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World's best fighters are going crazy over this brutal new (and perfectly legal) weapon!

"I Want To Give You A

It's "street legal", it's cool-looking, it's pro quality (worth around $80 retail!)...and it's the most vicious martial arts weapon you could ever have on your side in a no-holds-barred fight for your life! It's also, as of very recently, the first choice weapon of many elite Spec Op units, SWAT cops, and pro street fighters.
Forget knives, forget steel-toed boots, forget brass knuckles and lead pipes. This gorgeous "work of fighting art" will allow you to instantly dominate and force a larger attacker into painful submission in seconds.
It's like having another experienced fighter on your side - turning you into a "vortex of pain and fight-ending brutality" that no man can stand against. And, if you act fast...
it's yours FREE.

From: Bob Pierce
President, TRS/Fight Fast

To: Fight Fast "Hot List" Member

Have you been watching the news lately? The world is going insane. Crime and violence threaten you more than ever before.

It's time to step up your level of violence, if you are ever attacked. You can't afford to be vulnerable at any time, anywhere. Your hand-to-hand fighting skills will be worthless in 99% of the trouble you can expect to get into now.

You need a weapon to survive.

And I've got the best weapon any self-respecting martial artist could ever want, right here in my office.

I Will Send It To You FREE
If You Act Right Away!

What's this all about? It's simple. Cane fighting is not some silly fad - it's a respected and very efficient ancient art. But it's been ignored by martial artists for decades, as street fighters spent all their time learning new hand-to-hand skills, grappling, and knife work.

That means... once again... cane fighting is suddenly ripe for dominance in the world of combat. If you want to be on the absolute cutting edge of serious need to learn the brutal arts of the cane.

The advantages are legendary. Your cane is completely legal - it literally looks identical to many canes used by people who need a little help walking around. No one will give it a second thought.

And is such a brutal weapon that it is the FIRST choice of many savvy fighters and among older or smaller guys who may need a leg up over larger street thugs.

Well, the cane actually wins - over knives, over clubs, and even over a gun when the fight is in tight.

Los Angeles SWAT cops wanted to adopt the cane as their main compliance weapon, but politics forced them to use the baton instead. Yet the cops who first trained with canes still admit it's a superior weapon for dominance and forced submission in hyper-dangerous in-close situations.

Until now, there has been almost no place for a civilian to go to learn how to use the cane effectively. By this time next year, I guarantee you the magazines will be stuffed with cane fighting information.

But right's a wasteland.

So we did a little hunting around. My colleague Ray Ellingsen (the amazing talent in our best-selling "Wicked Weapons" video) made it known he has contacts in the "deep" martial arts world who were internationally-recognized experts in cane fighting.

I agreed to market any training video he created - but he had to act fast.

The result is a stunning (and very exciting) DVD package that will change your life overnight. It's called, simply, "Cane Warfare". And if you value your life, you MUST see it right away.

The men who will be training you are the best in the world. They've been closely-guarded secrets until now - known only by other "insider" world-class fighters, and professionals like cops, spec op soldiers, and "black bag" agents.

They know fighting from years of experience in combat (both street and field)... and they've dedicated their lives to teaching others.

You're going to learn this stuff FAST.

The training is intense, but actually easy the way it's taught in this video. The skills you pick up just watching the DVD's will change the way you approach any fighting situation forever. Just seeing this stuff will empower you.

You're going to a whole new level of dangerousness.

And...I am going to make sure you have everything - everything - you need. Because...

I Am Going To Send You A
Professional Fighting Cane...FREE!

This professional, customized cane is made out of nearly-unbreakable hardwood.

It's been "hot rodded" for easy handling and inflicting the maximum amount of damage as a weapon.

It's also been customized with a twisted shaft all the way from the base to the "fighting tip", allowing you to easily grip it with one or both hands. (You'll instantly understand why this is important when you see the DVD).

There's more, too. The end of the hook is chiseled for pain compliance take-downs. One side has been beveled into a sharp edge to work against your opponent's bone and tender tissue.

This customized "hot rodded" fighting cane would sell for up to $80, easy, in a civilian martial arts supply store. If you can find it - distribution of canes of this high quality is extremely limited (and keeps the price high).

In most parts of the country, you can't find a good customized fighting cane for any price. Don't take this offer to own one for free lightly.

Now, in your training DVD's, you will see the highest level teaching any civilian has ever witnessed. It's like being allowed behind the secret FBI Mahogany Doors in Virginia...where the most feared "black bag" operatives train to become the best and deadliest in the world.

Each of the talents - Ellingsen, Van Cook and Worden - take an entire video section to teach you everything you need to know about using your cane. (Again, you'll learn quickly with these world-class teaching methods - the basics almost instantly, and super-advanced skills in a matter of hours.

Yes, even if you don't practice! Included are submission and striking skills (which will immediately make you one of the best anywhere, since these skills are still so unknown), advanced street fighting tactics, and lethal uses. This stuff is gonna change your life.

Here's what you're about to learn:

  • How to quickly and simply move your cane to force any sized opponent to the ground instantly. (You decide on the level of pain he feels!)
  • How to use your new "reach" advantage to never get hit with a strike or a kick in a fight.
  • How to deliver a single wicked precision strike to any exposed part of his body...with enough condensed pain to bring King Kong to his knees.
  • How to deliver a controlled "Kendo" strike that generates enough power to split a bowling ball in half. This has been borrowed from the Japanese Samurai sword arts.
  • How to use disguised claw at the end of your cane's hook to rip and tear your opponent's body like a rag doll!
  • Astonishingly painful arm locks that will immobilize any attacker and drive him into the ground like a nail!
  • How to keep an attacker prone on the ground and lock him in tight with brutal, paralyzing submission restraints.
  • A devious "Scissors press" crank between the opponent's legs that takes him off-balance and right to the ground. Total surprise move he wont see coming!
  • A nasty side choke hold (enhanced with the special design of the cane) that will put an attacker to sleep within seconds!
  • How to keep anyone (of any size) from wrestling your cane away from you.
  • Temple and throat strikes that will inflict the most damage.
  • "Fish Hook" an attacker's eye sockets, ears and mouth for a painful takedown he won't quickly get up from.
  • How to defend against sticks, bats, pipes and other blunt trauma weapons with your cane.
  • How to quickly "soften up" a very aggressive, dangerous opponent. (So he's suddenly confused, hurting and very interested in getting as far away from you as possible.)
  • How to expertly use this as a lethal combat tool when your life is in danger.
  • Where the secret "soft" targets are on his body that will end the fight immediately when whacked.
  • Real-life attack scenarios where Kelly Worden demonstrates the cane's true power as a self-defense weapon.

And a ton more.

As you can see, the cane gives you an instantly overpowering weapon in any attack that will allow you to dominate a larger, meaner and more skilled man...and put him into painful submission holds that will keep you safe and him sobbing like a baby. (You also get to control the amount of damage you inflict. If you need to, you can make sure your attacker doesn't have a chance to start another fight.)

It's dynamic stuff. Like I said, cane fighting is just now coming into prominence among serious fighters. The changing world demands you know these vicious skills.

So here's the deal: This DVD package isn't a TRS production - rather, I am helping Ray Ellingsen get the word out. However, I do stand behind the quality with our full 3-month money back unconditional guarantee. I'm taking responsibility for your satisfaction.

I'll send your free fighting cane to you when you order the "Cane Warfare" DVD package. (This custom cane is worth about $80 on the open market.) The DVD package "Cane Fighting" is just $97. (Or, approximately what you would pay for two lessons in-person with these internationally-famous teachers).

Yet, in these DVD's, you get the benefits of a full 24-week training program... condensed to just under 3 hours. All the bull you'd have to wade through in a class with other people has been eliminated - this is the equivalent of the most intense, one-on-one personal training you'll ever experience.)

To get your "Cane Fighting" DVD package - and your free fighting cane - just hit the "Yes" button now.

I've only got a small stock of canes earmarked to give away free...everyone else will have to pay full retail to get one. But there's one with your name on it... I'll hold it for 24 hours, to make sure you have a chance to get it.

You can use your credit card. Order now, and I'll even cover the shipping for you too.

You don't risk a thing. Get these DVD's and examine them for 3 full months without risk. If you aren't utterly and completely convinced this training is exactly what you need to wield your new cane as an effective, devastating self-defense tool... simply send the videos back for a full refund of your purchase price.

But keep your fighting cane.

It's my gift to you, as a "dude in good standing" on my Hot List. You'll cherish this astonishing weapon for the rest of your days.

That's all there is to it.

You won't find training or instruction this good anywhere else. There are only a handful of cane-fighting experts on the planet... and most of them admit these guys here are the best of the best. You would have to go to the elite Spec Op training to get this same instruction.

That's how good it is.

This is Jimbo, signing off. But before I go, I want to remind you how urgent it is for you to hurry.

Like I said, I only have a small number of canes to give away. Again, I am covering the shipping and handling for you.

I will hold one for you for the next 24 hours... if I don't hear from you by then, I'll release it to someone else. (There's already a waiting list for these babies... but I'm holding all canes until I know my Hot List has had first chance.) Hit the "Yes" button now, while you're thinking about it.