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The “Never Lose” fighting secrets no one knows yet outside of the Top 20 professional groundfighters in the world!

I Can Show You How to Immediately
Escape From ANY Submission Hold... Even If You Are Pinned Down By A Skilled Attacker Twice Your Size!

Ninety-percent of the street fighters and punks out there now know how to put you down with nasty and painful submissions holds, after studying the ground fighters who dominated the Ultimate Fighting Challenge.

What almost NO ONE in the world has figured out, however, is how to quickly ESCAPE from these “impossible” submission holds.

It’s a secret skill the professional ground fighters want to KEEP HIDDEN, but I will reveal it to you (for FREE if you choose)!


To: My "Most Favored" Hotlist Customer

From: Robert Pierce, TRS/Fight-Fast

Dear Friend,

I want you to do something that I would never ask anyone not on my “hot list” to even consider.

First, I want you to call my office, right now, and have the amazing “Escape From Impossible Holds” DVD package I’ve set aside in your name rushed out to you. Next, I want you to watch it, and “get” the secret fighting information that’s on it.

Then... I want you to go to your nearest dojo that teaches grappling... find the biggest, meanest and most skilled groundfighter there... and...

Taunt Him Into Putting you Into His Nastiest And
Most Painful Submission Hold!

Preferably, this guy will be at least a hundred pounds heavier than you, strong enough t crush rocks in his bare hands, a black belt in Ju Jitsu or Judo... and be a little bit of an asshole. The kind of jerk who actually enjoys hurting people. (Think of thick necked Tank Abbott from the Ultimate Fighting Challenge.)

This way, when he has you in his most impossible-to-escape-from submission hold, there will be no doubt about what happens next.

Because, next, I want you to use what you’ve just learned to...

Totally Humiliate Him By Immediately Escaping,
Unharmed and Smiling, From His “Impossible” Hold!

However... do NOT, under any circumstances, use any of the “Ground Zero” finished moves you also learn in this package. You don’t want to permanently destroy this guy... you just want to point to yourself.

Those mega-brutal “Ground Zero” moves (just thinking about them makes me a little afraid) are ONLY for when you’re in a situation where your life... or the of a loved one... is at risk. They’re too deadly to use any other time. (You’ll see exactly what I’m talking about when you get your DVD package!)

Sounds almost too amazing to be true, doesn’t it? (It’s true, though.) I mean, the Brazilians, the Ju Jitsu experts, the Judo and the Russian Sambo artists have been absolutely DOMINATING the fighting world for almost ten years now by using complex submission holds to choke opponents out.

Once they get you into one of their holds, you’re completely helpless... and... if you don’t “tap out” immediately, you’re toast. (In the street, you’ll be unconscious or dead.)

Everyone has been trying for years to find a way OUT of these deadly submission holds. Boxers, Muay Thai experts, kung fu black belts, JKD streetfighters, every martial artist in the book has unsuccessfully tried to steal the “secrets” of escape from the “groundfighting elite.”

It’s humiliating for a guy, trained in martial arts and undefeated against “normal” fighters, to suddenly be taken down and choked out by a scrawny fighter half his size just because the squirt knows grappling holds.

But that’s the way it is. When a decent grappler meets ANY other kind of fighter, you better bet on the grappler, if he’s able to get ahold of his opponent. It doesn’t seem fair... but that’s the way it is.

If you come across some bad-ass who wants a piece of you, and he knows even a little bit more grappling than you do... you may as well just say goodbye.

Because you’re going down and out.

Unless... unless you learn the secrets of escaping from those holds. And, until about twelve days ago...

NO ONE Outside The “Inner Circle” Of World-Famous Ground Fighters Had A Clue What These Secrets Of Escaping Were!

But I know. And I have the secrets on digital video. And you know what’s really cool? What’s cool is that...

These Secrets Are Actually
Very Simple To Use... Once You Know What They Are!

Look. I know from my records that you know something about fighting. You know that the fighting world is constantly changing, and ONLY the guys who are hip to the latest secrets have a chance at winning a real “win or die” fight in today’s mean streets.

That’s why THESE secrets are so important. Today, you could train for twenty years in a vicious martial art; lift weights until your arms are big as trees, and toughen yourself up by living for weeks in the wilderness eating raw squirrel meat and drinking mud... and you would STILL LOSE a fight against a grappler who knew how to put you in an “impossible” hold!

But that’s all about to change forever... now that the “insider” secrets have finally have revealed by my company. And you’re among the FIRST NINETY GUYS to know about it!

Here’s what happened: I got a call (about a month ago) from this guy Mark Hatmaker, who said he’d discovered how to BEAT grapplers. I doubted him, of course-I’d just watched, for the eighth time, my personal copy of the video of that Russian Sambo expert dismantle Tank Abbott in the Ultimate Fighting Challenge final.

For me, and for every other fighter in the world, going up against a good groundfighter is like charging a machine gun nest. Certain failure.

But this Hatmaker guy insisted he’d figured it all out. How? By spending NINE YEARS studying the BEST groundfighters in the world... and picking apart their favorite holds until he discovered the secret of escape for every hold. I met with Hatmaker... and guess what?

He Really Has
 The Secrets!

And you’ll see him prove it, over and over, in your video. (He shows you how to quickly and easily bust out of more than 3 dozen holds-all of them previously labeled “impossible’.

That’s way more holds than you’ll ever see used in the street.) this Hatmaker dude is just 5’8” and maybe 150 pounds soaking wet... and yet he CANNOT be held down by even the most painful and complex hold, no matter how much bigger and stronger his opponent is.

After all those years of learning the tricks of the grapplers... he has single-handedly dismantled the advantages of all groundfighters! (Hatmakers’s been a professional martial artist for twenty years, and has spent every second of that time challenging everything that other fighters called “impossible”. Just give him ten minutes of your time... and you’ll be convinced, too.

This is just amazing stuff. NO ONE outside the “elite inner circle” of the Brazilian groundfighting “royalty” have EVER been allowed to know the secrets of escaping ‘impossible” holds. NO ONE! They know all too well that, once the secrets of escape are known...

The Advantage That Groundfighters Have Over
“Normal” Guys Is GONE Forever!

To tell you the truth, I’m almost sorry to be revealing these secrets. But it has to be done. I can’t in good conscience keep this critical information away from you, or from any of my favorite clients. It’s too important.

And it’s going to change the fighting world-again - forever.

However... because this is such an amazing story (and a little hard to believe, given the absolute dominance of groundfighters for so long)... I am NOT asking you to risk any money here. I have constructed an offer that will allow you-if you choose-to see ALL of these astonishing secrets for FREE.

Here’s the deal: I hustled Mark Hatmaker down to the film studio to get all his escape secrets on videotape. We filmed this fighting expert for several days, and condensed only the BEST stuff onto two hour-long videos. These “escape” secrets are easy to learn, and simple to use once you know what to do.

In fact... once you see this DVD package... I guarantee (with my own money) there will be no grappler ANYWHERE who could take you down and KEEP you down!

But you need to see all this for yourself. To do that, just hit the "Add To Cart" button right now

Or you can call my office at 1-800-899-8153 and tell the operator you're interested in seeing “Impossible Escapes”. (Ask for Department IH-303. I’ve only sent out a handful of these letters to my “hotlist” no one else is going to know these secrets even exist.)

Once we verify who you are, you will be rushed the special 2-DVD package we’ve set aside for you. (I’ll tell you about the second DVD in just a second-it’s gonna blow your mind!)

You don’t risk a penny... because you have my special “Total Satisfaction Guarantee" though you need to pay the $69 this package costs up front. I have to do it this way to weed out the guys who aren’t SERIOUS about learning these amazing fighting secrets.

You can use your credit card online or on the phone, or if you would prefer to pay by check or money order you can do that too. Just make your $76 payment payable to TRS (that's $69 plus $7 shipping and handling), and send it to: TRS Direct, Dept IH-303, 606 E. Acequia Ave., Visalia, CA 93292. (By the way, I was offered -- and turned down -- ten thousand dollars NOT to let this DVD package out to guys like you -- just because there’s so much at stake for the grappling experts!)

You can learn these secrets anywhere else, not for a million dollars-not even in a Brazilian “war” studio! This is the FIRST TIME EVER anyone’s revealed these astonishing secrets, to anyone outside the “Top 20” groundfighting “royalty”! Think about that.)

Here’s why you don’t risk a cent: Once you get the tape package with your name on it, I insist that you take a full 6 months to look it over. Watch it, train with it, use what you’ve learned. Most importantly, test it out by getting that big asshole to pin you, and then humiliate him by quickly escaping.

Prove that these secrets work, for yourself.

If, at the end of 6 months, you aren’t 110% happy-for any reason, or for no reason at all- just return the DVD package, (in any condition) and we’ll immediately refund your $69.

You won’t find a more fair or generous in the entire fighting world. I can make this “bank-breathing” offer ONLY because I know these secrets are the REAL THING... and I am only offering this stuff to the serious fighters from my “hot list”, who know the real thing when they see it.

There’s just one “catch”: You must call and order the videos we’ve set aside in your name within the next 11 days! Why? Because I’ve only duplicated off a small number of DVDs -- this stuff is too advanced and too dangerous to lose control of.

I duped a complete set for you (it’s here in my office), and you have the first unrestricted access to it.

But... if I don’t hear from you right away... I will give this package to the next guy on my list. There’s a long line of guys behind you who would kill to see this information... but they have to wait until you decide if you want to see it first. You’re just higher than other guys on the “pecking order” right now.

So don’t delay. Call right now (or mail the order card, or fax it), and we’ll rush your package out to you by return mail. Once you see what all the fuss is about, you’ll realize just how important this fighting knowledge is.

NO GRAPPLER WILL BE ABLE TO HOLD YOU DOWN AGAIN! That’s just amazing “secret weapon” to have whenever you’re attacked or forced into a fight (especially against a larger, meaner and more skilled opponent!).

I look forward to hearing from you.


Bob Pierce

Bob Pierce

P.S. almost forgot. There’s a second DVD in this package and it’s called “Ground Zero”. This amazing bonus DVD is crammed with balls-out “survival fighting” secrets... and it’s yours to KEEP, free, as my gift to you fro checking out the Impossible Escapes” DVD’s.

In this free bonus DVD, you’ll learn incredibly vicious and nasty fighting secrets that will instantly demolish critical bones and damage vital organs in your attacker. (These are the most bloody fighting secrets I’ve ever witnessed-yet, I’d use them in a heartbeat if my life was on the line!)

These simple techniques instantly “trump” any advantage in size, strength or skill your opponent has... and immediately allows you to END the fight by inflicting blinding pain and completely dismantling his ability to fight back.

You’ll also learn how to tell if your attacker is about to pull out a weapon, and what to do in the next half-second to make him wish he hadn’t. Plus- how to use everyday “blunt objects” that are always within reach us weapons he cannot defend against. (You’ll finally know the world’s top fighters secrets of using anything handy as a deadly weapon.)

These vicious secrets are NOT for use unless your life is in danger, and you must put your attacker down for GOOD in order to survive.

You’ll be astonished at the amount of pain and damage you can inflict in just TWO SECONDS with these brutal secrets... but that’s what is needed when you’re up against the wall.

Again, this free bonus tape is yours to KEEP, even if you decide later to send the “Impossible Escapes” DVD’s back for a refund (It’s my gift to you, for trusting me and giving this information a “trial run” yourself).

But you must get back to me right away. Call 1-800-899-8153 and get this show on the road.

Here’s What Fighters Are Saying
About Mark Hatmaker...

Mark Hatmaker has thrown away all the nonsense and focuses only on the simple and most effective techniques that are easy to learn. I’m only 5’7’ and Hatmaker has taught me how to take on bigger guys-I’m amazed how well they work against bigger, stronger men.
Paul Molnar: Knoxville, TN 29 5’7” 165 lbs.
Jiu Jitsu/Karate Black Belt and instructor in both systems

I work in a correctional facility with dangerous convicted killers. When I was unexpectedly assaulted there, I instantly used the arm bar technique Mark taught me, and it probably saved my life. Mark makes sure you always have a technique that will work in any situation.
Jimmy Stephens: Knox County, TN 24 5’7” 154 lbs. Correctional Officer.

This is reality based street combat that is easy to absorb. It also fits perfectly with my departments self defense training, and it works on the street with outstanding results.
Sam Day: Training officer, Davidson County Sheriff’s Department TN 29 5’11” 200 lbs.

I’ve now discarded most of the old stuff I’d learned that doesn’t work, and replaced it with Mark Hatmaker’s amazing techniques. Working with him has been a real awakening, and skills are unparalleled.
Tim Auxier: Maryville, TN 23 6’2” 210 lbs. Vale Tudo Fighter.

Mark is obviously dedicated to reality based fighting skills. With these skills, you can confront everything that’s out there with absolute confidence.
Justin Mount: Vienna, IL 26 6’3” 210 lbs. Martial Arts Background:
10 years in Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, Grappling Arts

Mark teaches skills you can really use in a fight, not the “movie based” martial arts most people waste time with. I now have a sense of confidence and safety I’ve never had before, and I know I now have the ability to control any attacker and injure to degree if I choose to.
Mitch Thomas: Businessman, TN 34 6’2” 210 lbs. Martial Background:
Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Grappling