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A Combat-Hardened
Green Beret
Insists That Everyone Should Have
Amazing Tool...
For Around
The Home
... And Especially For
Hardcore Survival!

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Dear Hotlist Member:

I've got a strange question for you.

Here it is:

Do you own a killer survival flashlight that's practically bullet proof and small enough to carry like a pocket knife, that works underwater, has a tactical glow in the dark tail switch with a powerful magnet for hands free operation and an S clip that can be mounted to a ball cap, a belt, backpack or your front pocket?

Of course you don't...
I only just invented it!

And that's why I'm contacting you today.

I have just made it possible for you and other hotlist members to test out this new world-class survival flashlight -- jam packed with a boatload of very unique and cool features that are equal, if not superior to, other models that are currently selling for $100 or more...

For FREE if you want!

It's another insanely generous promotional offer for my First Tier hotlist members only.

We created this with the help of a former Green Beret combat vet who's survived dozens of bloody overseas adventures and who knows how critical a reliable torch can be for not only everyday use, but for survival situations.

We call it the 330 EDC Tactical Torch. It's our own product. Our own engineering, designed to be convenient, reliable, super durable, and ready for anything...

Even a nightmare
bug-out situation!

Nobody else can get in on this deal. Nobody. Just you and a handful of other hotlist members.

Hi, it's Jimbo over here at TRS Survival on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the crew.

For over 30 years now we've been providing the goods that allow average guys like you to be prepared... just in case. Whether that's simple moves to drop a larger, stronger more aggressive opponent like a sack of potatoes...

...or quality gear designed to make sure you survive and thrive at home, in the field, or even through the most nightmarish meltdown.

Our reputation for producing quality products while treating hotlist members like gold is legendary. Means you get better gear and get better treatment than everyone else...

...first in line for incredible promotional deals and product testing like this.

Helps us, because we get the word out.

Helps you, because you get...

A killer deal
you couldn't find
anywhere else!

This new 330 EDC Tactical Torch is just one more example.

We developed this for two reasons:

Number one: A good flashlight is one of the most critical pieces of equipment you can own -- for hunting, camping, or just for around the home and shop.

Reason number two is that, in a survival situation you are going to need an extraordinary torch. Something that can really take a beating if necessary.

This isn't just common sense or my own opinion. No. It's straight from the mouth of someone who really knows.

You see, over the last 3 decades we've developed friendships deep inside the U.S. Special Forces. One these friends is a former Green Beret and long range scout who gladly stepped forward to help us out with this project.

I'm not going to mention his name or show his picture right now because he's currently on active duty as a paramilitary contractor. But I can say he's spent most of his adult life in the field facing the kind of hardscrabble conditions that...

Makes your typical
camping trip
like a stay at
the Beverly Hilton.

The fact that he's still alive is a testament to his survival skills. There are few people on earth who's opinion on tactical gear I'd trust more than this dude. He understands from brutal experience that your equipment had better perform, or you're dead meat.

So I couldn't be more happy that he's chosen to help guide us on this project and that -- in fact -- he's so happy with the end result he's taking the 330 EDC overseas with him.

And here's what that
has to with YOU...

And why it's important to you.

If it ever hits the fan, things are gonna get real tough, real fast.

You may have to grab your bug-out bag at a moment's notice... go full-board urban survival... take shelter in an abandoned warehouse... or jam out of the city and head deep into the woods... hunker down in an underground hidesite living on squirrel meat, your wits, and what you've carried with you, while waiting weeks or months for things to settle down.

You're gonna be tested. And your equipment is gonna be tested too.

You'll be dealing with rain and mud. You're gear is gonna get wet and dropped and knocked around. And it had better take it because there will be no running down to the store.

Which is why the 330 EDC Tactical Torch is priceless. When the sun goes down, and you're alone or trying to protect loved ones in the grip of a pitch black night...

This will become
your best friend!

It's an awesome piece of equipment. So lightweight, durable, and reliable. It was designed as if you're life would depend on it. It's that good.

Let's take a closer look.

First, the body of 330 EDC was constructed from a solid core of super lightweight T6061 aircraft grade aluminum.

Because you don't want something that's big and bulky. Professionals and Special Forces are all moving towards the lighter, more powerful lamps.

I think we've all seen the monster flashlights that could...

Bludgeon a grizzly
to death
effectively double as
a ship's anchor!

But who wants to lug that around? Not the soldiers who live out of their go-bags, that's for sure.

The 330 EDC on the other hand is just 3-¼ inches long and weighs just 1-½ ounces. Super compact. Which is why cops and security pros and search and rescue teams and paramilitary contractors are so thrilled with our new product.

Perfect as an everyday carry or when you need to travel light and fast.

Small and convenient yes... but tough-as-nails.

How tough?

Well we just spent 20 minutes throwing it against a brick wall and beating it up before...

Running it over
5 times
a 2-ton truck!

And yet, granted, it's a little scratched up, it still works like a charm.

That's what you need.

Means this baby can handle anything you may be able to dish out on outdoor adventures or under the hood of your truck, or during a power outage in your home, or on the road changing a tire, or heaven forbid in a hardcore survival situation.

The 330 EDC may be small and lightweight, but it can take serious abuse and keep going.

I think one of the coolest features is that...

The 330 EDC
works underwater!

Yep. Guaranteed up to 10 feet -- which means it can easily handle rain, snow, sleet, and hail.

Feel free to take your 330 EDC swimming, snorkeling, crawling through mud, reading a map in a downpour, rafting down the Yukon, or anywhere you may have contact with water.

We put a lot of work into getting the seals just right on your 330 EDC, so dust, dirt, mud and water can't hurt this flashlight.

Another thing we've done is to simplify the settings: This was a specific request from our Green Beret friend who hates cycling through a half dozen strobes and flashes and brightness levels just to get to the setting he needs.

For Pete's sake, with other flashlights it looks like you're in a disco. He pointed out that...

In a combat situation or
a survival scenario
this would be
extremely dangerous!

We followed his advice and boiled it down to just two options -- high and low -- just like the headlights of a truck. Simple.

We also made it easy to quickly flip between the two settings without having to press the switch all that way down. A light pressure is all you need to toggle instantly between settings.

Very quick and handy.

The high beam is 330 lumens. That's good and bright. More than enough to light up a room or temporarily blind an attacker.

The low beam is 5 lumens. That's bright enough to read, but low enough to remain clandestine while also saving battery life. Allows you to use your 330 EDC for a full 45 minutes a night, for...

One month on a single charge!
One month!

And the 330 EDC automatically returns to the last setting you used. So, for example if you were traveling hostile territory and checking your map with the low beam, it will remain on low beam as the startup setting every time you turn it on.

That's critical, because you not only prevent an unexpected blast of bright light blinding you for 10 minutes, but also avoid accidentally giving away your position.

As our friend knows from bitter experience, in a meltdown the world becomes a very dangerous place.

It's imperative that you don't blind yourself or draw unnecessary attention to your position. Which is why a couple of predictable and simple settings with no surprises is your best option.

Another thing... and this is cool... there's a powerful tail magnet on the butt end of the 330 EDC...

Allowing you a
hands-free lamp!

This is so convenient because, let's face it, you'll be using this mostly for around the home and shop or on the road.

Means no longer having to hold a flashlight in your mouth, drooling and mumbling and chipping your teeth while you struggle to get the beam on target.

Just stick your flashlight to any steel surface and you're ready to get to work -- with both hands free.

And the tail has a recessed switch, so it can't be activated accidentally. At the same time the thumb notch makes it easy to press the switch from a tactical grip position.

Allows you to confidently operate the switch smoothly and without struggle.

The tail switch also
glows in the dark!

Not too bright, but certainly enough for you to know in an instant, (even in blackout conditions) the correct positioning of flashlight.

You will never be groping around looking for this in the dark either. Anyone who's been camping knows that digging around in your tent or inside your go-bag or in the grass trying to find your flashlight is no fun.

This one clever feature
allows you
a quick
way to find your
flashlight in seconds!

There's also a very beefy and durable S clip that allows for 2-way mounting. Means you can clip this in the forward position on a baseball cap or on the handguard of AR pattern rifle...

...or turn it around and carry it in the standard position on your belt, or your backpack, or in your pocket just like a folding knife.

There's a lot more features too that make this a very special flashlight. The premium CREE led unit that will virtually last you a lifetime... the non-scratch, non-fog, real glass lens for superior optics...

...the textured aluminum parabolic reflector for super-efficient transmission of light...

...and a lot more.

The 330 EDC Tactical Flashlight is simple, easy to use, and most importantly...

A top-quality, reliable,
survival flashlight that you can
absolutely depend on!

If you've ever searched a dark shed for tools, or found yourself stumbling around helplessly during an unexpected power outage -- then you already know the kind of trouble that no flashlight, or a lousy cheap flashlight can cause you.

It's time you got a good one. It's time you got one of the best.

So here's the deal:

The 330 EDC has a combination of features not available in any other flashlight. I know, because, like I said, we designed this ourselves and similar tactical flashlights of this quality sell for upwards of $100.

But as a hotlist member, you won't pay anywhere near that. Not $100. Not $70. Not even $50.

Nope. The price for you, right here, right now is just...


To get in on this, here's what you need to do right now. Just get your credit card ready, hit the "Yes" button below, and let us know where you want us to send this.

That's all there is to it. We'll rush ship it out to you the moment you give us the okay.

But hang on, I said you could try this out for free if you wanted, and I was completely serious. Here's how that works.

If you're not thrilled with this 330 EDC Tactical Flashlight... using it in your car and shop and around the home...

...if you don't feel more confident knowing that, if things ever do go south, you have the most lightweight, reliable and durable flashlight you could possibly own... fact if you aren't happy for any reason, even no reason, then I insist you return the package for a full and prompt refund.

That's the most generous offer
and guarantee
the business!

TRS Survival has established the gold standard that nobody else can seem to live up to. Just us.

So hit the "Yes" button now and let's get started.

You're getting one heck of a deal here. I have no problem admitting to you that I am losing my shirt on this. Which is why this offer has two strict limitations:

Strict Limit Number One: This is only available to my First Tier hotlist members. I'm not kidding around about that. If you're not a hotlist member, if you haven't got here through an email invite from me, like if you're buddy sent you the link to this page or something like that, then you will be told no if you try and order this.

This is for hotlist members only.

Strict Limit Number Two: I've earmarked just 500 units to be made available for this deal. I'm actually losing money at that insanely low price, so when it hits 500 units, the promo is done and this deal is over.

I'm just testing to see what hotlist guys like you think about this new product while rewarding some of my best customers. If you wait or close this page, no problem, you can get it later on for $89 plus $7 shipping and handling.

That's what we're selling it for right now on Amazon and that is still a very good price.

But I'm not sure why you'd do that when you can get it right here, right now, risk-free, for just $19.

If that sounds
better to you... good.
It means you're
not crazy!

Just hit the Yes button below. Do that right away. In a short order you'll have this beauty at your front door and I swear it'll feel like Christmas morning.

But hold on... there's something more. I've got a free bonus for you too.

You're going to like this.

It's a video with the former green beret who helped guide this project. Yes, even though I promised not to reveal his name here, you'll get a chance to meet the man himself on this bonus video.

It's a fascinating look at all the cool features on your new 330 EDC and exactly how they all work, from battery installation, to hands-free operation, to toggling between settings.

You'll also discover a badass looking cross grip to use your 330 EDC with a handgun, including how to expertly coordinate the weapon and the light together for an intruder search or house clearing.

You'll learn the proper tactical grip, how to properly criss-cross your hands for ultimate stability, why a slight bend at the elbows will make a huge difference in target visibility and accuracy of your shots, an intermittent lighting technique that keeps your opponent guessing, and more.

This is very slick because in less than...

Two minutes of
simple practice
you'll look like a
professional commando!

You'll also see how to quickly mount your 330 EDC to the handguard of AR pattern rifle -- something this operator did on multiple combat missions in Afghanistan.

He even reveals the war story behind it... and it's a good one.

And there's more.

Like how this unique light can be useful in a home defense situation, from strategic spot lighting to bleaching out your opponent's night vision... to dramatically improve your own night vision, giving you an edge over anyone prowling the dark...

...tricks to using filters to lower your exposure or create illumination for night optics... to use your 330 EDC as a clever and super effective weapon that adds power to your strikes without injuring your hand and wrist, kinda like a legal version of brass knuckles...

...and more.

This video footage and the incredible insight it provides will be made available to you the moment you agree to receive your 330 EDC Tactical Torch.

You're about to get the toughest and most convenient everyday carry survival flashlight on the market today -- for a rock bottom price that only hotlist members can get.

It's a killer deal you may
never see again!

So hit the Yes button now and let's get started.

Special Projects
FightFast/TRS Survival

P.S. Here's a quick recap of what you'll get when you hit the "Yes" button now:

  1. You'll get the EDC 330 Tactical Flashlight. Small, lightweight high-grade aircraft aluminum, top quality optics, cool tail magnet for hands free operation, 2-way S clip for multiple mounting options, including a hat, glow in the dark tail switch and feather touch toggling between settings, thumb notches for tactical grip, waterproof up to 10 feet, dust proof, and more. When it comes to an everyday carry that you can absolutely rely on, this is as good as it gets.
  2. As a hotlist member, you are getting this at a steep discount. Just $19. That's $70 off what everyone else is paying and it means I'm actually losing money to make sure you're getting the best deal I can manage.
  3. You get a ONE YEAR money back guarantee. If you're not thrilled to death with this and don't find it the most useful and reliable flashlight you've ever owned, just return it in any condition for a fast refund of all your money. I even promise that the refund will be issued within 24 hours of your package arriving into my main offices.
  4. You'll receive that awesome video footage from my Green Beret friend who helped us out with this project. Tons of tactical advice on grip, using the 330 EDC with weapons, how to use it to add power to your strikes, strategic tricks to outwitting your opponent, and so much more. This is included at no cost.

But again, this is for
hotlist members only!

Nobody can get in on this deal. I hope you understand. I just couldn't afford making this a public deal.

But you must hurry. There are only 500 units available at that special pricing. That's plenty for my best hotlist members, but I expect these to move fast, so there's no guarantee you'll get one if you wait.

When they're gone, that's it.

Avoid the regret of missing out and hit the "Yes" button now.

I'll see you inside.