From: Bob Pierce
Head Honcho, TRS

To: "First Tier" TRS Hotlist Member

After nearly 20 years of teaching average guys like you the most devastating fight secrets on the planet...

... like how to pluck out an eyeball... tear-off testicles... crush the windpipe like a beer can... and other brutal moves...

... cherry-picked straight from the Special Forces secret handbook... Jeet Kung Do experts... Russian Spetnaz killers... Hwa Rang Do masters... and a dozen other mega-dangerous sources...

... and then spelling-it-out for you in simple and mega easy-to- understand lessons...

I've overlooked something so obvious...
it's almost embarrassing.

After two decades and nearly 100 instructional packages later... I came to the sudden realization that I have NEVER produced a video on the advanced fundamentals of good ol'...

American BOXING.

Jeez. Really? I can hardly believe it myself.

But I've moved quickly to redeem myself -- and created a killer new DVD program covering the most nasty advanced street-level boxing skills.

I call it "Knockout Boxing Skills"... and as a "First Tier" TRS Hotlist guy I want you to be the very first to check out this amazing package...

Absolutely FREE If You Want!

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Here's the story: This whole boxing oversight hit me while the TRS crew and I enjoyed an MMA match on the boob-tube.

Now hold on... let me be clear... this DVD package I'm talking about is NOT about learning some MMA fighting skills for the street.

Nope. Only clueless rookies and fools do that.

Because the LAST thing you want to be doing in a real balls-out street fight is spending precious time tinkering with some impossible heel-hook submission you saw on TV...

... while you're being scraped to a pulp on the asphalt...

... or pinned up against a curb...

While goons and bystanders tee-off on your head.

No, you don't want that.

In a real street fight, you need to know how to end it quick... on your feet... in a couple of seconds.

Which is the whole point of my story: Because I noticed something very interesting during that MMA match.

The grizzled Brazilian Jiu Jitsu wrestler -- a guy famous for twisting other fighters into tight little pretzels -- made the incredible decision to...

Stay on his feet... and BOX.

He didn't shoot-in for a takedown. Instead, his world-renowned ground skills were demoted to a kind of "Plan B".

Seems MMA-types have finally figured out what I've been saying for 20 years -- that it makes NO sense to grind it out in some sweaty, agonizing, suffocating chess match...

... when one simple well-placed punch...

Can end it all in an instant.

Pow... down he goes like a sack of potatoes.

Check mate. Game over.

In the ring the ref jumps in and stops the match. In the street, you get the hell outta there, fast.

Either way, it comes down to this: If experienced MMA ground fighters...

... who have plenty of room... with NO obstacles... a soft cushy surface... and no risk of multiple attackers stomping their head into apple sauce...

... are choosing to stand and BOX rather than use their superior ground skills...

That should tell you something.

And THAT is what this "Knockout Boxing Skills" is all about. It's how you'll walk away without a scratch, while your unconscious opponent is left drooling on himself.

The instruction is designed teach you professional-level "instant knockout" shots -- using advanced "street boxing" skills -- to end it in seconds.

Drop him in the blink of an eye... no matter WHAT his size.

Because MOST guys (even experienced martial artists) have never really learned even the basics of American boxing.

You may think you know how to box...

But I'll bet you're getting it all WRONG.

Believe me, it's not about throwing haymakers and praying that something lands.

No... there are exact SKILLS involved. Footwork, proper targeting, advanced punching techniques, and so on.

The moves and techniques are not difficult -- in fact they're quite EASY to learn -- but, unless you actually SEE how it's done, none of it will come to you "naturally" during a fight.

So here's what I've setup for you: I called in some big favors from my deep contacts inside the fight industry... and managed to secure a very scary Golden Gloves boxer named Scott Pilkington.

This dude is intense.

Pilkington's been around the block a few times -- working as a bouncer in some of California's most gang infested bars...

... "tested"hundreds of times in bloody real-world confrontations and brawls against local street thugs looking to gain a name for themselves.

It was Pilkinton who gained the reputation... and the respect.

He's also a former U.S. Marine... (that's where he became a champion Golden Gloves boxer), and his special assignment was...

Guarding nuclear weapons.

It's still all hush-hush classified info, so I can't fill you in on ALL the gory details without landing in San Quentin. (The Feds have been screwing with me for years... and would LOVE that).

But what I CAN tell you is that every loose-cannon crackpot, whacked-out terrorist group, and rouge government on earth wants to mess with our nukes.

Top brass U.S. military officials know this... and so places its most dangerous fighters "on-site" as a kind of last-ditch safety net against anyone trying to get near the weapons.

Scott Pilkington was one of those soldiers -- actually stationed in a hardened silo an arm's-length away from an active launch-ready ICBM capable of evaporating Moscow in a split second.

That's about all I can say about that.

The thing that's really important for YOU to know is that Pilkington is not only a PROVEN street fighter and U.S. Marines Golden Gloves boxer...

... but that he's also highly skilled at combining his boxing skills

With filthy bare-handed military-grade finishing moves... that kill.

So what you'll learn is not "ring boxing", but "combat boxing"...

... designed to quickly and easily end a fight in seconds (using some VERY wicked tricks) -- on your feet -- against a larger, more determined opponent... even multiple attackers.

And if the U.S. government feels these skills are good enough to protect our nuclear weapons... well... they're probably good enough for you too.

Here's just a taste of what you can expect to discover in this new DVD package:

And a lot lot more. Like the CORRECT way to deliver a wicked chopping hook...

... a simple "1-2-3 drill" for nailing down the kind of combination punching and fluid footwork that'll transform you into a truly dangerous fighter (that NOBODY will want to mess with)...

... almost unheard of power-boosting tricks to "inside fighting" against a larger man...

... a tricky "quick-sweep" move that opens him up like a can of beans and allows you multiple ways to shut down his "computer" like a light-switch...

... and so much more.

PLUS, you'll discover a slew of...

... and so much more. PLUS, you'll discover a slew of...

Use these only when absolutely necessary.

Look... none of us wants to kill.

But if some tatted-up freak, fresh out prison, wants to rape your wife... or threatens to kill your kids... well... these moves will make him pay dearly...

... probably with his life.

Which is why Pilkington's included these...

Barehanded "instant kill" moves.

It's pure gold. Stuff like the "Trachea Cage" move used to gain instant obedience, or a permanent "good night"...

...the "Special Forces Big-Knuckle" that can shatter his skull like a baked pinata...

... or the targeted "tiger fist" shot that instantly makes it impossible for him to breath (and you know where THAT leads)...

... and much more.

Like lethal "Rear Head Butts"... diaphragm rippers... a brutal military-style guillotine choke... vicious "Bully Pushes" and solar plexus strikes...

And on and on.

So if you're interested in knowing how the end ANY fight right NOW... with YOU on top, safe and sound...

... along with some very brutal lethal moves...

... then you need to check out Scott Pilkington's "Knockout Boxing Skills" package right away.

This is not about living out some "Rocky" fantasy. It's about teaching you all the real world tricks you'll need to save your ass... ... on the street... in the most hairy situation imaginable...

So you can get home to your family
in one piece.

Your opponent on the other hand, may not.

Here's how you get started right now: Click on the "Add To Cart" button below

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Use your credit card. I've been doing this for almost 20 years and am known throughout this industry for quality products and generous guarantees.

The price for this "Knockout Street Boxing" DVD package is just $99 -- an AMAZING deal considering that you'll discover brand new skills, that you can't find anywhere else, to walk the streets with a new swagger of confidence.

But hold on... as a "First Tier" hotlist member, you get an immediate $30 stuffed into your account to be used toward this package...

... making the price just $69 for you.

(Sorry... anyone not on my hotlist will have pay the full price.)

Plus, you don't risk a dime of that $69, because...

I'm backing everything up
with a 100% iron-clad guarantee.

Here's how the guarantee works: If you can't immediately use these devastating barehanded "street boxing" skills to instantly end any confrontation -- on your feet...

... or if you simply aren't happy with the package for ANY reason, even NO reason, then I insist you send the package back for a fast refund of your purchase price.

In fast, you'll get ONE FULL YEAR to see if you want to keep this.

Take your time. View it at your leisure. Learn it on YOUR time.

If you decide over the next 12 months that you don't like it, you don't have to keep it. Send it back for a full and fast refund. Simple as that.

That means you'll be able to master these street-boxing secrets...

Absolutely FREE If You Want!

Of course, you can order by telephone too. My office number is 1-800-899-8153.

Ask for "Department KBS-300".

Tell the operator you're interested in the "Knockout Boxing Skills" DVD package. Have your credit ready. They'll take it all from there.

If you'd rather order by check or money order (payable to TRS), send your $76 (that's $69 plus $7 shipping and handling), to: TRS, Dept KBS-300, 606 E. Acequia Ave., Visalia, CA 93292.

No matter how you order, your package will be rushed out to you immediately.

Okay... I gotta say this.

You must be CAREFUL with this stuff.

Don't screw around and demonstrate ANY of these moves full-speed on your buddies or anything like that.

These are military-style skills that can maim and kill. I'm not kidding around here. Don't use this on someone who you aren't trying to land in the hospital.


Okay? Okay.

So here's the deal: I've made up exactly ONE gross of these packages (that's 144) because it's the least expensive way to go.

I don't know if I will EVER produce any more of these. If I do, it'll probably be a while. Maybe three or four months from now.

Like I said, I'm contacting my "first tier" hotlist guys first. That's you.

You've got 7 days to order. If my staff doesn't hear from you within a week, they'll assume that you're not interested and contact the hotlist guys below you.

I doubt it'll ever get that far. My gut tells me these 144 packages will be gone in less than 72 hours.

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But wait... I have something MORE for you.

It's another DVD package I call "Fight Ready Fitness" and it'll get you into amazing shape... fast.

It's based on the SAME daily physical training routine that combat troops use before battle, to build up their endurance.

Discover simple low-impact training skills that will tighten up your core, shed pounds, and get your muscles flexible and U.S. Marine tough.

I don't care if you're currently stiff as a board, out of shape, old as dirt, flabby, or have never worked-out in your entire life.

This is an EASY way to lose that "spare tire" while naturally infusing crucial hand and footwork skills deeply into your muscle memory.

There's nothing quite like the respect that comes from being in great shape -- and this is the quickest way that I know to get you there.

This "Fight Ready Fitness" DVD is yours to keep for FREE. I will include it along with your "Knockout Boxing Skills" package at no additional cost to you.

This a VERY good deal my friend.

But order right away. There's no risk for doing so now.

Bob Pierce
Head Honcho, TRS

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P.S. Okay... here's the quick recap of everything you'll get when you order right now.

  1. The "Knockout Boxing Skills". Quick, nasty, brutal American-style street-boxing tactics (and lethal military death moves), designed to end the fight in an instant with you on your feet.
  2. $30 off (for TRS "hotlist" members ONLY).
  3. A ONE YEAR guarantee. Learn these skills on your own time. If you're not happy for any reason, return the package for a full refund.
  4. "Fight Ready Fitness" DVD package to whip you into great shape fast, without a lot of fuss. This is yours to keep free, even if you devide to take advantage of my generous money-back guarantee.

It's a killer deal. But there's only 144 "hotlist" packages to go around. You've got 7 days to order before your package and your free stuff is passed along to the hotlist guy below you.

So do this now while the opportunity is still staring you in the in the face. There's NO RISK and the bonus material is yours to keep.

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