Our Mission At FightFast.com:

Here at FightFast.com it our mission to teach you just how quick and easy you can become fully capable of recognizing, avoiding and/or dealing with potential threats to yourself or people you care about.

It's not nearly as complicated as you might have been lead to believe.

In fact, it is simple. Our instructional materials are designed for full and thorough understanding of how to dominate bigger, meaner and even more skilled attackers... should the need ever arise.

The side benefits... of which there are many... is the increased confidence that will infuse it's way into every area of your life. In a matter of days, hours even, you will gain the steely eyed calm confidence of man who is in charge of his destiny. Other people, especially women, will take notice when you enter a room. Trust me.

So, without getting politically correct sounding like a politician being interviewed for the news...

We're going to teach you
the science of learning how to

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How quickly can I learn this Fight Fast stuff?

You can learn most of what you need to know, in about an hour or less! Seriously, this is not rocket science. Armed with some simple "a ha" moment knowledge and a few demonstrations about tools and targets... you can become dangerous quickly.

Some techniques you can literally watch them once and use them in the next minute. Others may take some additional thought or practice.

Like so many things in our lives, what we gain from something is often commensurate to the amount of effort invested. Our programs are no different, other then that they provide the top-level instruction while stripping away all the traditional nonsense that just wastes your time and money.


Which instructor is the best?

In short, they are all good. Let me explain it this way. Some instructors may resonate with your personality more than others. Just like some people like Chinese food doesn't mean it's better than Italian food. It's just your personal taste. With all of our programs being 100% money back guaranteed, there really is no way to get stuck with something you're not entirely satisfied with.


Where and how do you find these instructors?

Our instructors are required to have real world experience in utilizing their skills to save their own hide in the operative field of battle. We don't settle for dojo martial artists who have never been in a real fight. We work with the most dangerous men on the planet who have to use their skills in highly volatile environments like drug lord controlled countries and mountainsides, global war zones, prisons, seedy biker-bar rooms, drug raids, terrorist hot-spots across the globe.

Our instructor's credentials speak for themselves. We have programs featuring US Navy SEAL's, US Army DELTA force operatives, Federal Agents, Vietnam veteran jungle warfare specialist soldiers, SWAT Cops, Prisoners, Coolers and Bar Bouncers, US State Dept. Special Operatives, Executive Protection specialists and a host of other credentials.

There is no other library anywhere on the planet that can match our diversity and credential list. Our programs feature the best of the best in real world combat.


What's the difference between this and my local martial arts dojo/school?

Practicing martial arts is both a great choice and a great recreation. It teaches discipline. You'll get into amazing shape, increase your strength, you'll develop flexibility, rhythm and speed. These are all good things.

However, do not confuse sport martial arts with real world combat. They are altogether different. In the real world there are no referees, no rules, no whistles, no mats, no ring or cage. Biting, tearing flesh, weapons, multiple attackers, thumbs pressed in eyeballs, testicles twisted and yanked... it can get real ugly and real serious incredibly fast.

We teach you the science of fighting.

Martial arts have the luxury of utilizing the word "art". The art hides or disguises the science behind the application.

We maintain great respect for the practitioners of the martial arts. However, it's imperative that you understand the difference between the purpose of both sides of the martial spectrum.

We will accelerate the speed of which you get to learn the truly brutal, effective and dominating material while saving you the need to bow in pajamas to someone who wants to discipline you for 6 months before showing you a simple choke hold while charging you $55 per week.


Can I really learn how to fight effectively, from a DVD/Video?

In a word, YES. In most regards a video lesson is far superior to a one-on-one instructor lead lesson. I know because I've attended a host of seminars and took lessons for years and years. While the moves I was shown were really cool, by the time I flew home and wanted to show my friends, I could hardly remember the moves.

With video, you can keep the lesson forever for future use. You can pause, stop, slow motion and reply to make certain that you are understanding the moves entirely.

What's more... if you need a refresher course for any reason... you don't have to pay $ again to put the DVD back into the player. It's yours.

While it's always a good idea to work out with another person to train in these fighting skills, gaining the knowledge from a DVD/video is, by far, the best option to progress your skills.


Is this going to be expensive? Is the Free Video Fighting Course REALLY Free?

This is my favorite question.

Foremost, our Free Video Fighting Course is and will remain to be ABSOLUTELY FREE. You will never be required to provide anything further than a name and valid email. Of which, we will NEVER dispense to email harvesters.

If you are interested in further offers from Fight Fast, many of our DVD's purchased on their own, cost $69 to $97 (on average). Now that may sound expensive. But consider the following perspectives...

What is your life worth? If you learned one move that you used to save your ass from a drug crazed maniac hell bent on your destruction so he could get another bag of crack, what would that be worth? If you learned how to disarm a handgun and just happened to get caught up in an armed robbery where you could have easily been shot and left for dead, but instead you took the gun away like you would candy from a baby... what's the value of our program now?

So it's kind of like life insurance, on some levels. But there's more.

Let's compare what you might pay and learn at a local martial arts dojo vs. what you pay and learn on one of our DVD programs. (This is without even approaching the subject of quality of instruction.)

In a dojo, you might learn two moves per week. That's if your lucky. So in a months time, for your average $55/month membership (some cost more, some cost less) you get maybe 8 sport karate moves. (They won't teach you the brutal and nasty stuff early on. Too much liability and you have to pay for a while before they show you what really works. If they even know!)

Comparatively, in one of our DVD programs you will literally get over 100 moves, easy! And, you're getting moves that have been battle tested and proven to work where, again, there are no rules or referees. From a cost to technique standpoint, the value isn't even close. Our Fight Fast instructional programs are your best value.

FYI: Be careful risking your life with instruction gained from a person whose only real fight experience is in a sport martial art environment. Even black belt martial artists are regularly beaten to a pulp by street gang thugs with no formal training whatsoever.


What if I already know what's featured on the program that I purchase?

This is a highly valid question. Our clients range in talents, experience and abilities. This is but one of the reasons why we offer our 100% money back guarantee. While I know we have material to advance the skills of even experienced operators and street level fighters, you always have the confidence of knowing you can either exchange the program or get your money returned; whichever is your choice.

Are their hidden requirements or conditions for your money back guarantee?

Absolutely not. I've seen those so called guarantees where you're required to do some list of things before you can send the program back for a refund. We know we have the most advanced learn-to-fight-fast library anywhere on the planet. We have no need nor interest in hiding behind some clever scheme to keep you from returning the product.

We purposely have made this a no risk deal for you.


If I purchase one of your programs, am I guaranteed to never lose a fight?

This would be an absurd claim. Even the most trained operator can slip up and lose a battle. No one is claiming that you will be unbeatable or undefeatable. We're not selling imaginary pixie dust. That's for fairy tales.

With increased knowledge, from the best real world operators... the most dangerous men anywhere on the planet... you are going to vastly improve your chances of survival or winning. Whatever label you wish to put on it.


Can I just buy a gun to protect myself instead of having to learn all this Fight Fast stuff?

You could make that choice. However, even a firearm requires training in order to use it effectively. Firearms don't select targets... you have to do that. Firearms don't remain on target... you have to do that.

Also, just think that through a bit. Is it likely that the presentation of a firearm is going to be a universal solution to any altercation or uncomfortable situation that you find yourself in? Of course not.

In many jurisdictions, just the presentation of a firearm takes your legal responsibility to a whole new heightened level. We're big 2nd amendment advocates. However, you need skill sets with your bare hands, firearms, edged weapon... and one of our favorites... improvised weapons like belts, socks, pool cues, 2 x 4's, pens, car keys etc.


Will this stuff work for a teenager, a woman or an elderly person?

Short answer, Yes. Speaking candidly though, every person has physical attributes like size, strength, speed, quickness, flexibility, athleticism etc. While technique can overcome a great deal of these attributes in an adversary, if you can increase and develop these attributes, you may become more effective.

What many people forget about though are tactical attributes. Attributes such as surprise, distraction and deception. Don't forget, we're not talking about a ring with rules and a referee. You can cheat. You should cheat. Why? Cause it's not cheating...it's winning and surviving.


Is learning this going to turn me, or my spouse, into some kind of violent bully or, simply put, a jerk?

Yes... Just kidding!

Absolutely not. Save for your not being a psychopathic personality, when most people learn how quickly and easily they can disassemble another human beings body and inflict massive permanently debilitating damage... a calm confidence and desire not to fight comes over them. They calm down and settle into building people up, inspiring them and becoming protectors of the less fortunate or those unable to protect themselves.

It sounds cheesy, but they become like modern knights.

I've seen it time and again. So the answer is, typically no. The confidence gained with these abilities changes your life. It improves your life because you can not prevent it from leaking out into every aspect of your existence. People will see you as more dependable, confident... a man (or woman) in control of their environment and their destiny.