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Reload Your Own Ammo By Hand -- Saving Boatloads Of Money
While Discovering A Valuable New Skill That Few Men Really Understand...

...for FREE!

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Dear Hotlist Member:

If you want the easy, fast, simple secrets to reloading your own ammo, by hand...

...saving you boatloads of money while discovering a valuable new skill that few men really understand... then please keep listening.

Because whether you currently own a handgun, or if you're still only considering it, or even if you have no interest in guns, but just want a crucial new survival skill for your bag of tricks...

...then knowing how to reload ammunition in the comfort of your own home means not only saving serious cash on ammo, but also means having a highly respected survival skill that your buddies wish they knew.

And now, as a member of this special hotlist, and with complete regard for your privacy, I will rush you our own step-by-step "Bullets And Brass" ammo reloading DVD package -- simple, easy to learn, and everything you need to know to become an expert in the field...

...For Free!

I'm not kidding around.

It's worth $97. But just say the word, and I will rush you this astonishing package, along with two other free bonuses, as my gifts to you.

I'll tell you all about your other bonus material in just a second. It's killer info that you don't want to miss out on.

Hi, it's Jimbo over here at FightFast and TRS Survival.

For over three decades now we have been leading the self-protection and survival industries with how-to materials and equipment that's superior to anything else out there.

Our competitors don't even come close, because...

Frankly, They're Scared To Death To Put It All On The Line!

But we do it over here, everyday, to make sure good folks like you are fully prepared for when and if things so sideways.

Whether that's a confrontation with a bigger stronger man, or getting stranded in the woods and being forced to live off the land, or surviving an urban meltdown, or whatever it may be.

Keeping you prepared is what we do.

Yes, some of our material is vicious, allowing for inexperienced average guys to snap bones, or instantly knock out a bigger man.

And yes, much of our instruction shows you simple tricks and clever tactics to survive and thrive throughout even the most nightmarish survival scenario.

And yes, some of it is not only useful, but just plain fun and exciting, like lock-picking, or knife-throwing, or knowing how to navigate your way through wilderness with military precision, or, in this case...

Simple Know-How To Reload High-quality Ammunition,
By Hand, Right At Home Very Inexpensively
And Without A Lot Of Fuss.

This is crucial preparedness information that every red-blooded American should know -- whether you even own a gun or not. And like I said, it's all my gift to you.

Excited? You should be, because just knowing how to load your own ammo means...

  • Number One: Saving a lot of money. Especially if you like to shoot. We all know how expensive ammunition can be. Doing your own reloading means more cash in your pocket and being able to enjoy yourself at the range more often and for longer periods of time. More money, more practice, more fun. Doesn't get much better than that.
  • Number Two: Knowing how to reload means owning a vital survival skill. Now hear me out on this. Because even if you don't shoot right now, but like me and a lot of other people, you believe that one day things could go south in a big way, then this will prove to be a valuable ace up your sleeve.

Because during a meltdown, there will be an insane demand for three things: Food, water, and ammo. Okay... probably booze too. So four things...

Food, Water, Booze, And Ammo!

This is not something I'm making up. History has proven this over and over again. In a true meltdown -- like a civil war, or a crash of the economy or a collapse of the electrical grid or any sort of major meltdown -- these are the items that men desperately seek out.

Ammo ranks on top. Because frankly, you won't have your food, water and booze for long if you can't protect it.

Which means knowing how to reload your own ammo will suddenly make you a very popular man. You'll be the go-to guy, because so few people know this skill. It's not difficult to learn, but you cannot just figure this out on your own without this kind of special training.

  • Number Three: This provides you control over your own supply. In case you haven't noticed, the government has figured out a clever way to thwart your second amendment rights. You got it, they're controlling ammo supplies. It's already happening.

No Ammo = No Weapons!

Well... not weapons you could fire anyway.

Plus, some states, like California, have now even outlawed the online sales of manufactured ammunition. Which means you'll have to drive down to your local gun store and dish out more money because it's actually illegal to shop online for the lowest prices.

Anyone With Eyes Can See
The Government Is Taking This!

But here's the good news. You can still order everything you need to reload for yourself. The components are less expensive, widely available, and easily stored for long periods of time. Suddenly, reloading makes a lot more sense.

  • Number Four: Owning this know-how means instant respect from family and friends. They'll be quietly impressed you're learning yet another cool new skill while others are busy scratching their behinds watching the world go by. I mean, imagine your buddies expressions when they see you're rigged up and ready to churn out as much ammo as you guys will ever need. Even if you currently have zero plans to reload ammo, just discovering this skill puts you in a whole different class of men. The guy who's always tucking away vital skills, just in case.
  • Number Five: It's just plain fun. Especially if you get a kick out of tinkering on fascinating hobbies at your kitchen table in or in your shop. When you see how it's done, and once you develop a rhythm you're comfortable with, it's practically on autopilot. Personally I find relaxing. Just turn on some music or a talk show, settle in, and spend an hour or so creating something of tremendous value.

And again, the best part is...

We'll Show You How To Do It, Step By Step...
For Free!

The additional DVD bonus I mentioned covers the advanced fundamentals of using a handgun in actual combat.

We call it "Precision Handgun Tactics" and it's taught to you by a decorated special forces operative with lots of deadly real-world combat experience.

This I Will Also Include For Free!

Means you'll suddenly understand how to handle yourself in the most hair-raising armed engagements with a cool head, knowing precisely how to work your weapon and body just like a spec op commando.

It's worth $49, but it's yours at no cost.

As for your free "Bullets and Brass" ammo reloading DVD package, it's 3-hours long and packed with expert training that you just can't find anywhere.

Here's just a taste of what you're about to discover.

First, we walk you through everything you need to know about the reloading equipment.

We have no axe to grind, and we don't take money for our product recommendations -- which means we don't pull any punches about what you need, what you don't, and which equipment is the best value for someone just getting started.

You'll discover that reloading doesn't have to be an expensive hobby and in fact will actually save you so much money that the small upfront investment you make will easily be covered in no time.

After that...

It's Like Money In Bank!

We show you what an ammo press is and how it works. Because the process of creating ammo from basic components means you'll need a press.

We show you a Single Stage press, a Turret Press, and a Progressive press and then tell you exactly which one is best for the beginner who's interested in producing quality ammo while saving money. I'll give you hint: It's the Turret Press.

Allows for three, four or five dies that can perform multiple functions. Like removing the old primer, resizing the case, re-priming, adding the powder, seating the bullet, crimping the case and more.

Happens faster than you'd imagine too. Just a matter of inserting the dies then pulling a handle. That simple. Honestly, once you understand some key secrets and get the dies set and in place...

Reloading Is About As Difficult
As Playing A Slot Machine!

The turret press itself is inexpensive and yet can reload an impressive 200 rounds per hour.

The DVD spells it all for you, including vital tips like:

  • Why your press should have a built in priming feature. This is an inexpensive add-on that will make reloading so much quicker because its means you're never fumbling around with tiny primer pellets. Once you see it, you'll agree that this will make your life a whole lot easier.
  • You'll also learn about the dies themselves, and how to precisely set them up for the six basic reloading functions so that everything is as automated as possible. We then go a little deeper giving you insider's tricks on precisely seating a bullet... a final "crimping" process, (some say this isn't necessary, but we explain why you don't want to skip this important step)...
  • ...what brand of dies a beginner should seriously consider... why dual purpose dies can be more trouble than they're worth, (we'll show you a method that requires much less hassle)...

...and a lot more.

Everything is demonstrated on an actual press using the exact dies and processes we recommend.

It's priceless because you get all the info, then get to...

See How It All Comes Together And Works
In The Real World!

We even take the reloaded ammo down to the range and fire off a few dozen rounds just for fun.

You'll also learn about the five advanced fundamentals of reloading with complete safety. Some of it is obvious, like no smoking around the gunpowder and stuff that any sane person already understands.

But some tips aren't so obvious. Like why you should keep your powder and shells in their original containers... exactly how to label and store ammo that's already been reloaded... where to keep your secret recipe handy, and more.

This is safety info that you probably wouldn't think about yourself, but it's advanced level stuff that will provide you complete peace of mind knowing...

You Can Reload In Your Own Home Or Shop...
Without Danger!

And the ammo you create will be top quality -- as good if not better than anything manufactured in a factory.

You'll also discover the basic anatomy of the cartridge case, including the head stamp and the mouth and the varying thicknesses and the styles of brass including straight walled case, tapered case, rimmed case, bottleneck and a lot more.

We show you samples and graphics of everything, from 9mm to .45 to .380, .44 magnum and others, just to get you up to speed fast and making sure that...

You Will Become The Smartest Ammo Guy
In The Room!

Also, precisely what to look for when shopping for reloading components, including powders... what type of cartridge case metal is preferred for reloading and which ones you should forget about... why you should stick with shells that accept "boxer primers", and a lot more.

These are simple shortcuts to make your reloading experience go smooth as silk right from the start. You're never struggling to figure things out for yourself. We cut straight to the chase and...

Give You Only What You Need To Know,
Minus All The Fluff!

You'll also discover why you should clean your old handgun shells before reloading. Yes, some so-called experts insist this isn't necessary, but here's the inside scoop: Not cleaning used brass can put unnecessary wear on your handgun and reloading equipment while adding unwanted inconsistencies into your recipe.

You don't want that, especially since an inexpensive vibratory tumbler will eliminate all that trouble.

We show you which one you need. It's dirt cheap but it really works.

And again, since we refuse to take money for any product recommendations you can 100% trust that...

We're Always Giving You Straight-Shooting
That You Can Totally Rely On!

We created this DVD package with one thing in mind: Your best interest, period.

You'll also learn how to design and record the perfect "recipe" for your loads. This is how you build out a simple spec sheet that allows you to recreate -- in an instant -- a precise and repeatable loading process for a particular type of ammo. Makes everything fast and simple.

Another thing you'll learn is how to spot damaged brass. Most of it will be perfectly fine to use, but you'll learn to quickly diagnose which shells should be rejected from the start, before ever being run through your reloading dies.

Saves You Time, Keeps You Safe!

We also show you simple ways to tell if you're loading rounds that are too "hot", including the bulging primer, deformed head stamps, stretch marks and other tell-tale signs that are indications you need to back it down.

No worries, we show you exactly what to look for and how to adjust. This is subtle stuff that most others guys miss, even gun enthusiasts. It's nice to know you're the expert who can spot inferior components and incorrect loads from a mile away and then correct it in an instant.

You'll also learn all about projectiles, including how to precisely match your projectile profile and load recipe... the difference between lubricated plain lead alloy, copper plated, and full metal jacketed bullets and which one is the most cost effective and safe...

...why you never want to randomly mix projectiles of various weights and lengths... why diameter is something you must pay attention to... and tons more.

We also cover everything you'll need to know about primers.

You'll learn the anatomy of an individual primer pellet -- including the 3 pronged anvil, the cup, and of course the primer ignition material itself. Don't worry, all primers are already assembled for you. But it's is a fascinating look inside the guts of your primer...

So You Know What You're Talking About
If And When You Run Into Another Expert!

Also why it's so important to label and store your primers properly. I'll give you a hint: the Small Pistol primers and the small Rifle primers look virtually identical -- but you don't want to accidentally mix these up.

Like I said, we show you how to stay safe so this can be a fun hobby from start to finish.

We also explain why -- unless you're into precision competition shooting -- it's unnecessary to clean the cartridge primer pocket during high volume reloading.

This Is A Nifty
Shortcut That
Will Save You Time And Money!

You'll also discover everything you need to know about gunpowders.

They are definitely not the same and we show you the granular shapes like spheres, discs, and flakes... how that affects burn rates... and why that's important for different types of ammo, like shotgun target shells versus a power pistol load versus a .223 rifle load and more. Fascinating stuff here.

Also, how to read the manufacturer's load data charts so you're getting the right powder for the ammo you're reloading. It is NOT complicated. Watch this just once and from now on, at a glance, you'll be able to instantly recognize different types powders and what they're designed for, making it look like...

You're A Seasoned Pro Who's Doing This
Your Whole Life!

And there's more. Like the three most important factors you must consider when purchasing a particular brand of powder. This will ensure you're getting the most for your money... the three big reasons why you should keep powder in its original container... and other vital tips and secrets that will make you an expert almost overnight.

You'll see how to de-prime and resize a spent cartridge with just one dye... the difference between a resized cartridge and one with a flared mouth for seating the bullet properly... the two different methods to loading the powder and which one is quicker and more precise... what to do if you're getting too much resistance in your decapping process... a simple "sticky bullet" trick to instantly spot a properly flared a casing... to hook up an automated powder charging system to your flaring die with very little effort... how to accurately calculate the proper load recipe and why you need this before setting your bullet depth... how to quickly switch out calibrated die-sets and be ready to reload different kinds of ammo in mere minutes...

...the secret to one-tenth-of-a-grain accuracy with your powder loads... a clever way to get your primers feeding in the right direction... why a good catch system for your spend primers is vital for squeaky clean reloading station...

...and on and on.

We Boil It Down So That It's All Crystal Clear!

This really is the most complete package you'll find anywhere -- even if you currently know nothing about ammo... heck, even if you've never fired a gun before in your life.

We don't assume you know anything about reloading and spell it out so simple that a fourth grader could follow along.

I swear, you are gonna be absolutely blown away that we're giving away all the hard-won information inside this amazing Bullets and Brass DVD package to hotlist guys like you... for free.

Truth Is, I Can't Believe I'm Doing This Myself!

It was a lot of work to take a complicated subject like ammo reloading and transform it into something so simple that any average guy could use it at home to start reloading his own ammo tomorrow.

So here's what you need to do now:

Just click on the "Yes" button below. Do that right away and I will rush you:

  • Number One: The Bullets and Brass DVD package -- FREE. An intensive yet simplified 3 hour course that will teach you how to reload your own ammo from scratch. It's worth $97, but it's yours free. If you like to shoot, this is a no-brainer. If you're interested in survival, this is valuable skill you'll want to know.
  • Number Two: You'll also receive the "Precision Handgun Tactics" DVD -- FREE. A decorated U.S. Special Forces soldier walks you through advanced handgun tactics. Even if you think you know how to handle a weapon, this will give you an incredible insiders peek from a real live combat vet who used his weapons in actual deadly firefights. This is worth $49 but it's included for free.

So you're getting nearly...

$150 Worth Of Training Here, For Free!

It's priceless really.

The only thing I ask is that you at least cover the shipping and handling to get this to your front door. Just $9.95. That's it.

There will be no additional charges. You're not joining a club. You will never be billed for anything else. This is a one-time shipping and handling fee only.

But hold on, you also get:

  • Number Three: A generous money-back guarantee on that shipping and handling fee.

Here's that works.

If you aren't absolutely delighted have a fun way to save a boatload of cash on ammo...

...if your family isn't busy bragging to everyone that you've learned yet another valuable skill...

...if your buddies aren't a little green with jealousy when they see that you're capable of cranking out ammo, wondering how you keep learning such stunningly cool stuff... fact, if you're not happy for any reason, even no reason, then I insist you email me at and demand a full refund of your shipping and handling fee but...

Keep The Bullets And Brass Dvd Package,
And The "Precision Handgun Tactics" Bonus
As My Gifts To You!

Consider it a thanks just for taking the time to check this out.

So, you see, this really IS a free offer.

Who else does that? Nobody, that's who. Just the crazy business guys over here at FightFast and TRS Survival.

We treat our customers better than anyone else, and this is by far one of the most generous giveaways in the industry.

But Hang On... There's Something More!

I'm about to make this over the top generous.

For anyone who orders now, as in right now, today, I will also include:

  • Number Four: An ammo reloading blueprint that you can use as a quick reference guide.

Believe me, you want this, because it provides you with everything you'll need to get started, including a buyer's guide with websites and companies that provide specific reloading components like shells and primers and powder, and equipment like a Turret Press and powder feeding system and dies and all the other stuff that you'll need to get started.

I want to stress again that we make zero money from our recommendations. This was a labor of love. We put in the long hours of legwork hunting down the most reliable suppliers with the lowest prices so you don't have to.

It'll Save You A Lot Of Time And Headache!

This handy guide also includes a quick reference reloading breakdown, so you have a fast and easy step by step reloading procedure right in front of you, while you reload, without the need of having to go back to the DVDs to review.

Nice to have a little reminder sheet on your workbench to keep you focused.

There's even a section on accuracy and speed. Takes only about 5 minutes to nail down, but it will dramatically increase the number of rounds you can produce in an hour.

I will include this priceless guide -- it's worth $29 -- at no additional cost in the first 177 orders.

When they're gone, I'll just remove all references to it and stop telling people about it. So the fact that you're hearing about this right now means this amazing blueprint guide is still available.

So click on the "Yes" button below.

This is Jimbo, on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the crew over here at FightFast and TRS Survival, signing off.

But before I go, I seriously urge you to hurry on this, okay?

You're getting a 3 hour breakdown of the most simple, easy to learn and effective ammo reloading secrets available anywhere. You only have to watch it once and you will know more about this subject than 99% of every other man out there.

Means you can pick up this as a hobby or survival skill whenever you choose or just watch it and tuck the skills away in the back of your mind just in case you ever need it later on.

But This Free Offer Will Not Be Around Forever!

It's over $150 worth of in-demand material that I plan to start selling next month. And that Reloading Blueprint Guide is only available to the first 177 guys who manage to get in on this incredible deal.

At this point, I'm just trying to help out some of my best hotlist customers, like you. Giving you a shot to get this for free before I launch it to the general public.

So jump on this now, while you still can.

Even if you're only curious, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Click on the Yes button now, and I'll see you inside.