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Just seeing this system in action will change your life forever,
and prepare you for the worst…

“How A Clueless White Boy
Accidentally Discovered
The Deadliest Hand-To-Hand
Fighting System In Existence.”

Perfected in prison by elite black gang "soldiers", this secret, simple, ugly and lethal system will instantly change everything you think you know about fighting and self-defense. You can check itout for free, if you choose… but you must act NOW.

From: Bob Pierce
President, TRS Direct/TRS Survival/

This is so important, that I have set aside a package for you… and I INSIST on sending it to you to check out without risk.

I am even paying money out of my own pocket to make sure this happens.

Listen — right now, only a few hundred people outside of prison even know about this stunning discovery. And those few hundred are all deep inside the vicious gangs that rule our inner cities.

But what I have to share with you is like a nasty virus that has escaped into the civilian population. If you remain unaware of it, you are vulnerable.

The only way to protect yourself… is to understand what's going on.

That's why I've set aside a package for you here. If you value self-defense, and especially if you value the ability to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm… this is not an optional choice.

This is happening now. This is a crisis, and you need to act.

Here's the story: I've now spent 15 years in the business of finding the best teachers of self-defense systems in the world, and sharing them with civilians.

I got into this business by accident — I met a Special Forces operative who had years of experience in direct combat, who carefully let me know that ALL the self-defense stuff civilians were learning… was nonsense.

Nonsense that would get you killed, if you tried it in a street fight with a trained attacker. Useless.

He offered to share what he knew about real-world fighting with me, on tape… and I then offered that tape to a small number of clients.

I immediately got a lot of "heat" from higher-ups in the U.S. military. They were shocked that I was sharing their fighting secrets with "just anyone".

Well, I disagreed. What I learned, from that brave Spec Op soldier, was this: If all you knew about fighting was what you learned from Hollywood or from a fancy storefront dojo where you learned routines while wearing a ghi… then you were DEAD MEAT in the real world.

In my America, we take responsibility for our self-defense. If the real world has gotten more dangerous, we need to understand that… and prepare accordingly.

So I created more learning tapes, with other fighters — street fighters, Navy SEALS, Delta officers, professional cage fighters… everyone I could find who knew REAL fighting.

My company is now the number one source for many Special Operations soldiers, SWAT cops, and other professionals. And that's fine. But I consider that small potatoes — my main goal is to make that average American civilians get a chance to discover the simple and easy shortcuts of REAL self defense.

What I want to show you… and, again, I will do it on MY dime, and you can check it out for FREE if you choose… will rock your world.

Listen: Forget everything you THINK you know about ghetto gang life. All the nonsense you've seen in Hollywood movies… all the music videos of gansta rappers… all the posing of the local kids in your town.

It's all phony.

Because… Hollywood and MTV doesn't have the stomach to show what REALLY happens when elite gang fighters go after someone.

This, seriously, makes front line combat between soldiers look like a dance routine. (Even Spec Op soldiers agree — most wars are fought with automatic weapons, not hands.) (And every Spec Op who's seen what I have here has been stunned into silence and awe. It's that shocking, and that new to most people.)

In the real world, a lethal fight is 10 fast seconds of what seems like chaos. No one ever lasts 15 seconds. No one.

What you are about to discover… is a fighting system so pure in violence, so offensively-oriented, and so direct in its goals of winning fast… that it's actually simple to "get".

Just watching what I have for you will change your life.

Through sources I cannot reveal… I met up with Diallo Frazier, a short, unassuming black man in his mid-30s who doesn't look dangerous at all.

In fact… he was among the nation's most elite gang "enforcers" for all of his adult life. He grew up in the violence of the Chicago ghettos, and earned his way to the top by being better than everyone else at fighting.

Gang life is NOTHING like you think it is. If Hollywood or MTV ever depicted the reality of it, you'd laugh. Too extreme, you'd say.

No one could live in that kind of violence.

And the truth is — it IS that violent. And a LOT of people DON'T live through it.

Frazier is literally risking his life by exposing this secret fighting system to someone outside the gangs.

So why is he doing it? He got married. Has kids now. And escaped gang life, after years as one of the most feared and respected "soldiers" in Los Angeles.

He found God. He pried himself away from the pure adrenaline rush of street life — where death was always a strike away, and the consequences of an insult was maiming and horrific violence — and made a simple vow.

His vow was this: First, "normal" people deserve to know about this fighting system… to protect themselves. And second… it deserves to be known, and respected for what it is: The most effective and sure way to defend yourself against ANY attacker, anywhere, any time.

Even if you're attacked by multiple assailants, and they're armed to the teeth while you are bare handed.

Even then… this system will save you.

It's that powerful.

And Frazier doesn't want it to be a gang secret anymore.

As I said… only a handful of people know about this system right now, and most of then are in prison. But, like a virus, it's slowly leaking out into the "normal" world… and normal self-defense methods are helpless against it.

The history of this system — all passed down by word of mouth, for generations — is staggering: During the Civil War, prisons put captured black slaves (who tried to escape the South) into jail cells with two or three white prisoners… whose job was to kill the black man.

Except, one time, it was the white prisoners who were found dead the next morning. So more, bigger, and nastier white prisoners were assigned to that cell. And the next morning, all were dead.

This one, lone black slave had come up with a simple fighting system that is now called "Ghetto Blocks". It became the secret system taught to certain other black prisoners, who became protectors of their gangs.

It was passed down carefully. You had to earn the right to be taught this system. Your average ghetto gang member will never learn it. This was for elite "soldiers" only.

Outside of prison, a few gang members were allowed to learn this system. Frazier learned it early on, and became a top enforcer. Of debt collection, of the rules, of anything that needed to be done to protect and keep the gang strong.

His street "credentials" were the best. Total respect. And because he was a small man, and didn't look "bad"… he was all the more effective in his work.

Without finding religion and the pull of family, he would still be in the gang. This is like a Hall of Fame baseball player walking away from the game in his prime. Like a field general hanging it up in the midst of his glory years.

And I gotta tell you — I'm GLAD he's come to me with this.

I have had my life changed forever, just watching him teach and work. And remember — I've seen the BEST in the world, for 15 years now.

Again, just watching will give you much of what you need.

Here's a few highlights of "Ghetto Blocks":

  • How to get away from a larger attacker who surprised you. It's instantaneous, keeps you safe from any blows, and puts him so off-balance he's toast for your next move. The bigger he is, the better.
  • Vicious, stomach-churning but simple moves that allow you to "lead" him by his chin all the way to the ground… hard. The body goes where you lead it, like a lifeless slab of meat.
  • How to take a strong, oversized man down easily, using the vulnerable points on his body that he cannot defend against.
  • Three simple choke-out moves that end things in seconds.
  • How to "body slam" your attacker — a fast move that turns bones into mush.
  • The secrets of "ghetto boxing" — natural moves that use new, hidden strength in your body (no matter how strong you are or aren't) to deliver sledge hammer blows to sensitive targets.
  • Nine targets above his shoulders that no "normal" fighter ever thinks to attack. Instant black-out.
  • Five ways to use innocent things as weapons. Instantly makes you the "top dog" in any fight, no matter how many jumped you or surprised you.

And more. Describing this amazing fighting system does it no justice at all.

That's why I've arranged to have you check it out for yourself… for free.

Here's the deal: I just want to get the DVDs we made of Frazier into your hands… when you see it, you'll be convinced of the value.

Click on the link below to use your credit card and pay all-at-once...

The cost is $69, and you can use your credit card.

Take a 6 month to decide, too. That's how confident I am.

And if, after a 6 month, you decide that what Frazier shows you wasn't worth it… just return the DVDs for a fast refund of your $69.

That's a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

And it means that you will have seen everything…


I cannot be more generous than that. I'm picking up part of the price, and guaranteeing your satisfaction.

I couldn't make this kind of offer if I had ANY doubts about how good this stuff is.

If you want to pay by check or money order (payable to TRS Direct), Mail it to: TRS Direct - Dept. FT-199, 606 E. Acequia Ave., Visalia, CA 93292.

Same full guarantee, too.

This is important.

There is NOTHING else available that comes close to this for self-defense.

It's one THOUSAND times more vicious and lethal than anything else you've ever experienced.

And just watching will help you "get" it.

And it's important that you be among the first civilians to discover this system. As long as the gangs keep it secret, it has TOO MUCH POWER — bringing it out into the light takes some power away from the gangs… and still "arms" you with the best defense against it.

This system is starting to leak out of the gangs through BAD men.

As nasty as his past was, Frazier is now one of the GOOD guys.

This is your opportunity to see, first hand, something that no one outside the elite gang hierarchy has ever witnessed and lived to tell.

You must hurry. Frazier admits he's risking his life by coming out with this… but he's determined to do it anyway. He'll see what happens, without fear.

But I gotta warn you — if any of this "gang rage" heads my way, I'm pulling the DVDs. I'm glad to know what I know… but I'm no fool, looking for trouble.

So this may be your ONLY chance to get in on this. Tomorrow… this offer may be gone forever.

So call right now, while it's on your mind.

You risk nothing. Full money-back guarantee that means you can see it all for free, if you choose. For 6 months.

Just hurry, all right?

Yours for knowing what was once secret,


P.S. One last thought — If you act now I will give you a special bonus.

And… I will send you, FREE, a spine-chilling interview I just did with Frazier that explains all the "inside" nastiness of gang life. This stuff will turn your hair white… but it's the most fascinating stories I've ever heard in my life.

When Frazier decided to "come clean", he did it all the way. He holds nothing back in this interview… and finally knowing what really happens in the real world of inner city gang life will change the way you look at things.

Amazing stuff. And it's yours free, to keep, on audio CD and with a written transcript… but ONLY if you act now.

But no matter what you do… get your hands on these DVDs right now, while the offer is still on the table.

Do NOT delay.

P.S. Listen to what one happy customer has to say about Diallo and FightFast.

It's about 8:40 pm. New York time. I'm sitting in my living room after just being blown away yet again by a third DVD I received today from you by Nir maman. I was shocked at what value this DVD contains. Will I order his full program? Absolutely yes!!!! Will I order more product???

Absolutely!!!!! Why? Because you guys are simply amazing! I'm beyond impressed! Not only is your product line insanely great... It's the real deal. I've ordered self defense and fighting DVDs since 2009..... Mostly inflated stuff with more sizzle than steak. After years of sifting through sites and companies..... There you were on my computer screen....

And something finally smelled authentic!!!

I was right. I got the 15 brutal fight Enders.... Completely nuts!!!! Incredible DVD! In fact, I recognized one of the 15 from a flick I just saw with Jason statham... Homefront, the fight scene at the gas station, and there was one of the most impressive moves he used on a guy.... Right on the dvd!!!

Then I ordered ghetto blocks. Amazing. Now this one today!!!! Completely blown away here. This stuff is for real! And so is your company. The young ladies who processed all my orders were so very kind, professional, and helpful. Wow! .... A company that delivers more than the hype!!!!! In this day and age? Where customer service and satisfaction are at an all time low.

I just need to say thank you Mr. Pierce, and a big thank you to the entire staff. I am a very happy customer who is broadcasting your well deserved praises all over social media!!! Wake up people, get out of the do Jo's and order these DVDs, and learn from the real artists!!! They are all at fight fast.

I love you guys!
Thank you for being real.

-- S. Serafini