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Dear Hotlist Member:

Do you own a stiletto?

I doubt it. Because if you're like most guys...

You probably think
they're illegal!

And you'd be right... until now.

Because today I want to announce that, because of some legal loopholes and clever design workarounds, we have just produced a custom stiletto that's perfectly legal, (at least here in the U.S.).

We call our new knife -- The Enforcer.

And today, I want you to have this wicked looking weapon...


Hi, it's Jimbo over here at FightFast and TRS Survival on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the crew. For over 3 decades now we've built a rock solid reputation for creating products that guys really want.

This new Enforcer is just one more example. And there's a couple of good reasons why you need this.

First of all, a stiletto is just plain cool.

I mean, you've probably seen James Dean waving one around in Rebel Without A Cause. Or the Jets and the Sharks sticking this to each other in West Side Story.

So Hollywood got this right...

It not only
looks badass...
it's wickedly effective!

Which brings me second point.

The stiletto has been proven as a brutal offensive weapon in actual combat. Which is why it was a favorite among the much feared and respected Devil's Brigade commando unit during World War II.

It was known as a silent killer. Stealthy. Deadly.

Yeah, this is a damn scary knife. One that sends shivers down the spine of any sane man.

Don't believe it? Well, that's why...

I want you to
prove it to yourself,
on my dime!

Here's how you're going to do that.

Get an Enforcer in your hot little hands then invite your buddies over for a beer. Tell them you've "got something special for them".

Don't let them know what you're talking about. Just keep your little secret to yourself and let their curiosity build.

When they arrive and settle in and you've got their full attention, casually draw the Enforcer smooth and quick from your pocket and then...

...flip it open.

I swear, if your pals don't jump back in terror...

...if there eyes don't bug from their head...

...if they don't scream
like little girls...

...and then laugh their heads off at their own fear...

...well... then I'll eat my hat.

Oh... and I'll also give you this awesome knife.

That's right, if you don't think this is the coolest most dangerous looking knife you've ever owned, and if your stunned pals aren't busy trying to outright steal this from you...

...then I want you to have this The Enforcer as my gift to you.

Yep, it's yours for FREE!

More on that in a bit.

For now, I only ask that you at least be careful.

The Enforcer has a razor sharp edge that can cut and slash and even whittle sticks just like a regular pocket knife. So you can...

Use it as your everyday
carry if you want!

Okay... let's take a closer look at this beauty.

First of all the folded size of the Enforcer is just over 5 inches. So it's a comfortable carry.

The beefy and extremely durable steel pocket clip holds firm while allowing for fast and easy draws.

But probably the most shocking feature is the lightning fast spring assisted open.

It rides the very edge of legal limits...

So quick, in fact, you
almost can't even see it!

Which is why some wrongly think the Enforcer is illegal. Granted, it snaps open so blazing fast and that it looks like a switchblade.

But it's not a switchblade.

It's just a wicked-fast knife that also happens to be a damn menacing weapon.

The 3.875 inch blade is forged from a 7Cr17MoV high quality stainless steel, a perfect blend for corrosion resistance and edge retention.

Your Enforcer will arrive to you razor sharp... and is very easy to keep sharp.

The open length is just over 9 inches. That's a good sized knife with a generous sized comfortable handle.

The Enforcer's thin blade and narrow spear tip is specifically designed to...

Penetrate quick
and deep through any clothing or jacket...
even a thick leather coat!

It's a wicked thrusting weapon, period. That's what makes it so terrifying. It's almost like an ice pick.

Which is why stilettos like the Enforcer have been nicknamed...

...the needle.

The handle is made from a thick and very tough black anodized aluminum that's resistant to water and chemicals and heat, so you can take it anywhere under any kind of conditions.

It will never split or crack on you.

It's very tough and...

Can take anything
you can dish out!

The handle also has got specially cut grooves to make a saber grip comfortable and safe.

Your fingers will never slip, even when wet or bloody. And the extra large dual finger guards ensure that your hand is completely protected, even during hardcore combat.

This is by far the most excellent thrusting weapon you'll even get your hands on. One that garners respect and awe from your pals. And fear from any opponent.

This is our own design. Our own engineering. So no matter what anyone may tell you, the Enforcer is legal here in the U.S.

We made sure of that.

So yeah, while it may look bad-ass, and...

Your buddies may
have to clean
their pants
your initial surprise...

...don't let the vicious appearance fool you.

This is perfectly legal in the U.S.

Here's how you can get your own stiletto Enforcer right away:

Just click on the "Yes" button below.

Do that now.

The Enforcer is a $97 knife. Check it out, that's what we're selling it for right now to the general public on Amazon. And that's a killer price for a custom stiletto of this high quality.

But as a member of this special hotlist, you won't pay $97. Nope. The price for you is nothing. Zip, zero, nada. As in no dollars at all. As in free.

Which means I'm actually losing money on this over-generous offer. This is why being a member of this special hotlist actually means something. You're always getting access to cool freebies and killer information and amazing deals that nobody else gets.

The only thing I ask is that you at least cover the shipping and handling to get this to your front door.

Just $9.95. That's it.

Don't worry, you're not joining a club or any nonsense like that. This is a one time shipping and handling fee only.

But even that small shipping and handling fee is covered by a...

100% Money Back Guarantee!

Here's how that works: When this package arrives at your door and you eagerly tear it open...

...if you don't feel like a kid on Christmas morning...

...if your buddies aren't drooling with jealousy...

...if every person who sees this elegant brute of a weapon doesn't gasp and automatically take a step back... fact if you're not 100% thrilled for any reason, even no reason, then I want you to email my company at and get all your money refunded...

But KEEP the Enforcer
as my gift to you
just for taking the time
to check this out!

That's right. Email me, get that small shipping and handling fee refunded if you so choose, and keep the Enforcer just for your troubles.

So you see, this really is a free offer. One that you simply can't get anywhere else.

Okay... everybody here at the office thinks I've lost my marbles, especially my quivering accountant. He swears people will simply rip us off.

If this offer were going to the general public I might agree. But it's not. It's only available to hotlist members like you.

And I completely trust you and your judgement.

But to soothe some ruffled feathers and jittery nerves over here and to make sure this insanely generous deal doesn't send the company into bankruptcy -- I've agreed to some strict limitations.


There are only
500 packages available
as part of this deal!

That may seem like a lot, but there are over 5000 hotlist members who've just been told about this deal.

Second: It's one free Enforcer per customer. I'm sure you understand. We want as many hotlist guys as possible to get a shot at one.

Third, there's a...

Strict time limit
of just 7 days!

If in one week there are still some of the 500 special packages left, which I seriously doubt, but if there is, this deal will be turned off anyway, and it's back to full price.

So just hurry, okay?

Because at this price and with a guarantee that allows you to keep a stiletto for free -- these 500 packages won't be around long.

So click on the "Yes" button now and let's get the coolest knife you'll ever own into your hands as quickly as possible for a price and guarantee that only the crazy guys at FightFast and TRS Survival would ever offer you.

I'll see you inside.