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  • "Great quality item..."

    "The tactical folding knife that I received from here is a great quality item. These guys are great to deal with and I would recommend them to anyone, God bless my friends."

    D. Hopson

  • "This blade is a winner!"

    "I carry it every day, the blade has remained sharp, the grip is outstanding even when wet. Had to get another just to share."


  • "A great EDC knife!"

    "I use it every day for whatever may pop up that I need a knife for. Takes a beating pretty well."

    R. Klieber

  • "Very well made..."

    "The folder is very well made, feels good in your hand, and after watching the video I found I can get it out fast if I need to. Thanks for a great knife."

    T. Castleberry

  • "A must have..."

    "The knife is better than promised! Would have been a steal for $60.00...This knife is a must have."

    Robert C.

  • "Very sturdy."

    "Was very impressed with the quality of the tactical folder. Very sturdy. The video has really great info as to how to use the knife for self defense."

    T. Bumgardner

  • "Damn good knife."

    "I use it every day at work in my D.O.D. job."

    C. Callaway

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TRS325s Tactical Survival Blade
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Please Allow Me
To Rush You This Amazing
Fighting Knife...for FREE!

I'm NOT joking! It's worth $50!
But just say the word and I will send this ultra- vicious tactical survival knife
-- along with a $69 "Fast Blade"
instuctional DVD package for FREE

It's an incredible offer that won't last.
So listen very carefully if you want in on this.

To: Fight Fast "Hot List" Member

Dear Friend:

With your permission - and with strict regard for your privacy - I want to send you the amazing TRS 325S Tactical Survival Knife...for free.

Why am I doing this? Actually there are two reasons:

  • First... I have something very important to say to you and I wanted to make sure I had your full attention.
  • And second, since what I will tell you has to do with using a quality folding knife for survival and protection, I thought this free Tactical Survival Knife would be the perfect way to prove my point.

I have yours right here in my office...and let me tell you, it is one gorgeous weapon.

It's been designed by trusted engineers and super-respected knife experts like my business partner Bob Pierce – a legend in the industry known for tapping the secrets of U.S. Special Forces

Your knife is total "bullet-proof" quality designed to be reliable in extreme conditions, and nearly indestructible under maximum abuse

The 325S is the ultimate
in tactical survival.

It's constructed from highly durable corrosion resistant materials, so getting it wet is not a problem.

The handle is a lightweight and durable aluminum and the scallops and specialized thumb ridges ensures a tight grip – allowing for precision stabbing, slashing and cutting with no slippage even when covered with mud or blood.

The base of the knife has a cord cutter that can also easily slice through a seat belt. There's also a nifty glass breaker that can double as a very wicked tool when you need to get someone's undivided attention without having to resort to lethal force.

The quality 3-1/4 inch stainless steel blade and spring assisted open is perfectly legal – even here in California – and means you can have it out and ready in a blink.

There's also a dual sided thumb stud which allows for right and left handed opening.

The sturdy drop point design makes this a brutally strong piercing weapon with zero worry that the tip will ever snap. It'll stab straight through just about anything even a thick leather jacket... but especially flesh.

The base of the blade is serrated and perfect for cutting through rope, bone and cloth.

The closed length of the 325S is just 5 inches and the clip makes it comfortable and easy to carry and draw. It can take a lot of use and abuse and yet its light weight.

I could easily sell this weapon right now to the public for upwards of $50 or more. But for you -- if you allow me to send this to you today – it's yours for FREE.

So why do you need you such a professional quality knife and the know-how to use it?

Are you kidding me?

In today's streets, every dirt bag and goon is armed with a knife, and MOST fights and assaults now include a knife.

The public doesn't want to think about this, but it's true.

FightFast has been teaching simplified combat secrets for almost 25 years now. It's been our business to cut through all the bull and get down to what really works fast against skilled street thugs determined to do you or your loved ones harm.

And the facts are this: In close-quarters combat, a savvy knife-fighter can easily defeat an opponent armed with a locked-and-loaded Colt .45!

Sounds crazy, but it's true. When combat gets up close and personal, as most fights are, a knife can simply be drawn into action and used much faster than a gun. It's also more maneuverable and deadly.

This has been proven over and over again by our experts deep inside the world of SWAT teams, beat cops, Special Forces and black op killers who's very lives depend on quickly and quietly eliminating armed targets with a blade.

It's why the most feared men on earth come to us to reveal these secrets. They respect FightFast's reputation for straight-talk and delivering quality products – minus all the fluff and bull.

Your "Fast Blade" package jammed packed with vital information that could save your hide if you're ever forced into lethal combat.

Even if your opponent is meaner, more skilled, and outweighs you by a hundred pounds of muscle.

Even if you've never been in a fight before in your life.

None of that matter once you know these secrets.

And not knowing them means you're naked and completely vulnerable in the street.

Yet, amazingly, learning how to fight with and against a knife is the MOST SECRET skill in the martial arts world! You cannot find good training (outside of elite Spec Op and "closed door" SWAT sessions).

Oh, you'll find guys who THINK they know knife-fighting. But frankly they're lying. The vast majority of guys out there teaching knife fighting skills don't have a clue what they're talking about - and you're risking a lot listening to them!

If you go into training with some joker who's never faced a knife in the street, and you train with rubber sticks and think you got it down, and you happen to get into a real situation against a REAL blade...

You're Going To Die!

Also, you can be the best hand-to-hand fighter on the planet, with a six-second choke-out move, and twenty in-close strikes to take out someone twice your size... but if you don't know how to fight bare-handed against a punk with a blade...

You're Going To Die!

Look... knife fighting and survival is serious business – which is exactly why I feel obligated to GIVE you this special training.

I don't want to just give you a knife without showing you how to use it.

And the instruction I'll send you is exactly what you'll need -- not only super effective, but also very easy to master!

Because it's not how hard you train. It's simply knowing the right secrets.

Professional soldiers and cops don't want to EVER get cut in a fight. They will not put up with training that is irrelevant or wrong...and that's why we were so careful to select instructors who really know their stuff.

Your teachers aren't guys who talk about knife fighting. No. They've used this material in real and death combat.

They're some of scariest dudes on earth, including a front-line Team Leader for Spec-Op units during Operation Desert Storm, Operation Desert Shield, and Operation Enduring Freedom.

Another is one of the U.S. Government's top "Classified" counter-intelligence special agents who conducted the kind of grizzly undercover missions that'd scare the hell out of most mortal men...

One other is a seasoned combat expert hired by the Navy and dropped by helicopter into live-fire combat zones to train Navy SEALS on the "job site"...

And finally you'll also be trained by a bronze star recipient who served ten long, bloody years in Delta Force specializing in sentry take-outs, close-quarter combat fighting, and lethal weaponry.

We're not screwing around here. Your teachers have proven these skills where it counts – in actual lethal combat with blood on the line.

The real proof is that they walked away...and the other guys did not.

This is for real. You're getting a true insiders peek at something that few men on the planet ever get a chance to see.

This instruction is super-advanced -- the same knife-training the Spec Op guys get - and yet it's still simple and easy to learn.

You'll "get" it fast too. It's the most practical training you'll ever have for "real" street fighting and personal combat.

  • First: The proper way to carry your tactical folder (it's not how you think) for speed and accessibility from a standing position, kneeling, from the ground, or on your back or stomach. Because combat experts carry a tactical folder differently than 99% of civilians.
  • Next: The clever "weak hand slap" method to drawing your folding knife and how to install this skill deep into your muscle memory so it's 100% repeatable – even if you're surprised or caught off guard. You will be ready for anything.
  • Also: Shocking "Rapid Deployment" tricks that ensure a blazing fast draw of your tactical folder. You'll have your weapon ready to go in under a second.
  • Next: Why a tactical folding knife (like your 325S) is a far superior survival combat weapon than any fixed blade, boot knife or back knife.
  • Also: The advanced (yet simple) non-lethal tactics to instantly eliminating a threat by targeting specific slash-points around the body. This is perfect for when you want to end a threat without ending his life.
  • You'll also learn crucial "Use Of Force" tips that can keep you out of trouble.
  • Also: What you MUST do immediately when threatened and forced to draw your knife. (Doing this one thing gives you a huge advantage, even against an armed opponent.)
  • Next: "Positioning" secrets that buy you precious time to end the fight on YOUR terms. Critical stuff that puts you in control.
  • Next: The strange little "blind spot" unique to all humans and a sneaky "unfair" trick that takes full advantage of this weird loophole. (Little known knowledge that instantly puts you ahead of the game.)
  • Also: How keeping yourself positioned at 45-degree angles will make your opponent nervous, guessing, unable to attack, and reacting to YOU. (This is another little known trick that has you running the show and makes him a puppet on your string.)
  • Next: How to control his left side. This is something NO martial arts teaches, yet is the key to setting him up for a devastating counter attack.
  • Also: Why depending on a "numbered" cutting and slashing system (common in martial arts dojos) is actually foolish. You'll discover natural quick-blade angling maneuvers that actually WORK in an instant on the mean streets –-- with no thinking or memorizing required.
  • You'll also discover a non-lethal "blunt force" method that uses your tactical folder to deliver blinding pain while you gain his instant undivided attention with minimum damage. Gives you the option to put him down fast without killing him.
  • Also, you'll learn a quick, easy and bloody eyebrow-slash that'll let him know you're deadly serious – without hurting him too bad. This one usually freaks him out and strips away any willingness to continue the fight.

And a lot more. Like how to deal with an armed opponent. You'll learn:

  • The astonishing secret called "Defanging The Snake" that will place you above all but the most-skilled 1% of street fighters out there! (Actually, less than that - not one street fighter in a thousand knows this secret...and that gives you a 1000-to-1 advantage when coming up against an armed assailant!)
  • Also, discover exactly how to use your knife against someone armed with a stick, a length of pipe or a baseball bat. Critical stuff you'll need to know if you're ever caught in the street against gang bangers.
  • Next: How to "blur-out" a weapon used against you so you can easily focus on the target you want... without getting "stung"!
  • Also: Why the stupid "standard" martial art advice about knife fighting will get you seriously injured or killed... and the only true way to counter and win a knife attack!
  • Next: Why learning to block a weapon is a silly waste of your time and energy... even though most martial artists spend up to half their time practicing this nonsense! (There are incredibly better and more effective ways... once you know the secrets!)

You'll also learn brutal killing secrets – for when your life is on the line and there's simply no other way out.

This definitely is NOT Hollywood... and it sure ain't pretty! These are lethal and filthy moves for dealing with thugs determined to hurt, humiliate and kill you or your family – whether that's in your home – or at your campsite, or in some remote place where there's no help in sight and you're on your own.

God forbid that ever happens to you. But if it does, then learning this instruction will prove to be the smartest thing you've ever done for yourself and your family.

You'll learn things like...

  • The secrets to creating much more maximum vicious damage with your blade – including Special Forces "tearing" and "goring" techniques that inflict more wicked devastation than simple slashing.
  • Next: Exactly how to thrust a knife to make 100% sure you stab through the ribcage and into the heart without hitting bone. This is an old military secret that still works to eliminate a threat fast.
  • Also, you'll learn a "hot-spot" map showing which 11 areas on the human body -- including specific tendons and arteries -- can be quick and deadly targets during lethal knife combat. You'll now know how to end a fight before it even begins.
  • Next: Why cutting his jugular vein will NOT produce a quick kill and in fact may actually leave you vulnerable. You'll learn much more effective way to "dispatch" him quickly and quietly.
  • Next: Three quick and easy slash targets that'll quickly "bleed out" a highly combative opponent while you're able to simply stand back and disengage from the fight.
  • Also: A nasty "stab, twist, and rip" technique to disembowel him in less than a second. Very brutal, but a highly effective way to quickly eliminate multiple attackers!
  • Next: Learn how a body's natural "suction" can create a vice-like clamp on your knife after you stab him, (which will almost certainly strip the weapon from your grasp). I'll show you a simple trick to ensure this NEVER happens to you.
  • Also, the very wicked "vertical slash" that uses your own body weight to open him up like a tuna and the lethal "throat thrust" -- moves used for when you're working fast and must end a threat in less than a second.
  • Next, the instant death trick that works by quickly maneuvering your blade up and under his sternum. Ugly move, but this technique drops him… fast.
  • Also, a tried and true "straight thrust and tear" move that eviscerates him in the blink of an eye. This is an old U.S. Marine technique that's still used in combat today… because it works.

And it goes on and on. I could talk for another hour here, but I won't. This is about as brutal and vicious as fighting gets -- but when you're life is on the line and you don't have time to screw around, these moves will instantly make YOU the guy in charge.

These are the exact skills used by street cops and front-line Marines and "deep" Spec Op agents... men who know that the most common weapon they'll go up against is the knife!

This is truly amazing know-how...something every man who wants the best self-defense skills in the world would give an arm to learn.

And it's yours for free. No strings attached.

So here's the deal I've arranged for you: Just click on the "Yes, give me my free stuff" button and I will rush you:

  • First, the "TRS 325S Tactical Survival Knife" I've set aside for you...
  • And second, your private "Fast Blade" DVD package that I've just described to you.

I plan to sell this exact package later on for at least $110. Maybe more.

The professionals who will train you normally get thousands of dollars for private training, and students all over the world would lay down hundreds of dollars just to see a peek of this.

But I will now send you this "Fast Blade" DVD package -- along with your 325S Survival Knife -- for FREE.

The only thing I ask is that you pay for the shipping and handling. Just $9.95.

That's it. There's nothing to worry about. You're not joining a club or signing up for a membership. There will never be any sort of sneaky reoccurring charges, or anything like that.

The $9.95 is a one-time fee that covers your shipping and handling only. That's all it is. The way I figure it, anyone who's not willing to at least pay for the shipping and handling probably isn't that interested in this anyway.

But you don't even risk a penny of that $9.95. Because if you aren't 100% thrilled and convinced you stumbled onto the deal of a lifetime, just call my office and I will refund your shipping and handling charge – and you can still KEEP the DVD package and the 325S knife for free.

It doesn't get any better than that.

So, how can I afford to do this?

Well, my business partners think I'm nuts. Until I reminded them that this offer is NOT available to the general public.

No way. I've done my homework. You and a handful of others are on a very special hotlist of select guys that I trust completely. It means you have access to one heck of a deal that others do not.

I couldn't pull this off without my deep contacts in the "industry" and years of rubbing shoulders with the most dangerous men in the world.

There isn't another place anywhere you could get this kind of opportunity. Nowhere. Amazing expert instruction plus a knife -- all yours for free.

It is ONLY because you're on this particular "hot list" that you even know about this offer - no one else in the civilian population will ever hear about it.

I'm hoping that once you see how good this is, you'll check out one of my many other self-defense products. Or at least spread the word about how fairly and generously you've been treated here.

But, like I said, you have to act right now. I've only contracted for a small number of "325S" knives (177 of them, to be exact)... and my partners will not allow me to "expose" TRS and FightFast to this kind of financial risk for longer than a few more days.

So you must act now. You can use your credit card for the shipping and handling fee.

You have a knife and a DVD package waiting for you here. But if you don't order right away, or if you wait around too long, your knife and DVD package will be given away for free to someone else or later sold to the general public for upwards of $110.

Don't miss out on this. I've informed the staff that we've contacted the hotlist you're on – so they're waiting for your order.

For a safer life..

Bob Pierce
Bob Pierce
Head Honcho, TRS/FightFAst

But before I go, allow me to do a quick recap of everything you'll get when you click on the "Yes, send me my free stuff now" button.

First -- you'll receive that wicked little TRS 325S Tactical Folding Survival Knife. It's worth at least $50, but for today it's yours FREE.

Second -- you'll get that 1-1/2 hours of Special Forces knife instruction, also FREE, where you'll learn the shocking facts, in all their grisly detail, about REAL knife fighting. Tips that will get you up to speed fast and could save your life.

The only thing I ask is that you pay the $9.95 shipping and handling to get this off to you, today. That's more than reasonable.

But I'll even return your $9.95 if you're not happy -- and you can still keep the knife and the "Fast Blade" DVD instruction. We've been here for nearly 25 years, and plan to be around for another 50. So we'll be around no matter what.

But this offer won't last.

You gotta admit I'm taking some big chances here, but it's worth it to get this vital material into the hands of good citizens like yourself.

There are only 177 free packages to go around. If you wait, even a single day, you'll almost certainly miss out. So do this now.