't risking a penny of your purchase price. Because you have a full YEAR to check this DVD package out. Get it, watch it, use it as your own... and, if you aren't blown away by what you learn... simply return it (in any condition) for a fast refund of every single penny of the purchase price.

No questions asked. No hassles.

Let me repeat: You get a...

Full Year No Risk
Total Money-Back Guarantee!

You know us. We're TRS, we've been around for almost 20 years now, we're the most recognized name in self-defense... and we protect our reputation like a bulldog.

Some people may not like us, but NO ONE denies we're honest to a friggin' fault.

We're not hiding, either. You can stop by our warehouse any time you want, at 606 East Acequia, right here in Visalia, California. We stand behind our materials 100%.

So don't turn your nose up at this hyper-generous offer. It's an honestly good deal... just so you have the chance to...

Check This Out
Yourself Without Risk.

So you don't have to rely on anyone else's opinion other than the only one that counts. Yours.

You must hurry, however. We have produced only a small number of Hatmaker videos that will go out at this price. (We are considering doubling the price very soon.) When this batch is sold out — which I expect to happen in less than a week — that's it.

The year guarantee, the super-bargain price, and the FREE material... gone.

So order right now, all right? Remember... you don't risk a thing.

Bob Pierce
Bob Pierce

P.S. Almost forgot — you also get, absolutely FREE, a hot new audio CD interview with Mark on a topic ALL fighters are dying to hear about. Namely... "How To Mentally and Physically Prepare For A Pro No-Rules Fight... And Which Dirty Tricks Will Give You An Instant Edge When You Discover Your Opponent Is Bigger, Meaner And More Skilled Than You Are!"

This CD will shock and surprise the hell out of you. It's a genuine recorded call between "insiders" in the fight world — the kind of breathtaking conversations that most civilians never get to hear!

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Again, however... you must act right now, or risk missing out. So hit the add to cart button now or call my office at 1-800-899-8153 and tell whoever answers you want "Mark Hatmaker's New Instant Edge Video".

And prepare to be shocked and delighted.