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23Simple... Nasty... And Devastating
U.S. Special Forces Fighting Skills.

Why? Because This “Old As Dirt” Ex-Special Forces KILLER
Is One Of Only A Handful Of Experts On Earth
Who Has Used These Wicked Special Forces Skills
In Actual Deadly Hand-To-Hand Combat...

And Is Now The ONLY One Willing To Teach Them All To YOU!

These Highly-Guarded Fight Secrets
Are So Vicious... Brutal... And Downright Scary
That They’re Guaranteed To Save Your Ass In The Ugliest Personal Combat Situations... Even If You Currently
Have NO Fighting Skills Whatsoever!


From:   Jim West
        Seasoned U.S. Combat Soldier

To:     TRS “HotList” Customer

Dear TRS Hotlist Member:

I’ll admit... my body is tore up.

As 20-year U.S. Special Forces combat vet, what could I expect?

I’ve been stabbed in the back... stabbed in the shoulder... had my finger half cut off (and sewed back on)... my face split open by shrapnel ... my right leg busted up in 18 places... both shins shattered to bits... both hands broken... both wrists busted... 200 stitches in my face alone... and worse. Hell, in one fight I even had my pinky toe ripped-off my foot (the doc sew that back on too).

I’ve earned a half a dozen medals in the “first” Iraq war... spent 13 years in the “black bag” arm of the Green Berets... held the coveted “Whiskey 9” top secret clearance... trained special forces and Justice Department agents in hand-to-hand combat, and (what really stuns the hell outta some folks)...

That’s Just The
Tip Of The Iceberg!

Legally, I can’t even talk about the truly nasty and deadly fighting I’ve done while in the U.S. Special Forces. Let’s just say I’ve earned a LOT of extra “hazard pay” by picking up certain U.S. government “contracts”.

To say anything more would probably land my ass in Federal prison.

So why am I telling you all this?

Here’s why – and I think you’ll like it.

I just put together a solid-gold collection of my most treasured fight secrets – 23 hand-picked jewels from my own personal Special Forces “bag-o-nasty tricks”.

They’re specifically designed to work for:

  • Older guys who may have lost some "juice" over the years...
  • Smaller men who may not be blessed with size and strength...
  • Inexperienced fighters who don’t want to screw around “sparing” with
    more meaner stronger fighters.

This is how you'll end the fight in a couple seconds without fuss... without getting hurt... and without breaking a sweat.

With these 23 “fight-enders”...

You’ll Only Need Brains To Win...
Not Strength And Endurance.

Because I’ll be the first to admit — I no longer have the physical strength to “take it to the ground” with some young lion who’s got nothing to lose.

Nope... don’t want to do that anymore.

But here’s the thing... I still can easily and quickly win a fight against younger, stronger, more pumped up fighters using any one of these 23 nasty Special Forces tricks.

For him it’ll mean lights out, game over.

And I guarantee that these 23 fights secrets will work for you too – and I don’t care if you’re crippled-up and old-as-dirt like me.

You’ll be stunned at how easy and devastating this is – and I’m the ONLY U.S. Special Forces soldier with “real-world” experience that’s willing to teach you these secrets.

The ONLY one!

Because my real skill – what the U.S. government really used me for — was training soldiers and G-men in the “Dark Art” of truly nasty, vicious no-rules fighting.

Understand that U.S. Special Forces don’t have years to mess around training some “martial art” (which will only “fall apart” in real combat) – they want their soldiers up and running as quickly as possible with something that’ll work!

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll quickly discover in my “Master Of Destruction” DVD pack:

  • Exactly how to throw a proper “street-fighters” punch – and why your typical “swimming” punch (which nearly everyone else is using) is foolish and opens you up to a knock out shot. (It’s true... even many pro boxers often don’t understand the critical difference between a boxer’s “ring punch” and a “brawler’s punch”. Now you’ll know – and this secret means the difference between winning and losing a “real-world” fight.
  • A simple and devastating counter-shot to anyone stupid enough to try and tackle you with a “bull rush”. This requires almost no strength... is almost impossible to block... and means instant “bed-time” for your opponent. He’ll be sleeping like a baby before he hits the ground.
  • A simple but oh-so devastating “bitch slap” that’ll stop him in his tracks. Deceptively innocent (looks effortless) but is guaranteed to bust up flesh and bone (Don’t believe it? Well I’ll even show you how to use this “bitch slap” to break thick wooden boards like peanut-brittle).
  • The astonishingly effective one-two elbow “punch” that’ll absolutely destroy nerves in his upper torso. Add my little “twist turn” to this for some extra “pizzazz” to get him reeling backward and wondering why the hell he ever messed with you. He’ll be on his ass and at your mercy in seconds
  • Why “punching across”, (something most martial arts teach), is one of the stupidest things you can do in a real fight. Special Forces sure wouldn’t do it – and neither should you. I’ll show you the correct way – and it makes a huge difference in protecting yourself.
  • Easy “follow-up” shots that’ll never have you “standing around” while your opponent regains his bearings. Wicked stuff (I particularly like the “ankle-snap” that’ll shatter his ankle with a light stomp) to ensure that your opponent is 100% unable to re-engage.
  • A critical “set-up secret” that insures your opponent cannot strike without first “broadcasting” his intentions with his feet. Understand this and you’ll ALWAYS know exactly what he’s up to – and he won’t suspect for a moment that you’re reading him like a book!
  • An old bare-knuckles boxing trick that’ll shatter his hand like glass and have him withering back in blinding pain. So simple and quick. he won’t know what hit him, or how such a “little guy” did it.
  • Why the Crown Bone is one of the most wicked “natural” weapons in your arsenal. I’ll show exactly how to use this one weapon to end it all in seconds with your opponent unconscious and gurgling nonsense at your feet.
  • A simple Crash Position that’ll put you “low and below” and instantly in an “offensive” position he can’t penetrate. You’ll puzzle the hell outta him just before “lights out” time.
  • The stunning “Bounce Step” (even old guys like me can do this), that makes it nearly impossible to be “pushed out” and attacked.
  • How to use the nasty little “Elbow Push” (almost zero strength required) to shatter his collar bone like a brittle twig – allowing you to get back to your busy day while he takes a ride to the hospital.
  • Simple “Two Blockin’” moves that’ll disrupt his plans... get him out of his “rhythm”... and have his head spinning in confusion.
  • How to use the “blade” of your hand like an axe handle shot to hammer him backward. This one simple move is designed to bust up teeth, flesh, and bone with very little power necessary.
  • A very simple (and very cool) special forces “one second triple-strike” that’ll have you striking 3 vicious blows before he can blink. It’s all about “economy of motion” and this triple combo shot will amaze you. It really works in the real world, because I wouldn’t dare show you anything that doesn’t work in the street, (this one trick alone is worth the cost of this entire package).
  • Why you NEVER want to allow an opponent to “work around” you. I’ll show you simple ways to make him pay dearly for even trying.
  • Expert “straight line” shots that require very little effort (just 12-pounds of pressure will do it), but produce devastating power. Not one guy in a thousand understands this, but it’s simple once you know how.

And tons more.

Like the proper way to use a classic football “stiff arm” in a fight... how to take total charge of the fight by controlling your space... where you MUST keep your eyes during a confrontation... where to target a “knee punch” for unbelievable power and devastation with little effort...  “positioning” tips guaranteed to keep you off the ground... simple “angling” secrets to make sure you’re never backed into a corner... the secrets to “half moon” sidestepping so you can deliver clean knockout shots (simple knowledge with almost zero strength required)... understanding critical “lines of defense” and how to flip your defense into offense (and stun the hell outta him).... tricky entrapment footwork techniques (easy to learn) that’ll instantly have him “backpeddling”... conservation of energy and economy of motion secrets... simple tactics to NEVER allow someone to circle around you... and more. A LOT more.

Look... I’ve reached a point where I’m tired of getting banged- up. I’d much rather...

End The Threat In A Couple Seconds...
Standing On My Feet.

I’m guessin’ you would too.

That’s why this training is perfect for good honest Americans who have busy lives... pay the bills... enjoy a weekend barbeque from time to time — and simply don’t have days, weeks and months to train at some silly dojo.

Like I said... this is all about using brains not brawn – and just one viewing this “Master Of Destruction” means...

You’ll Never Be Forced To “Duke-It-Out”
Against Someone Bigger And Stronger Than You.

Forget the “head-to-head” matches or fighting strength-with-strength. It’s time to get a little smarter than that.

Yes... there’s a lot more than 23 nasty tricks in this DVD package — but the “bam-bam-he’s-out” stuff – the real Special Forces hand-to-hand “bread and butter” – adds up to an astonishing 23 essentials. That’s probably more than you’ll ever need – but I always said “more is better”.

YOU pick and choose which ones you’ll use – and typically just ONE is enough to decisively end a fight. It’s really that simple – and the best part is that you can learn all 23 of them in a couple of hours then use any one of them that same day if you have to.

That’s why soldiers and martial artists who know are going nuts for this “Master Of Destruction” DVD package! It’s simply the fastest way to learn this kind of simplified Special Forces fighting – and you won’t find this anywhere else.

Here’s how you can get your hands on this right now: Hit the "Add To Cart" button below right now

The purchase price for this entire package – two DVDs, over two solid hours of Special Forces intensive instruction — is just $97 (plus $7 for shipping and handling). So you’re getting a killer deal here.

If you are not 100% convinced — for any reason whatsoever — that these new skills are as exciting and powerful as I say —  then simply send the package back (in any condition) for a fast refund.

That means you don’t risk a penny if you aren’t completely satisfied, which is your chance...

To See It All FREE
If You Choose!

It’s a generous offer that TRS President Bob Pierce (and his “partners”), are willing to make because they’re 100% confident in this material and know you’ll love it when you see it. This is the real thing.

You can also call my friends right now at TRS “fight central", (Bob Pierce and his crack staff are handling everything). That toll-free number is:


Ask for “Jim West’s Master Of Destruction” package. The TRS crew is standing by 24-hours a day, 7 days a week so there’s no wrong time to phone. Use your credit card.

Of course, if you’d rather pay by check or money order, just send your payment to: TRS Direct, Dept. MO-300, 606 E. Acequia Ave., Visalia, CA 93292. Make sure you include an additional $7 for the shipping and handling. Please make a note that you ordered within the 3 days so you can get your FREE bonuses (which I'm about to tell you about).

Online ordering is preferred, since it's the easiest and fastest way.

No matter HOW you order, your package will be rushed out to you.

But hold on... there’s more. I also put together 3 “special sections” including:

1.) Most Vicious Favorites – These are specifically for smaller guys when there’s simply no choice but to fight. I get down and dirty with a handful of my own personal favorite moves including:

  • How to deliver a devastating “crown bone” shot (and the easy trick to setting him up for this “instant knock-out” shot)...
  • The nasty little “Six Sense Punch” that uses your own body weight (even the weight of a small child will do), to deliver massive damage...
  • Specific target areas that few fighters ever go for – but which I insist you attack first. The physical and psychological shock you’ll instill will instantly generate pain, fear, and confusion – letting you end it all quickly...
  • Simple techniques to “cutting off” off multiple opponents so you can take ‘em out one at a time – and get the rest running for their lives...
  • Improvised weapons secrets and how to direct them at “pain-rich” targets. I’ll even show you simple concealment tactics (and why your ankle is never a good place to strap a weapon), as well as a number tricky distraction techniques.
  • This “most vicious” section dives deep into a handful of my favorite techniques that have saved my ass more than once – and in the hairiest kinds of lethal fights too!

2.) “One-On-One” With Jim West. Bob Pierce felt it was important for you to get an “up-close” look at me and my Special Forces experience.

No problem.

I sat down with him (and one of my training partners) to talk about everything including “disruption” and two-blockin’... psychological tricks to convincing your opponent that he’s made a mistake by messing with you... traveling the world in the U.S. Special Forces... the development of new and brutal fight techniques... the importance of being proactive... “keeping it simple” tricks... how to make your moves explosive and quick... what hardcore research has proven about real-world streetfighting... how to strip away someone’s fighting “spirit”... how to hit soft fleshy target verses striking a boney target (BIG difference, though rookies hit both targets the same way.

I’ll tell you how to do it right..)... secrets to not letting your adversary “off the hook”... how you MUST look at a street-fight to “equalize” the situation... biggest misconceptions of a streetfight... and a lot more. Very revealing insider information that you don’t want to miss out on.

3.) The Deadly “Neck Tie” – I’m a Special Forces guy – so this “lethal neck tie” is fun stuff for me.

I know you’ll want to see this too. It’s all about using a tricky little carbon-fiber weapon concealed behind your neck tie — allowing even a well-dressed businessman to be armed to the teeth with one vicious little weapon.

Nobody will suspect a thing (until “crunch-time” hits) and this nasty trick means you’ll be in control at all times. I simply love this because no one suspects a thing – until they make the mistake of screwing with you!

Alright, Bob Pierce – the President of TRS — is getting ready to sell these three sections in a separate package for a total of $69.

I didn’t want him to do that because I felt it was part of the “whole picture” – so I asked that he give you all three – my “vicious favorites”... the interview... and the “neck tie” — for FREE.

Bob and I go back a long way, so he finally agreed to it...

But With One “Catch”

These three free bonuses are ONLY available to the TRS “hotlist” and if you order within the next THREE DAYS. So you’ve got to hurry... because after that, if you want them, you have to pay $69.

I can live with that, but you need to act quickly.

So don’t sit around thinking about this.

There isn’t much time. You’ve got NOTHING to lose – and you've got THREE DAYS to get the 3 bonuses waiting for you for FREE.

So call today, or mail in your order right now.

This is a genuine bargain... and a once-in-a-lifetime chance to finally learn these U.S Special Forces secrets from the only “old soldier” willing to teach them to you.


Jim West        
Jim West

P.S. Just to make sure you’re clear about this generous deal – order right now and ask for Jim West’s “Master Of Destruction” Package.

You’ll get a ton of Special Forces fight-fast info designed specifically for smaller “seasoned guys” like me who simply want to “end it” against anyone, (of any size).

If you order within 3 days of this message, you get the other 3 free bonuses included in your package.