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Official "Black Ops" One-Stroke Killing Skills Revealed For The First Time...

How To Kill Anyone
With Your Bare Hands
In Two Seconds!

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Worked with Army Rangers

Dear Friend:

If you've got the guts to learn it, then I've got the guts to send you a mega-secret Black-Ops killing video in the dark art of how to kill... quickly and quietly with your bare hands and improvised weapons!

No other Martial Artist has dared to reveal this kind of information.

Other Martial Artists will go right to the edge with eye gouges, shattered limbs and even broken necks... but they go weak in the knees when it comes to teaching the killing arts.

Most fighters don't know this stuff.

Unless you have endured the most savage training in the world and put your ass on the line in real combat and actually felt the life slip out of your opponents body as you finish the fight... then you don't know shit about real fighting.

There's no holds in this... no submissions... no grappling... just instant death moves.

The ones learned and used only by the most elite combat "spec-op" soldiers... until now!

We're talking about cracking the skull in two pieces... gouging the eye sockets to the brain... severing the spinal cord... pulling out the carotid artery with a wine bottle corkscrew... and worse.

Single move techniques that kill in a blink.

You can take out three guys in under a second without breaking a sweat, and be on your way out before they hit the ground.


This is ugly stuff. And you're getting this letter only because I called in a special favor with FightFast.

So who am I?

Well, frankly I'm not going to tell you. This material is simply that controversial. It's why I'm not showing you my face. And why I'm disguising my voice.

But I will tell you that I'm a former combat soldier who trained with and fought alongside the U.S. Army Rangers.

I'm also the guy who convinced FightFast and TRS to produce this DVD package using a Black Operative that I'd found.

But FightFast took one look and dumped the project.

They claimed the material was too "over-the-top-lethal", rather than falling under their typical label of "self defense".

I yelled bullshit from across the room and told them straight out... that people deserve to know what really goes on in the brutal world of close quarters combat.

FightFast remained unconvinced... using phrases like "getting in too deep"... so I got them to compromise.

The letter you're reading is just for you.

Due only to the many favors that I have done for FightFast, they agreed to allow me to write you explaining the availability of this revealing video.

That conversation took place yesterday. I wanted you to know about this before they change their minds.

Listen, some people just won't accept that there is a whole underground of covert or "black" operatives moving around the globe.

Usually, you never know that they exist – and they want it that way – but when the government wants some dirty work done... well let's just say this... they take out the trash very efficiently.

The guy behind this revealing How To Kill Black-Op DVD package is a former elite covert operative who has personally killed more men than most modern regiments of US soldiers.

I will not reveal his name here for obvious reasons.

This Mr. "X" revealed his killing secrets here for the money... and I respect that. He doesn't give a shit about legalities, moralities or ethics.

He needs the cash.

I'm releasing this from an entirely different standpoint. I did 2 front-line tours in Vietnam. I killed and risked my life for every mother and son back here in the U.S.

I've earned the right to enjoy the freedom and liberty afforded me under the constitution.

According to my deal with FightFast, there are only a few people in the U.S. they're willing to show this letter to. (You're on something called their "hot list".)

I can't offer this DVD through any other source – it's too hot for a magazine ad, or to make available to the general public anyway.

I'm trusting you to handle this powerful "high risk" information with the respect it deserves.

Because we're all taking a lot of risks, there are ZERO plans to send out any further notice regarding the existence of this material.

The letter you now read will probably be the only notice you will ever receive about this.

You can't get this material anywhere else.

Unless of course you care to join the military, wait 10 years for a shot at joining the Black Ops (they only take the best)... go through the worst year of your life surviving your training...

...and then go try your luck at international espionage, assassination, kill-everyone assaults against heavily armed opponents... and smuggling of drugs, body parts, weapons and surrounding yourself with the most dangerous men on the planet.

The rare chance to even see these techniques is priceless.

Mr. "X" thought we should price the tape at $499 at least. But that's bullshit. I don't want to gouge anyone on price.

Therefore, because I'm calling the shots here, you can see this tape for just $69. AND, you get a lifetime guarantee, backed by FightFast.

Click on the "Yes" button below.

Order it, and if you don't like what you see, return it and get your money back. No hassles.

When you get this, you'll want to take a look as soon as possible. It's the most shocking how-to-kill-with-your-bare-hands information you will ever see.

But I don't care when you look at it.

Because if at any time you look at it and you are convinced it's not what I say then send it back for a full refund of your purchase price.

I've seen the DVD... I know this guy... I know the killing arts. This is the real thing.

Regardless, if you decide for any reason that you want your money back... it scares you too much... or it's something you decide you can't allow in your house...

I'm handling everything here, but FightFast is still backing the package with their guarantee – because you don't know me from Adam, but FightFast has a 30-year reputation with treating customers honestly.

Any guarantee from them is gold.

Further, if you find this offensive, I will cross your name off the list and you will never be bothered again with anything like this.

Here’s what you need to do right now. Click on the "Yes" button below right now.

It's a DVD package consisting of over 135 minutes of brutally easy "official" instant-death moves.

Proven stuff, used currently by the highest "kill ratio" Black Operations soldiers anywhere.

Again, fully backed by a lifetime money back guarantee.

FightFast is handling the financial shit and the order processing and all the stuff I'm not set up to do.

Both FightFast and I have has been stopped before by "higher up" forces who don't want you to ever see this kind of secret material.

You never know what's going to happen or how long material like this will be available.

I had to twist FightFast's arm just to allow me to notify you of its existence.

If you have any interest at all, don't delay. Acting now is the only way you can ensure a chance to get your personal copy.

Don't blow this,

From a former front-line combat vet, thanks for your attention

But one more thing. And I want you to listen carefully here.

Do NOT tell anyone else about this Black Ops DVD package that I am offering.

This is only for FightFast hotlist members like you. Not your friend, not your neighbor and not your training partner.

No one else will be allowed to order.

Don't take this opportunity for granted or take it lightly.

All orders will be taken by FightFast staff, and truthfully, I'm not even telling them what they're selling.

Many of FightFast staff live modest, humble and unassuming lives and their personal spirit would be internally bothered by this material.

So hit the "Yes" button right now...

In a few days the staff won't even have this on their computers anymore.

P.P.S.: Oh, and the other bullshit thing I had to agree to was that each buyer would agree to a personal responsibility waiver.

Apparently Bob Pierce is "uncomfortable" with this material. I can't blame him.

So when you order online you automatically agree to the waiver you see below.

I know it sucks, but that was the deal I made.

Just hurry or you'll miss out.

I've put a lot of work into getting you the chance to see this.

DVD Purchase Responsibility “WAIVER”

I, the purchaser attest to the following fact and conditions in consideration of purchasing material containing information of a sensitive nature.

  1. I am at least 18 years of age. I am not a convicted felon, nor am I currently involved in any form of criminal prosecution, indictment or judicial process of any kind.
  2. I understand that the information presented within this video production is for demonstration and education purposes only. I further understand that the use, practice or further dispensation of this material could possibly result in serious injury or death. I also understand that the individuals involved in the production and distribution of this video, TRS, CQS and those demonstrating their skills, assume no responsibility for any injury or damage resulting from the execution or practice of the techniques presented. I hereby state that I shall indemnify and hold harmless all parties involved with the production, marketing and distribution of this video material and I individually accept any and all responsibility for my use of this knowledge.
  3. I am aware that I should, whenever possible, avoid any physical confrontation. In the event of a hostile or life threatening encounter I understand that I am only legally allowed to use enough force to stop the threat or remove myself from the danger, I understand that the legal definitions of what actions constitute “reasonable force” and “excessive force” may vary in each state and jurisdiction and that I am capable of contacting my local law enforcement agency for further information.