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Here's the Amazing True Story Of
How One FightFast Instructor
Was Dropped Into "Hot" Combat Zones To Train Navy SEALS In The "Dark Art" Of Lethal Hand-To-Hand Combat!

It's a bloody life and death tale that has to do with your own duty, as a man, to protect yourself and your loved ones.

And if you stick with me for just a few minutes, I'll allow you to get your hands on this same simple and easy to master training...

For FREE If You Choose!

It's powerful stuff.

You'll own the SAME fighting skills that transformed busy Navy SEALs -- who don't have the time to learn some overly complex martial arts -- into the world's most dangerous fighters.

Hi, it's Jimbo over here at FightFast on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the crew.

Lemme ask... have you ever heard of Paul Vunak?

Well, the most respected fighters inside the world personal combat training sure have. He's a 20-year instructor over here at FightFast and let me tell you, this guy's life has played out like an action-adventure movie.

You see, some 25 years back -- when he young, dumb, and full of... well... alcohol -- Paul and his training buddies...

Actually Went LOOKING
For Fights!

You know... he'd hang out in dangerous seedy biker bars and whistle at the girls... or wave around money he had just won in a pool game.

Cocky stuff that he knew would start trouble.

Sounds nuts, but he did it all just to "test out" his fight techniques in the real world. To see just which ones worked, and which ones didn't, in actual combat.

And of course after hundreds of brawls, and years of intensive instruction from the great Dan Insonoto, the training partner of the legendary Bruce Lee himself... Paul got pretty damn good.

In Virginia Beach people still talk about the time he beat the crap outta 5 much bigger dudes.

One guy said was like watching a Kung Fu movie from the front row.

Another time Paul and three of his Navy SEAL buddies, took on a crowd of...

17 Pissed-Off Bikers!

Tore the place up... floor to ceiling.

Well... it wasn't long before guys in suits and dark sunglasses showed up at Paul's doorstep asking a lot of questions.

No, they didn't want to arrest him. On the contrary, they heard of Paul's reputation -- and offered him a 4-year contract to train the Navy SEALS.

Days later Paul was being dropped by helicopter into live-fire combat zones to train Navy SEALS on the "job site".

Let me repeat that. He was training guys in the field who were headed straight into mortal combat against an enemy hell-bent on killing.

Here's a photo of Paul and his assistant Tom Cruse in the field with members of one SEAL Team Six.

I can't go into much more detail as it's still highly classified stuff. But I have been given the okay to show you the letter of thanks Paul received from the commander of the Navy himself.

Look... I could go on and on about Paul Vunak...

...How eventually 17 other government agencies sought Paul out to train their operatives too -- including the FBI, DEA, Army Rangers, NSA and Spec Ops SWAT teams...

...The more than 300 seminars Paul has taught with over 10,000 students under his belt...

How he's been on the cover of virtually big-name self-defense magazine in the industry...

How Black Belt Magazine officially listed him as one of the "20 Toughest Fighters On The Planet" and Men's Journal called his instruction:

"...The best for non-martial artists who want to handle real-life self-defense situations like black belts."

And on and on... and on!

Paul Vunak's credentials and skills may be nothing short of breathtaking. But it's his ability to teach that makes him so unique.

That's why the training package I've got here is so exciting for guys like us. It's called "The Enigma".

This is the most complete training Paul has ever done for regular civilians. All meat and no fluff. Paul just cuts straight to the chase and gives you only what you need to know.

He understands that, just like his Navy SEAL students, average civilians are busy people. They may know little or nothing about hand to hand fighting and simply don't have the time to learn it.

Which Is Exactly What Makes This So Powerful!

It's simple, easy to learn and devastating. And Paul and the Navy SEAL buddies have personally used it all actual real fighting.

This is what works. We know, because unlike most martial arts, this has been tested in the brutal workshop of actual combat.

Because with all due respect, MOST self-defense teachers have never been a real life and death fight before in their lives.

This is especially true in the martial arts belt factories where you waste hours, days, years and a boatload of money, jumping around on pads in some silly pajamas learning ridiculously complex moves that will never work in a real fight...

...and will probably only get you KILLED while you stand there trying to remember it all.

Paul's instruction is all based on gross motor skills that are natural and very easy to remember.

It's something you can learn today and use immediately if need be.

Because as you've probably noticed, it's getting worse out there. Criminals are more brazen and more violent than ever.

Our neighborhoods -- even in the so-called good parts of town -- are crawling with drug-freaks who'd gladly bash in your skull for a couple bucks... gangbangers willing to bust you up and humiliate you for few laughs... ex-cons out on early release looking for a girl... maybe your girl.

And that's what this is all about. Knowing some simple, easy to learn and wickedly brutal dirty tricks that have been actually tested in the real world, to end a fight in a couple seconds -- even against larger, stronger more skilled opponents.

This is the most intense, most in-depth, and most practical...

Learn It Tonight... Use It Tomorrow
Filthy-Fight Secrets!

It's vicious hand-to-hand stuff that works against the most bloodthirsty opponents imaginable.

Here's just a taste of what you're about to discover in this amazing four hour DVD package:

  • The most brutal unarmed move you can pull in a fight. It's called the "Leaping Face Ripper" and it's the equivalent of setting off a stick of dynamite in his face. You'll have some explaining to do if you use this one, but when you're life is in danger, this one move is as good as carrying around a loaded .45!
  • A quick and nasty way to send him reeling into "clinical shock". Believe me, his only thought will be to panic, break free of you, and run for his life!
  • The little-known but extremely effective "Nipple Tear" that lets him know you're 100% serious about hurting him, (it's actually a lot worse than it sounds).
  • The 4 easiest and most devastating targets to strike, (which is why Paul focuses on teaching these to women and kids). Combined with a handful of completely "natural" movements that don't require size, strength, or any "thinking", means instant results!
  • A simple and devastating move (careful... this will maim him for life) developed specifically for the worst situations you ever find yourself in. It gives you the INSTANT advantage you need...

No Matter How Big
Or Well-Trained Your Opponent May Be!

  • How to inflict sheer debilitating PAIN capable of dropping a hardened goon to his knees. He'll CRY LIKE A BABY the moment you "go to work" on him!
  • How a simple combination of THREE hardcore fighting systems can almost instantly transform you into an extremely dangerous force, (with almost NO practice). Very cool tricks that Paul's taught to Navy SEALS and agencies all over the world.
  • A highly-specialized Filipino fighting art that uses the TWO most "barbaric" weapons on your body. These weapons are SO effective, they can overcome even the most impossible odds you'll ever face in real life.
  • A VERY cool (and so easy) "Bug-out" move that uses just three simple steps to quickly wrap him up like a burrito while inflicting serious damage to his face and neck. This is sheer grisly gore... very bloody and gnarly, (which means he'll never forget messing with you).
  • The two REAL reasons why many black-belts will actually LOSE a fight,(and it’s not what you’d think). Paul explains how to quickly bypass these common mistakes...

So That You're Never... EVER...
Fighting "Fair"!

The wealth of information you're getting is astonishing. Learn it in hours, then use it immediately if need be.

Or it can all be simply recalled in a flash, even years from now, the instant trouble begins.

That's why it's so valuable to specialized military forces who don't have TIME to screw around with something that's difficult to learn and hard to remember.

But there's a LOT more...

  • Like the SIX magic tips that quickly allows you to DEFEAT a group of crazed multiple attackers in the blink of an eye.
  • A very nifty "Porcupine Shield" that uses elbows and knees to create an impenetrable "Wall of Destruction" around yourself. The best part is that there's no complex timing, silly stances, or "blocking" moves (which will only get you hurt). It's an airtight defense that...

Instantly Turns The Tables
And Puts YOU On The Offense!

  • How MMA Jujitsu fighters pass the guard -- and why that WON'T work on the street. Paul demonstrates a simple "street version" of passing the guard that combines the most vicious elements of Kina Mutai, Jujitsu, and Jeet Kune Do into one fluid (and very wicked) move. You won't see this in any MMA fight.
  • The ONE move that'll counter ANY high kick, (no matter how experienced he is). It's a simple move that will have anyone using fancy martial arts puzzled and frustrated -- while you instantly set him up for a crushing finish.
  • The most common red flags that the fight's about to begin and exactly what you MUST do (immediately) to convince your opponent that screwing with you is a BIG mistake, (this will often END the fight right there, without a scratch).
  • A simple training method that will quickly increase your hand speed, coordination and reaction time. Your opponent will look like he's fighting in slow motion (while YOU are a blur of activity).

And so much more.

There's simply no way I can cover it all here. The entire package is...

An Incredible 4 hours
Of Intensive Instruction!

Paul even covers his most LETHAL moves and improvised "street weapons". Critical information like:

  • A secret SEAL Team trick to making a throat strike truly deadly (because most big dudes can take a regular shot to the throat and survive just fine). Paul demonstrates how to do this properly... so that nobody can survive it. Very simple... very deadly.
  • A nasty "Head-Twist Knee" combo that means instant knockout and swelling of his brain. You've never seen this before because it's a move developed strictly for military guys. You can forget the hospital because...

He Just Won't Be Recovering
From This Move!

  • Every "street" weapon that is ever available in a fight, and the only correct way to use them to end the brawl immediately!
  • Why learning to block a weapon is a silly waste of your time and energy... even though most martial artists spend up to half their time practicing this nonsense! (There are incredibly better and more effective ways to conduct yourself against a blow... once you know the secrets!)

And so much more.

It's perfect if you're interested in a system that's...

Simple, FAST and Deadly!

Okay... Paul has cleaned up his act YEARS ago.

No more drinking, no more bar room brawling, none of that nonsense. He's currently devoted much of his life to helping disabled kids through his "Adapt To Life" program.

But the system that Paul built and perfected through years of brutal violence...

Is Now At Its Zenith!

If it works like crazy for U.S. Special Forces headed into lethal combat against an enemy hell bent on killing, then it'll certainly work for you too.

Here's how you can get your hands on this right now:

Get your credit card ready and click on the "Yes" button below.

FightFast has been working with Paul over 20 years now. We've been around for over 30 years. There's a reason for that. We're the most trusted name in the industry known for producing the best quality instructional material in the industry.

It's why Special Forces and cops and professionals and average civilians who want some simple secrets come to us.

The price for this "Engima" Self Preservation package is normally $200. But hold on... as a hotlist member, you get treated better than everyone else.

So you don't pay $200.

Or $150.

Or even $100.

Nope, the price for you is just $69.

That's an AMAZING price considering how quickly this will transform you into a mega dangerous fighter... a deal ONLY available to my "Hotlist".

But you don't risk a dime of that purchase price, because everything is backed up with an iron-clad...

ONE YEAR guarantee.

That gives you plenty of time. Watch it... learn it at your own pace. If you decide over the next 12 months that you don't like it, you don't have to keep it. Simple as that.

That means you'll be able to see all these secrets...

Absolutely FREE
If You Want!

So click on the yes button now.

Your package will be rushed out to you immediately.

But hold on... there's something MORE for you.

It's another DVD called "Deadly Arts" Self Perfection. This is super-advanced level stuff that digs deep into the most effective and brutal of the martial arts as chosen by Bruce Lee, Dan Inosanto, and Paul Vunak.

You'll discover:

  • Inside and outside Gunting (Parrying moves) that add lightning speed to all your movements.
  • How to control your opponent's body with very little effort using just TWO focused "shoves" from the South China art of Tai-Chi.
  • The Savate method, (that's French), of foot fighting. Very effective way of "flicking" the leg. Looks innocent enough, but delivers a massive blows.
  • Two techniques from the Filipino art of Dumog that will dramatically move your opponent with only slight pressure.
  • How to "box" with your elbows (very wicked) utilizing the art of Filipino Panantukan.
  • Front and rear elbow destructions that allow you to be untouchable.
  • How to master the Jeet Tek low kick, (one of Bruce Lee's favorite moves).
  • A nifty shuffle kick that takes advantage of a target MOST fighters leave wide open.
  • The 7 Thailand Locking maneuvers (used for when you don't want to kill)... and a lot, lot more!

Like the six wildly effective Chinese Wing Chun moves... nasty foot sweeps (for instant take-downs)... very brutal Kali fight tactics... and more.

Granted, the material on this bonus DVD isn't as quick to learn as the "Enigma" Self Preservation... because it's super advanced. But if you're willing to spend just a little time training it, you'll get "world-class" good.

This training is worth $97 all on its own. Which is a lot less than you'd personally pay Paul for the same instruction.

But as part of this deal you'll receive this DVD package...


It's yours to keep, even if you return the rest of the package for a full refund.

Okay... one thing...

There Is A "Catch".

Paul didn't want us to flood the market with his most treasured advanced material. So FightFast has agreed to make up just 188 of these free packages. That's not a lot to go around.

As a "hotlist" member, FightFast will hold yours for 7 days. After that, I'll assume that you're not interested and email the hotlist guys below you.

I doubt it'll ever get that far. My gut tells me these 188 packages will be gone in 48 hours.

So hit the "Yes" button below and jump on this while you can.

This is Jimbo, signing off. But before I go, allow me to do a fast recap of everything you’ll get when you order right now.

Hit the yes button and I will rush you...

  1. The "Enigma" Self Preservation DVD package. This is the quick, easy and deadly fight stuff that Paul has been teaching to the U.S. Special Forces and Government agents.
  2. You'll receive a huge slash off the regular $200 price tag that everyone else is paying. For FightFast "hotlist" members the price is just $69.
  3. A ONE YEAR guarantee. This makes it all RISK FREE in case you change your mind or aren't happy for ANY reason...
  4. The "Deadly Arts" FREE bonus DVD package, yours to KEEP even if you return everything else for a fast refund.

This a VERY good offer, my friend. But again, Paul asked that I limit the number of Deadly Arts bonuses to 188. He also asked that I make something very clear to you.

You MUST be careful when training with a partner. Rookies especially. Because if you're not careful...

You CAN Kill Your
Training Partner!

I'm not kidding around.

Use the same care as if you were training with a loaded gun. Total respect. Please... no screwing around.

Remember there are only 188 "hotlist" packages to go around and only 7 days to order before your package and your free stuff is passed to the hotlist guy below you.

So do this now. There's NO RISK and the bonus material is yours to keep, FREE!

Here's What People Who KNOW Are Saying:

"I have personally trained with Paul Vunak... I have found his techniques to be among the best in the world. Due to the ever increasing need of highly trained Marines deployed throughout the world as part of the Global War on Terrorism... Mr. Vunak's system has complemented the training I have given to my Marines. I highly recommend Mr. Paul Vunak to anyone who has the desire to elevate their personal safety and the safety of their loved ones."

-- Sergeant Luna, D.A.
United States Marine Corps.

"Your training concepts were easy to learn and are the most practical self defense program that I have every participated in. Paul, thank you... for your knowledge and fortitude."

--Rudolph D. Smith, III
Special Agent
Washington, D.C.

"We extend our gratitude for the training you provided. The skills you taught were both easy to learn and highly effective."

-- Spc. Sherman Fuller
Departments of the Army and Air Force.

"Outstanding training... the instruction was excellent!"

-- Richard D. Downie
Colonel, U.S. Army
Department of Defense.

"With the help of your invaluable martial arts skill and technical expertise, we have established the first Naval Special Warfare Group Two SEAL Unarmed Combat Program."

-- BM1 Cucci
Department of the Navy
Naval Amphibious Base.

"Mr. Paul Vunak... provided personal combative instruction significantly enhancing Air Force individual combat capabilities. Your instruction was chosen not only because of your years of combatives experience and familiarity with the military, but also due to your ability to teach. Thank you for your outstanding performance."

-- Stephen C. Price, Jr.
MAJ, U.S. Air Force
Director of Operations.

"As the senior D.T. Instructor, an S.R.T. member, and an active reserve Marine... I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. Your teaching skills are to be commended..."

-- C. Arzate
Deputy U.S. Marshal
Los Angeles, California.