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I Will Now Rush You This Gorgeous
Solid Brass "2nd Amendment" Flag Pin...
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Instructional DVD Package (Worth $97)...

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Dear Hotlist Member:

I now want to rush you this absolutely stunning American Flag Pin - for FREE.

I'm not kidding around.

Take a close look at this beauty. It's a gorgeous lapel-pin, die-struck from solid brass with "Support The 2nd" proudly displayed just below Old Glory.

It's one of a kind. Designed exclusively by FightFast for FightFast hotlist members.

Each pin is hand-crafted in America by American workers.

You can't get this anywhere else. Only here. And like I said, I will now rush it out to you for FREE.

Okay, so why am I doing this? Well, there are a couple reasons.

First is that I wanted to get your undivided attention.

I mean, if you're the kind of American who's not afraid to show others that you still love this country. Someone who holds the constitution dear and still believes in the principles upon which this great nation was founded...

...then this free lapel pin is the perfect gift from me to you. Let’s people know exactly where you stand without you having to say a word.

My second reason for doing this is that I have something very important to tell you about using a handgun for self-defense. This pin is a kind of ethical bribe from me just for you taking the time to hear me out on this.

Because the fact is, with all due respect, if you own a handgun, or are even considering getting one for the protection of you and your family, you almost certainly do NOT know how to use it.

I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings here. But if you think that shooting paper targets down at the range has prepared you for an actual gun fight, then you'll probably be killed in any real world armed conflict.

Just hear me out. Because I'm only trying to help. In fact, I'm even willing to back-up my words by putting my own money on the line.

I think you're gonna
like this.

Because to prove my point, I will also send you, right along with your free lapel pin, an "American Gunslinger" instructional package.

It includes an intensive two-hour gun training DVD package, a 30-page fully illustrated training manual, and a rather shocking eye-opening audio interview from a former U.S. Special Forces combat operative.

This training package is worth $97, but I will include it right along with your Lapel Pin, for FREE.

This DVD package is super-advanced yet easy-to-learn training from SEVEN world-class handgun experts - including some U.S. Special Forces trainers – who reveal to you the little-known secrets that will save your life if you ever use your gun in self-defense.

So please listen carefully. This could be the most important message you will ever receive.

Hi, it's Jimbo over here at FightFast on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the crew.

For almost 30 years now FightFast and TRS has been showing regular guys like how you can become a skilled, respected, confident, combat expert in mere hours, not years.

Doesn't matter if you have zero skills right now or even if know anything about real world fighting. We're known for quickly transforming average guys, no matter what your size, strength, or skill level, into the kind of feared and respected man that nobody wants to mess with.

It's true. We accomplish this by calling in the experts - like Delta Force Operatives, Seal Team Six Members, and dozens and dozens of the most experienced fighters on earth.

Dangerous men with skills proven in actual life and death combat with blood flowing and bullets flying -- to show you what actually works, and what doesn't.

These are their most treasured dirty tricks and devastatingly effective combat secrets.

No other company in the world has dared to reveal these secrets or even managed to gather together so many top experts in the same place.

Some of them come to FightFast for the money. We've spent over $3.5 million dollars securing these guys. Others get in front of our cameras because they know that FightFast will treat their instruction with the respect it deserves.

It's why we're the most recognized personal combat company on earth.

We skip all the belts, and bowing and nonsense and short-cut straight to only what you need to know.

No fluff. It's all
solid meat.

So while your buddies are down at the local dojo wearing silly pajamas and practicing moves that will only get them hurt or killed in any real street fight, I'm handing you a priceless "quick-learn" course -- PROVEN in actual combat -- that'll allow you to take care of business in the real world.

Devastating stuff that'll put bad guys on notice that you are not to be messed with.

Skeptical? I can't blame you. But I've got a mountain of letters and emails from good folks just like you thanking me for what we do over here.

Like the letter Remo Bulter sent me from Pennsylvania. He said, quote:

"When two very large fellows tried to shake me down in a parking lot, I responded with a simple, fast and violent move taught to me in 5 minutes that put the biggest guy down hard and sent his tough buddy running. This is what my little daughters are learning for their own self-defense I’m making sure of that."

Here's another letter I got. This one's from Gregory Westerfield from New York. He wrote:

"I had an incident with another guy who was much stronger than myself. At only 5'9 and 124lbs, I'm not fast, I don't have much strength, and I'm not violent. But I used what I learned from FightFast and in less than 3 seconds this guy went sailing for fifteen feet. I walked away unharmed, while my opponent walked away with a limp that stayed with him for three days. I had I only watched the video twice before this happened and never practiced the moves! Thanks FightFast. Keep up the good work!"

Okay, and here's one more. This is from James Walsh, a 36 year old man from Scranton who wrote:

"Last year while on family vacation in Nashville we were victims of an armed robbery at our hotel. I was horrified when one of the three gunmen took my wife and two small boys hostage. I gave him all our money but I realized that he was going to kill us anyway. Suddenly I remembered something my brother Dave taught me from one of your self-defense videos. That move saved our four lives, and I just wanted to say, thank you very much for teaching my brother who in turn taught me how to save myself and our children."

I've got a lot more letters just like these.

Are you getting this? Are you beginning to understand why we take this so seriously over here? Can you now see why having some simple instruction could actually save the lives of you and your loved ones?

Look... we live in a dangerous world. This new American Gunslinger instructional package is designed to give you a clear edge over any opponent.

Because the scary part is that most guys are getting their so-called gun training by shooting cans off a fence. Or, even worse, from watching Hollywood action movies.

Trust me, if you're taking combat tips from Matt Damon, you're gonna die!

But even if you got some fancy certified training from the head cheese at your local shooting range, you gotta ask yourself, has this guy ever even been shot?

How many actual gun fights has he been in? Has he ever shot at someone? Has he ever had to kill anyone with his handgun?

My point is that you need to learn from people who've been there, done that. From guys who know. Men with blood on their hands.

Your instructors are certainly not saints. They're killers plain and simple. But I'd rather get trained from any one of them than from some store front expert whose never actually faced down the business end of a barrel.

This kind of training gives you an advantage over most everyone, because, like I said, most people - including most of the goons you’ll face on the streets -- have zero combat handgun training.

So even a little training like this will put you miles ahead of everyone.

Here's just a taste of what you’ll learn from this Free American Gunslinger DVD package.

First... you'll discover crucial tactical mindset tricks that you can easily incorporate into your own thinking. Simple stuff. And it doesn't mean you’ll become some kind of knuckle dragging jerk or paranoid nut or anything like that.

It does mean you'll be able take total control of even hairiest situations with a sense of calm alpha aggression.

You'll also learn some advanced psychological tricks to get inside your opponent's head. Because that’s where the battle is really won.

Once you see how it's done, it's easy to get an opponent panicking and back on his heels, while YOU take 100% command.

What's amazing is that often times your opponent will simply drop his weapon and run. Or cower-down begging for mercy without a shot ever being fired.

Also, you'll learn about reactionary gap – something that few people outside of SWAT Teams and U.S. Special Forces really understand.

It's a kind of glitch in the human nervous system that can give you a huge advantage over your opponent.

You'll suddenly understand exactly how much time you have in different scenarios so you'll know exactly which opponent to take out first, when you can afford to show some mercy, when you can't, how many shots to fire at each threat and a lot more.

This vital information keeps you one step ahead of even multiple opponents.

Like I said, this is about gun combat. We get right into the meat of what you need to know to win.

Also, precisely how many feet you can allow someone who's armed with a knife to approach before you must fire your weapon.

It's not what you'd think and I guarantee this one will shock you.

Not knowing this can get you killed.

Which is why so many police officers were being stabbed to death, even though they had their weapon drawn. We're proud to say this research has changed the rules of engagement for law officials all over the country.

And now it's your turn to know this too.

You will also discover the advanced fundamentals of combat stance, grip, draw and presentation. Again, these are the advanced basics for gun combat.

You gotta start here. It's the foundation for the more aggressive styles we cover later on in the DVD, including quick draws, achieving deadly accurate shots while on the move, firing on a moving target, and more.

What you'll discover is almost certainly not something you've ever seen before, but it's taught to you by a former Delta operative who has used these tactics overseas in actual blood and guts combat.

So it's proven. It's what works.

If you're interested in being the guy who goes home to his family instead of being the guy who gets carted off to the morgue, you'll want to know this.

Also, why you should avoid changing out your gear on a regular basis. You'll discover a much better way, and it means saving your hard earned money while gaining quickness, repeatability, and machine like consistency to all your shots in the shortest time possible.

Another thing: Why most so-called gun experts are dead wrong about how to get your gun on target. What they're teaching is for target shooting, not combat. Takes way too long.

You'll discover how to acquire a target fast -- essential in actual combat shooting because fractions of a second matter. Can mean the difference between living and dying.

Also, how to draw your gun from beneath a coat or shirt. You'll learn why a little weight, like keys or a roll of quarters, inside a pocket can avoid entanglements while drawing your weapon.

Very slick technique that makes a big difference during quick draws.

Also, very specific tricks to speeding up your draw, including "snapping" between targets, the "water barrel" method to quickly acquire a target straight out of the holster, special dry fire techniques that will perfect your skills in no time without putting wear on your weapon or burning up ammo, and a lot more.

This is how you'll get real good, real fast.

Another thing you'll learn is trigger control tactics. There's a reason why nervous shooters miss left of target and why experienced combat vets under fire will automatically dive for cover to their opponent’s right.

What you'll discover here gives you some deep insight while providing you with dead-eye sight alignment and accuracy tips.

You also learn about what happens in an actual armed conflict. Thugs and criminals follow very predictable patterns, so there are plenty of opportunities for success, once you know what to look for and how to take advantage of them.

Also, why any gun owner who’s only practicing aimed shooting is at a serious disadvantage. Here a hint: A high percentage of criminal attacks happen inside of 3 to 5 yards.

A distance that makes it impossible to draw and aim your weapon before your assailant is upon you. That's why the close quarters instinctual shooting tactics we teach are so important for you.

You'll learn a number of dynamic drills that teach you movement, proper firing techniques, positioning, dealing with multiple attackers at close range and a lot more.

These are simple, devastating moves that keep YOU in the driver's seat at all times even when opponents are right on top of you.

And there's plenty more.

Like how to handle a hostage situation, what target areas on the human body to consider for varying results, situational awareness techniques that keep you on your toes but still calm and in control, how to use fear and anger to get you to act with a clear head instead of freezing up like a deer in the headlights, and more.

So much more that I can't possibly cover it all here. In fact, I'm not even going to try since you can see this American Gunslinger DVD package for yourself, for free.

But wait... there's more free stuff I want to give you, including the 30-page American Gunslinger Training Manual. This book supplements the DVD package.

It's packed with lots of fascinating material, including how to avoid the common "Convulsive Trigger Pull" which kills your accuracy... the isosceles firing position verses the Weaver Stance and which one seasoned combat soldiers prefer... how to safely add stress into your training routine to ensure you can perform under pressure when crunch time hits... and tons more.

Like the single biggest factor in weapon control... how to move while shooting... crucial cover and concealment tips... easy and practical four-point positioning drills... specific training goals for the range... and so much more.

This guide is a fun and easy to read manual, fully-illustrated, and jam-packed with extremely useful information. And it's included for free.

But hold on... there's even more. I will also send you a shocking Audio Interview with Jim "Smokey" West.

What does Jim West know about using a handgun in lethal combat?

Well, they're writing books about his adventures now. Shocking, grisly stuff. Twenty years of hardcore blood and guts experience that makes Rambo look like a wussy.

Jim West earned a half dozen medals in the "first" Iraq war... spent 13 years in the Green Berets... trained elite Special Forces and Justice Department agents in hand-to-hand combat...

...and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

As a former U.S. Special Forces operative he faced the kind of life and death stuff that'd curl your hair. But legally, I can't even talk about the truly nasty and deadly fighting he's done while in the U.S. Special Forces.

Let's just say he's earned a LOT of extra "hazard pay" working as a Black Operative for the U.S. government.

He's lived in a different world than most of us. Yes, he's been smack dab in the middle of lethal gun fights. And yes, he's had to kill people in combat.

That's all I can really say. The only thing you need to know is that Jim West is the real deal. The mere fact that this dude is alive and still walking the planet is a testament to his deep knowledge of how to use a weapon – including a handgun -- in actual combat.

His word is gold around here, period. And this audio interview is a fascinating insider's peek into the mind of a true American warrior.

War stories, handgun tips, and plenty of practical advice from the master of destruction himself.

So, the American Gunslinger DVD package, the book, the killer audio interview – will all be included for free right along with your free Second Amendment Flag Pin.

FREE Modern American Gun Slinger DVD Kit

The links to download the training manual and the audio interview will be sent out to you the moment you agree to receive this package. So you'll have instant access to those items in minutes.

The DVD package and the lapel pin will be rushed shipped through our automated fulfillment system. This is the fastest way humanly possible to get these items into your hands.

Wear your lapel pin with pride. The vivid red white and blue colors are deep and rich. The durable enamel epoxy is actually painstakingly applied by hand. It's tough-as-nails so it will NEVER chip, flake or peel.

The easy-on clutch mechanism holds firm and is extremely sturdy. It won't damage the material you pin it to, so you can wear this on your finest suit.

This is the same amazing quality pin as that worn by Senators, diplomates and heads of state, so you can use it for special events or nights out. Or simply wear it on everyday shirts, hats, sweaters and coats.

Your flag pin is practically bullet proof, so expect your pin to last for centuries – destined to be handed down through the generations as your personal and treasured family heirloom.

But there is a catch: Next month I plan on selling this SAME kit – the American Gunslinger DVD package -- the training manual, the Jim West audio interview AND the American Flag Lapel pin – for $97.

But for you and anyone else on this very select hotlist, I want you to have it now for FREE.

The only thing I ask is that you pay for the shipping and handling to get this to your front door. Just $7.95. That's it. Use your credit card to pay for the shipping and handling.

There's nothing to worry about. You're not joining a club. There will never be any sort of sneaky reoccurring charges. Nothing like that. This is simply a one-time shipping and handling fee only. That it.

But you don't even risk a penny of that shipping and handling fee.

Because if you aren't absolutely 100% happy for any reason, just call my office at 1-800-899-8153 and for a full and fast refund – but KEEP the Flag Pin, the illustrated training manual, the audio interview with former Black Operative Jim West, and the American Gunslinger DVD package -- as my gifts to you just for taking the time to check this out.

So you see, this really is a free offer. A very generous one too.

FightFast has managed to thrive in business for nearly 3 decades now because we treat customers like WE want to be treated. If you're not happy, we're not happy.

But as you can imagine, my little company can't afford to do this forever. So my business partners and I agreed to limit the number of packages we can afford to give away.

We agreed on 1000 packages.

I know that probably sounds like a lot, but this message is going out to over 10,000 guys on this special hotlist. So, as you can imagine, this deal won't be around long.

In fact, if you wait, even for a day, you'll almost certainly miss out.

Today, there are plenty of packages to go around. So if you request one right now, I can guarantee you'll get one.

But if you close this page, it's unlikely you'll get another shot at this. There's really not much to think about anyway. It's a free deal.

You risk nothing and yet get $97 worth of combat secrets and a free pin, just because you happen to be on this hotlist.

That's a pretty sweet deal. So do this now, while it's still available.

This is Jimbo, on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the crew, signing off. But before I go, let's do a quick recap of what you'll receive if you order now.

Click on the Yes button. Do that now and I will rush you.

FREE Modern American Gun Slinger DVD Kit
  • First - American Flag Pin. Solid brass, gorgeous colors, made right here in America with "Support The 2nd" right under the stars and stripes. This is our own design. A collector's item you can't find anywhere else but here at FightFast.
  • Second, you'll get The American Gunslinger DVD. This is two hours of the most intense and comprehensive handgun training you'll find anywhere, taught to you by seven super-respect world class experts.
  • Third, you'll get the America Gunslinger Training Manual. 30 fully illustrated pages that complement the DVD, but packed with additional tips, training drills, and vital information. A fast and fun read.
  • Fourth - The uncut audio interview with Jim West. This is an unvarnished chat with a former U.S. Black Operative. Combat tips and war stories that will blow you away.

You're getting all this for free. All I ask is that you pay for the shipping and handling to get this to your door.

But you also receive – number five – a lifetime 100% money back guarantee on your shipping and handling. If you're not happy, just call my office and ask for a refund, but you can still keep everything.

Sounds nuts, but that's the deal.

Where else can you get a boatload of valuable stuff like this for free?

Nowhere. Just here at FightFast.

We're building a solid gold reputation for being the company who gives away killer gifts like this to hotlist member.

But you must hurry. There's just 1000 of these free packages to go around. This could be over with as soon as tomorrow.

You won't find a better deal than free.

So jump on this now, while it's still available.

FREE Modern American Gun Slinger DVD Kit