• "...Tactically Efficient"

    "Retired Army and Law Enforcement. The EDC 5N1 has become my new Every Day Carry. Before, I had to carry a Knife, Fire Rod and a Flashlight separately. I now have them all in one. The knife is sharp and tactically efficient. I have always carried a good Tactical Knife throughout the Army and in Law Enforcement."

    S. Flowers

  • "...That Blade Cut That Belt Like Butter"

    "This knife is handy. I was working on my riding mower and had to get a belt off, man that blade cut that belt like butter,and it is still sharp as a razor, I love it. Thank you!"

    J. Prince

  • "Very Sharp Out Of The Box..."

    "The knife was more than advertised. Very sharp out of the box, nice balance, feels good in hand and really like the magnetic flashlight."


  • "Very Ingenious..."

    "Love this new 5n1 knife! I especially like the LED light that can be used in the knife or taken out of the knife and attached to the anything that is metal. Very ingenious to have all these uses in one compact folding knife. It is now the knife I carry with me everywhere I go!"

    R. Mahaney

  • "...This Tactical Knife Is Just Fantastic!"

    "Thank you Bob...this tactical knife is just fantastic! I keep it hiking and in my car for the security benefits it offers....great looks! Bob I tell you I Love it! All the best to you and the team!"

    G. Gravel

  • "Great For Every Day Carry"

    "What a fantastic knife! Great for every day carry. As a delivery guy much of my day is spent in the dark, having the light integrated is very handy...

    M. Ludlum

  • "Good Value"

    "I love the flashlight and the fero rod really works great. The blade is very sharp. Good Value."

    E. Noce

Please turn your speakers on now to hear this audio presentation.

Please Allow Me To
Rush You This Wicked

"Five-Gadget" Survival Knife

...For Free!

Amazing TRS 5N1 EDC Tactical Knife
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As Seen On: American Handgunner, Black Belt Magazine, Guns & Ammo, Men's Fitness, Men's Journal, Muscle & Fitness

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Accredited Member of: NRA Business Alliances, BBB, Authorize.Net

Please Allow Me To Rush You This Wicked

"Five-Gadget" Survival Knife

...For Free!

Hit the 'yes' button now. We'll take it from there and get this to you fast.
It's Worth $65!
But Just Say The Word And It's Yours
-- For Nothing!
It's An Astonishing Give-Away Available ONLY To Select "Hotlist" Members Like You.
Supplies Are Extremely Limited.
So Please Listen Carefully!

Dear Hotlist Member:

If you love getting free stuff that's not only useful for survival situations, but also practical for everyday use, then...

I'm About To
Blow Your Mind.

Because I've got a survival knife that's loaded with a boatload of cool and practical features that I will now send you...


You're gonna love this.

It's NOT a bulky leatherman-type gizmo crammed with forks and scissors and stuff that you'll rarely use.


This 5N1 EDC Tactical Survival Knife has just 5 of your most essential survival tools so neatly arranged and engineered it can be easily and comfortably...

Tucked Into Your Pants
Just Like A Pocket Knife.

But of course it's a lot more than just a pocket knife.

And best of all, it's yours for no-cost. A gift from me to you and a handful of others lucky members on this exclusive hotlist.

Hi it's Jimbo over here at FightFast, on behalf of my business partner Bob Pierce and the rest of the crew.

For 30 years now we've been providing ordinary civilians like you the simple secrets to extraordinary personal protection and survival.

Equipment and knowledge that's simple... high quality... easy to use... and devastatingly effective.

This amazing 5N1 EDC Tactical Knife is just one more example.

Our engineering and design team -- guys who have worked side-by-side with SEAL Team Six Members, DELTA Force Operatives, Green Berets, Paramilitary Contractors, and Alaskan Wilderness survival experts -- have sweated over this for more than 2 years.

And now it's here. We couldn't be more thrilled.

Let's Take A Closer Look
At This Beauty...

FIRST is the knife. This is important, because like so many of our U.S. Special Forces friends and instructors have pointed out, in the field, a knife is by far your most important tool.

So we wanted to make sure we got this right.

The blade itself is a mean looking 3-¼ inch clip-point design made from 7Cr17MoV steel.

If you don't know steel, no problem. Most guys don't. But we do.

This particular steel is a super-tough high-quality corrosion-resistant stainless-steel that can be sharpened to a razor's edge, and then hold that edge for a long-long time.

It's also very durable.

Most pocket knives don't use anything near this kind of quality steel. But this knife is intended for your survival. We know...

Your Life Could
Depend On It.

So we made sure you had a blade that wouldn't go dull or snap on you just when you needed it most.

There's also a serrated edge for cutting through more stubborn materials, like a thick rope. Or bone.

The blade is covered in black Titanium CarboNitride. This is not a paint. It's permanent. A high-tech, low-friction coating that not only protects the blade, but actually makes it easier to glide through a cut. Like going through warm butter.

This coating is expensive and...

Typically Reserved
Cutting Equipment.

But we included it here because it'll make your blade harder, more durable and efficient, which is why this will probably be the last knife you ever own.

The SECOND Gadget in this awesome tool is a built-in super reliable, LED flashlight that's shockingly bright. Turns on and off with a simple twist. Water and shock resistant too.

The light is held inside a sleeve with a strong magnet, so it won't fall out.

But with a slight tug, the unit easily detaches so it can be used independently.

Has a magnet on the end so you can stick it to a piece of metal to have a hands free lamp or even just hold it behind your ear if you want.

Very bright. Very handy.

Gadget number three is a fire-starter: This will help you in a pinch.

Because personally, I keep five lighters tucked away in my bug-out bag just to be sure I'm not left rubbing sticks together when crunch time hits. Your most important survival tool may be a knife, but...

The Second Most Important Tool
Is A Fire-Starter.

That's survival 101.

So it should be comforting to know that you'll have the two most important survival items together in one compact tool!

The ferrocerium metal rod produces a blazing hot 5,400 degrees spark so you can quickly ignite a fire without a lighter or matches.

The metal on this rod is actually somewhat soft, so you can use the knife blade to scrape off a small pile, then ignite it with a spark using the rod and the serrated edge of the knife.

It's just plain shocking how hot and fast...

This Hyper-Oxygenated
Metal Burns

...Even When Wet.

Which is why it works so well.

I mean, with all due respect you can rub sticks together if you want. But in less than a minute I got a decent fire going using nothing more this 5N1 EDC Tactical Survival Knife.

There's peace of mind knowing you'll have this capability in your hip pocket at all times.

Okay... Gadget Four is a glass breaker.

This is important for two reasons. First, it's an easy way to shatter tempered safety glass and get yourself and your loved ones out of an auto that's burning or submerged.

But it also doubles as a very effective self defense tool.

A little love tap with this baby and your opponent will suddenly realize...

You're Deadly Serious
Defending Yourself.

Gets bigger dudes to back off and think twice about messing with you without you having to resort to lethal force.

Gadget Five is the built-in belt slicer. A lot of belt slicers simply don't cut the mustard. This one does.

Perfect for diagonal lateral slicing, like you'd want for a seatbelt. But it can also easily slice through a length of cord.

My shipping team loves this because they've now got an easy way to slice through thick packing cord without resorting to a box cutter or having to constantly open and close a knife.

This is perfect for camping, fishing, projects around the home, at work, or heaven forbid...

In A Desperate
Survival Situation.

There's all kinds of other cool features too.

The handle is made out of a light weight steel, so it'll last forever...

...the thumb stud allows you to have the business end of this knife out and ready in a blink...

...the beefy clip is extra tough and makes this easy to carry...

...the fast-open, fast-close tough-as-nails, never-fail liner lock holds the blade securely in place even during heavy-duty cutting...

...and on and on.

I could yack for another couple days about this, but I won't since you can prove it all to yourself simply by getting your own...

Right Here, Right Now...

But hold on... there's more.

I will also include a very cool bonus. It's a DVD package called "Fire Starter Secrets".

This will come in handy just in case a number of things go wrong and you find yourself stranded without matches, without a lighter, without your 5N1 EDC Tactical Knife.

Look... the military guys I deal with on a daily basis have an old saying: "One is none. Two is one." Basically it means you should have prepared multiple options to accomplish the same task.

That's what the Fire Starter Secrets DVD package is all about. It's your Plan C, just in case.

Your instructor, the guy who teaches you these priceless skills, is one of the most respected survival experts in the field.

He'll show you the secrets that he and other top Search and Rescue experts actually use in the wild.

Hardcore Stuff That Can
Save Your Life.

His name is Bruce Beck, and he's notorious among survival enthusiasts... because he grew up learning how to live off the land — from scratch — with on-the-fly advice from his dad, who was a survival trainer for the U.S. Marines.

This guy is so good you could drop him buck-naked in the snow covered mountains of Alaska and he'd emerge a few months later...

Ten Pounds Heavier
And Covered In
Animal Skins.

Here's just a small taste of what he'll teach you:

  • First is the crucial set-up steps you gotta know before even attempting to start a fire in a survival situation. What you'll discover is simple, but it's not common sense. And it's here that most guys screw up. And if you're wet and cold and need to get a fire going fast, not knowing this could cost you your life.
  • Also, you'll learn some very simple and common homemade "accelerants". Most of these you wouldn't even suspect. Like Carmex or common lip protection or even hand sanitizers. There's also multiple kinds of natural fire starters like the common waterweed and cattails and more. Most of these accelerates will surprise you and all are very effective at transforming a simple spark into a roaring fire.
  • Another thing, and this cool. How to get gunpowder out of any ammunition. Beck shows you a couple ways, including a simple house-key method. The good news is that it doesn't take much gunpowder to start a hot blaze. And the shells that can make an extremely loud whistle if need be. You gotta see this.
  • Also discover the simple trick to using your knife and a common chunk of quartz -- rock that can be found almost anywhere -- to produce sparks hot enough to start a fire.
  • Another thing. Learn how to expertly channel even a slight breeze across your fire to help feed additional oxygen into it and bring it to life. It's this kind of trick that's the difference between a warm fire and a sputtering flame that's always threatening to go out.
  • You'll also see a vital demonstration on how to create a Bow Drill using two sticks and a shoelace. Frankly, most guys just can't make a Bow Drill work, but Beck gives you his own secret formula so you can have success right out of the gate. There are easier ways to start a fire, but in a pinch, Beck's method really works.

There's a lot more too.

Like what kinds of natural materials burn without smoke. Perfect for when...

You Don't Want To Give
Away Your Location...

...How an old discarded cigarette can be solid gold. Beck shows you a simple method to reigniting the tobacco to instantly provide you with a steady spark...

...What you must consider about the location of your survival fire, including wind direction and crucial heat reflection tricks...

...Why not paying attention to tree roots can accidentally reveal your position to others in a big way...

...How to pulverize wet brush or leaves to make them instantly flammable... how to create heat dissipation veins from common rocks to keep you toasty throughout an entire night...

And Tons More.

This DVD package may be only about a half hour long, but it's jammed with vital information that could someday save your life.

It's worth $49, but I'll include it for free, right along with your free 5N1 EDC Tactical Survival knife.

If you're anything like me, a guy who believes that someday, somehow the world as we know it today will go sideways. And that you may be forced to survive on nothing more than your wits, knowledge and gadgets you've prepared ahead of time, then this 5N1 Tactical Blade and the ancient wisdom you'll gain from the DVD package are a...

Perfect Addition To
Your Survival Arsenal.

Here's how you can get in on this amazing deal now:

Just click on the button below. The one that reads: "Yes, I Want My 5N1 EDC Knife Now".

Do that right away.

The 5N1 knife and the Fire Secrets DVD package -- a combined value of $114...

Are Both Yours For No Cost.

The only thing I ask is that you at least cover the shipping and handling to get this to your own door.

Just $14.95. That's it.

You're not signing up for a newsletter. Or joining a club. Or anything like that. There will never be any sneaky recurring charges. This is a one-time shipping and handling fee only. That's it.

And, if you're not happy for any reason, you can even get that very reasonable shipping and handling fee refunded to you.

Here's how that works.

Just get this amazing knife into your hands. Once you got it, go ahead and use it. Abuse it. Take it camping. Fishing. Drop it in mud and water. Skin a grizzly with it. Kick it around. Beat it up.

Do that for...


If by the end of that twelve months, or at anytime in between, you're not 100% thrilled for any reason, even NO reason...

...if your pals aren't bubbling over with jealousy that you're a hotlist member and they're not...

...or if you feel you haven't got the deal of a lifetime and that this is not the coolest pocket knife you've ever owned in your life...

...then just contact my office at support@fightfast.com and demand that every penny of your shipping and handling be returned...

But KEEP The 5N1 EDC
Tactical Survival Knife
The Fire Secrets DVD
As My Gifts To You!

I even promise to refund your money within 1 business day.

So as you see, this really IS a free offer. A very generous one too. Wouldn't you agree?

You're probably scratching your head right now wondering how I can afford to do this.

Well, frankly...

The Answer Is
I can't!

At least not to the general public.

Which is why this is ONLY available to this special hotlist.

I'm not kidding about that. If you didn't personally receive an invite to this killer offer, like if you got here through your buddy's email or something, then I'm sorry, you can't get in on this.

Again, this is for members of this special hotlist only.

But even hotlist members...

Must Act Now.

Because we've only created 1,000 of these free packages to go around.

That may sound like a lot, but this message is going out to over 10,000 people like you.

Which means you can't wait around thinking about this. Your free stuff could be gone today, tomorrow, maybe next week. Honestly, I don't know exactly when.

But for pete's sake, I'm giving away a $114 worth of some very cool stuff, for free. So...

I Expect All 1,000 Packages
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My one hope is that once you see how fairly and generously you've been treated here, you'll consider purchasing one of my other products.

There's no obligation. You are not required to buy anything else. You can simply get the 5N1 EDC Tactical Knife and your Fire Starter DVD that I've set aside for you and just walk away.

That's your option. My accountant thinks I'm nuts and...

Insists We'll Be Ripped Off.

But I don't think so. We know the character of the folks who are on this list. My business partners and I are willing to stick our necks out a little for you guys.

But you must take advantage of this now!

You don't have to tuck it away in your bugout bag waiting for that rainy day to come either.

Nope. In fact, I'm betting...

This Will Become
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The one you carry with you everyday. And it'll last you a lifetime.

This is Jimbo, on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the FightFast crew, signing off.

But before I go, allow me to do a quick recap of what you'll receive when you hit the "Yes" button now.

First, you'll get the 5N1 EDC Tactical Knife. 5 essential survival gadgets including a knife, flashlight, firestarter, glass breaker and cord cutter all in one neat package the size of a standard pocket knife.

You can't find this anywhere else. Only here.

It's worth $65, but today...

This 5N1 Knife
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I ask only for a one time shipping and handling fee of just $14.95 to get this to your door.

Second, you'll get that awesome Fire Starter DVD package. Dozens of tricks and tips to starting and maintaining a fire from almost nothing, just in case everything goes wrong and you're left with only your wits and knowledge to survive.

This Amazing DVD Package
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Third, you get a full ONE YEAR guarantee.

If you're not happy for any reason, even NO reason, just email my office and get a full refund of your shipping and handling, but keep the 5N1 Knife and the Fire Starter DVD package anyway. My gifts to you.

You gotta admit...

That's Pretty Generous

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