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Here Are The Amazing Secrets To Quickly
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...Or Rip Someone's
Throat Out!

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Dear hotlist member:

Hi, it's Jimbo over here at FightFast and TRS Survival, with some exciting news.

I've got waiting here for you, some vital how-to information that will quickly transform any dog into a well-behaved, obedient, and loyal companion that will not only act as your personal alert system... but can also serve as a viciously effective bodyguard...

...where a single command...

...given as fast as you can snap your fingers...

...can instantly trigger serious consequences on anyone stupid enough to threaten you or your family.

Interested? Good. Because I'll even prove everything I'm saying by allowing you, and everyone else on this special hotlist, a chance to see these simple, easy to learn secrets for yourself...

...for FREE if you want.

It's an exclusive deal -- and it's only available for a limited time.

If you own a dog, even a loveable but hopelessly untrainable mutt with entrenched bad habits, then you need to see these obedience training shortcuts.

In just two 5-minute sessions per day, these clever tricks will quickly transform Fido into the dog you always knew he could be.

Or... if you don't have a dog but are considering it, then this package will clue you in fast to what specific but little-known things to look for in the perfect protection companion. Use these secrets to develop an obedient working dog for you or for an elderly loved one, or even just to earn some serious cash as a skilled canine trainer.

Or... if you don't own a dog and have zero plans on getting one in the foreseeable future, you still want to see this. Means having yet another critical survival skill for your bag of tricks.

Because in a meltdown scenario when desperate people are losing their minds, the world will suddenly become a very dangerous place.

There's a reason why our ancestors domesticated dogs in the first place. Their eyesight is twenty times better than yours. They can hear sounds 4 times further than you and in frequencies your ears can't even pick up. Their sense of smell is up to 10,000% more sensitive.

So knowing how to quickly train up any dog for security and protection means you will possess the ultimate survival security system.

And the best part is, it can run on table scraps if need be.

The instructional material is easy to learn. So simple in fact that you only have to watch it once and you'll have it forever.

Means you are prepared and in control of a loyal friend who can protect your camp, alert you to intruders, or even to take-out life-threatening troublemakers on command.

Honestly, let's hope it never comes to that. But it's better to have this powerful option at your fingertips than to be caught without it.

Your instructor, the guy who will teach you these secrets, is simply one of the best the business. His name is Dale Comstock.

You're probably familiar with Dale as a FightFast instructor. He served 10 years in Delta Force as an assault team leader. He was also a Green Beret weapons expert, a long range scout in the 82nd Airborne Division, and served 10 hardcore years as a paramilitary contractor.

Decorated twice for Valor in combat, Dale has 30 years of frontline combat experience, directly engaging the enemy in every campaign from Grenada to the present day conflicts we now face.

But what you may not know is that -- for the last 40 years, Dale has also been training dogs in obedience, tracking and protection. He calls them interdiction dogs. He doesn't like to call them attack dogs, because it implies the dog is vicious and out of control.

On the contrary. Dale will show you how to make a dog extremely obedient and under your complete control.

This guy knows what he's talking about. Dale even made serious bucks on the side snapping up dogs most people thought were worthless, quickly training them up, and then selling them for hard cash as obedience and interdiction dogs.

Today his company, Strategic Outcomes, in Bali Indonesia is a security firm that, among many other things, trains dogs in protection and explosive and drug detection for large hotels and vip clients.

Dale also trains other K-9 handlers. So he's not only an expert with the dog, but he's training the trainers. Which is exactly what he's going to do for you.

I can't think of a more qualified instructor on this subject than Dale Comstock.

Here's just a taste of what he'll show you inside this 5-hour DVD program.

First you'll learn the difference between a watchdog and an interdiction dog. I'll give you hint: A watchdog is like your own personal alarm system. His superior senses light up and let you know when something's not right. A protection dog on the other hand will take things to next level and actually engage the threat on your command if necessary.

Sometimes a watchdog -- or alert dog -- is all you need or want. Any dog, even a small lap dog, can be easily be a good watchdog and mountains of research shows that it's a much better advanced warning system than any electronic alarm system.

A dog strips away the element of surprise that burglars and thugs depend on, dramatically decreasing the likelihood of them choosing you or loved ones as a target.

But it's imperative that the dog be well trained in basic obedience.

Means you'll have reliable alarm system that's predictable instead of one that only works occasionally or goes off for little or no reason.

That's what the first part of this training is about. To make sure your pooch is not only a good companion, but also a consistent and reliable deterrent.

You'll learn the three different types of drives to look for in a dog. Most people, even experience dog owners, don't understand this. But these are the basic drives that define a dog's personality.

Knowing this means instantly understanding what kind of training that particular dog will respond to best.

You'll also discover why a dog with a vicious temperament is not what you're looking for in good interdiction dog. Knowing what subtle traits to look for and what to avoid will save you a lot of trouble.

Also, why a pit bull is wrongly considered to be an interdiction dog. Believe it or not, it's actually more of a family dog. Yeah, the American Pit Bull is tough and willing to keep going, even when injured, but if you're looking for a protection dog, you may want to look elsewhere. Dale explains why.

Another thing... What specific breeds have certain kinds of fight and protection characteristics and which one breed Dale recommends that first time dog handlers avoid. This is how you're make things go a lot smoother.

Also, why the AKC's pedigree system is not a good way to judge if a dog will make a good alert and/or protection dog. In fact Dale recommends that you shy away from choosing an AKC show dog for utility purposes. Knowing this makes you a lot smarter than most experienced dog trainers.

Also, the three simple methods to testing a dog's hardness, or his ability to stand his ground and cope with the unexpected. It's important that an interdiction dog has strong nerves and these simple tests will reveal his true underlying character.

And there's a lot more expert advice to choosing a dog, including the five signs to look for to judge if the dog is people friendly and sociable.

...5 crucial tips for anyone purchasing a dog from a breeder, or from a newspaper or even off the street. You'd be surprised how many excellent dogs are available for free, once you know what to look for.

The main characteristic that means a dog can be trained in scent work or protection and a simple way to test for this one character trait.

The 3 ways to gauge a dog's "startle reflex" and why checking for this is important, especially for interdiction dogs.

Dale also covers the equipment you'll need for obedience training, and it's not a lot.

You'll discover the various kinds of leads, how long they should be, they proper way to put on a pinch collar and choke chain. Not knowing this can means seriously injuring your dog.

What you need to know about electronic collars, how they work and the progressive series of warnings for fast training without harming the dog.

You'll see various muzzles and which ones work best without interfering with your dog's breathing, exactly what kind of toys, like tetherballs and knucklebones, to have on hand for immediate reward. Very important for proper training.

And lots more.

Stuff you won't figure out on your own. Dales been doing this for over 40 years, he knows the right tools for the job. Makes training simple and fun.

We don't make a dime on any product recommendations, which means we're not trying to sell you anything and are free to suggest only the bare bones of what you'll need.

Dale then walks through the real-world training methods. This is where the rubber hits the road. The meat and potatoes of this training package that will shape your dog.

Discover what techniques actually work and how to implement them, including inducement and positive reinforcement methods to keep your dog happy while still getting him to do what you want him to do.

You'll also discover how to balance positive punishment, with negative punishment and negative reinforcement. This is how you produce the fastest results possible -- especially when dealing with a high-drive canine -- without harming the dog or making him afraid or anything like that.

Believe it or not, the dog wants to please you, and so Dale shows you how to use these shortcut tactics sparingly so that you can cut to the chase and let the dog have fun while he quickly learns what you expect of him, without confusing him or burning up a lot of time.

You'll discover the seven basic obedience commands, and which words are best for each command. Dale even gives you each of them in German, which is important to prevent a stranger from giving your dog commands.

Discover the "chunking and chaining" obedience training method designed to get average folks who may have zero dog training experience, to really nail down the entire training process without confusion. Makes everything simple fast and easy for the novice.

There a lot of excellent tips too. Like what order you should teach the the basic commands... how long you should train the dog. Here's a hint: It'll only take five minutes a day twice a day.

What age a dog should be, and it's not what you think... how a dog can become what's called handler sensitive and why this is not good for a canine you plan to use as a protection dog or for tracking or scent work.

How to correctly socialize a dog into your family. This is some deep insight into what makes a dog tick and how they see themselves fitting into the family. Done correctly, your dog will be completely obedient to every member of the family.

You'll also discover highly effective techniques to get a dog to stop barking, or to stop urinating in the house or even to turn around a dog that bites or continually challenges you or other family members.

There's so much I couldn't possibly cover it all here. Even down to what you should know about their feeding schedule, (yes, most people get this wrong), how to spot health issues simply by checking the eyes, nose and gums, how to properly maintain his coat... to train him for traveling in a car or shipping crate, and more.

This is the most complete obedience training package I've ever seen. It's soup to nuts know-how from a canine expert who trains other professionals.

Over five hours of simple, easy to learn and effective training explained step-by-step, and then demonstrated to you with real dogs.

So you learn it, then get to see how it's done in the real world.

This is where Dale's 4 decades of expertise really pays off for you. Lots of positive reinforcement combined with a sprinkling of compulsion techniques means your dog will be trained-up and impressively obedient while others are still trying to teach their hound how to play dead.

Ready to get these secrets? Good.

So how much?

Well, to learn this directly from Dale, you'd have to fly out to his canine camp in Indonesia and dish out thousands of dollars for this same training.

But with the DVD package, you can learn it in the comfort of your home for a fraction of that. Fact is, this five hour DVD package is worth at least $177. Probably more considering all you're getting.

But as a hotlist member, you won't pay anywhere near that. That's right, you can get it today for just...


Plus, I'll even give you FREE shipping and handling.

Yeah, that's a rock bottom price that can't last. To get in on this amazing deal immediately, just click the "Yes" button below right now.

But you don't even risk a penny of your purchase price since it's completely covered by my 100% money back guarantee. If you don't like this obedience training for any reason, even NO reason, then simply return the package for a fast and prompt refund.

That allows you to see everything for free if you want.

But hold on. There's also a free bonus DVD. "Aggressive Protecton" is an intensive 1-½ hours where you'll learn the advanced fundamentals of aggressive protection training and K-9 bite work.

On this bonus DVD you'll discover how to take things to the next level.

Dale pulls back the curtain and allows you a sneak peek at the secrets behind tapping into a dog's natural hunt and prey drive to get him to attack on command.

It's a fascinating look at how to quickly transform man's best friend into something like a cocked and loaded gun, ready and willing to go off at your command.

You'll discover how to recognize which dogs have the necessary hardness and primitive instincts... the shortcuts to developing these natural drives... the basic equipment you'll need, there's not a lot and it's shockingly inexpensive... how to keep the training safe and fun for both you and the dog... and a lot more.

Ultimately these are the fundamentals -- a taste of how to transform Fido into a feared and respected weapon.

It doesn't mean your lovable pooch is going to turn into a vicious loose cannon or anything like that.

No way. In fact, just the opposite.

This is all about first creating an obedient dog, and then taking it up a notch to explore the possibilities of using him as predictable self defense tool that's under your complete control.

You will always be the one in command. That's how this works.

And again, the amazing part is that it only requires 5 to 10 minutes of training per day. That's it. In fact, Dale insists that any more than that is actually counterproductive.

In the end it comes down to the protection of you and your loved ones. Because frankly, in your home, or on the streets, or in a survival situation... nobody is crazy enough to mess with a guard dog.

Even the most hardened desperate criminal will think twice before choosing you as a target and will almost certainly move along to what he sees as an easier mark.

Best part: This "Aggressive Protecton" bonus DVD is yours free. Keep it, even if you take advantage of my generous guarantee and return the rest of the package for a full and prompt refund.

So click on the "Yes" right now.

But you must hurry. Dale has agreed to provide this free 1-½ hour sneak-peek bonus to my First Tier hotlist only. That means it's included in only the first 377 packages.

The fact that I'm mentioning it here means there's still some available. But when they're gone, that's it. I'll just remove this part about the free bonus and never mention it again.

But why miss out?

Just click the "Yes" button now and let's get started.

You're getting a risk-free look at thousands of dollars worth of high-level K-9 training you can't find anywhere else but here.

You're getting free shipping and handling. You can check this for ONE YEAR before deciding whether you'll keep it or not. And the "Aggressive Protecton" bonus DVD is yours to keep no matter what.

If you're at all interested in owning a skill that can quickly make your dog more obedient, to act as an alert or attack system to protect yourself and your family, earn you some serious side cash if you want, or even keep you at the top of the food chain during a extreme survival situation...

...then you'd be crazy not to jump on this right now.

So click the "Yes" button now.

This is Jimbo over here and FightFast and TRS Survival, signing off.

Oh... and one last thing. I've got another free bonus for you. It's a very nifty four page illustrated quick reference guide. Gives you an easy way to remember all the various commands and training tricks without having to go back to the DVDs.

Having all this at a glance will make your training a whole lot easier.

Plus there's a handy buyers guide, giving you some website and vendors around the internet where you can get inexpensive training gear.

Again, I'm not making a dime off this and you're of course free to go anywhere you please. It's just my way to save you some time and money while making the entire experience simple and fun for you.

You can keep this for free. But just like the "Aggressive Protecton" bonus DVD, this handy reference guide is only included with the first 377 packages.

So you got nothing to lose and two awesome free bonuses to gain -- if you act right away. Don't miss out. Click on the Yes button below right now and I'll see you inside.