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Here's Your Chance To
The Hottest
(And Coolest)
Waterproof Plasma
'Arc' Lighter

...For Free!

An amazing breakthrough in electronic ignition technology, the Pyro Arc Lighter generates a 2600-degree plasma-type electric stream.

Dear Hotlist Member.

As you may already know, FightFast and TRS Survival are always busy dreaming up new and exciting products for you and guys just like you.

Stuff that men really want.

Well, we've just come up with another. This is gonna blow your mind. It's a marvel of technology -- an electronic plasma 'Arc' lighter we call...

...The TRS Pyro.

That's the Greek word for "fire". And boy does it live up to its name.

The TRS Pyro generates a continuous...

Plasma Stream!

That's hot enough to instantly ignite a campfire, a barbeque, a candle, light a cigar or cigarette or whatever you need, whenever you need it, no matter how windy or nasty the weather.

It's waterproof too. Also has a bright LED flashlight on the opposite end.

I'll give you all the specs and details about The TRS Pyro in just a second. It's the most awesome firestarter slash flashlight combination on the planet.

And if you do not agree, after trying this out for yourself... I will let you have this amazing gadget, yours to keep...


I'm absolutely serious. It's all part of a market test we are conducting with a small group of guys on this exclusive hotlist. And I'm thrilled to say, your name is on that short list.

But I gotta warn you, this offer has some strict time limits. So if you're interested, or even just curious, then please listen carefully.

Hi it's Jimbo over here at FightFast and TRS Survival.

For over 30 years now we've been laser focused on providing men like you killer deals on instructional material and vital gadgets and that are...

Not Only Handy Around
The House,
But Can Also Save Your
Hide In A Pinch!

That's why the flameless TRS Pyro is so important to you.

It's not only something you can use every day, while camping, hunting, fishing, hiking or even around the house for a stove, barbeque or a million other things, but it's also a must-have item in an emergency, or survival situation.

Because if -- God forbid -- you ever get lost deep in the woods on a fishing trip, or the electrical grid goes down, or a snowstorm leaves you stranded in no-man's land... whatever...

...experts all agree that there are...

Two Things Which Will
Dramatically Increase
Your Comfort And Your
Odds Of Survival!

Those two items are... a knife and a way to start a fire.

A knife is pretty self explanatory. It's a primary tool to help you build a shelter, fashion other tools to catch food, etcetera. So a knife is critical.

But just as critical is having a means to ignite a fire.

It's What Separates
Man From Beast!

Cooks your food, keeps you warm, lights up a pitch black night, and in many respects, it's like a friend who keeps you company and protects you from predators.

Problem is of course having a reliable way to start that fire. Regular matches are worthless if they get wet. And believe me, they will get wet.

And waterproof matches or a standard Bic lighter are both unreliable in wind and rain. They also have a very limited shelf life.

Of course you can always rub sticks together, but that's difficult and time consuming, so hopefully you're not cold and wet and facing an emergency.

Which is exactly why the new plasma technology that your TRS Pyro uses is so exciting.

Very few people outside the world of experienced backpackers and search and rescue teams have ever heard about this!

But it's fast becoming known as the most reliable lighter on the market today.

Works in rain, sleet, snow, hail, gale force winds, whatever you can throw at it.

It's Good For Hundreds
And Hundreds Of Lights

On A Single Charge!

Okay... if I sound a little excited about this, well, I am. You should be too. Because, like I said, I'm gonna give you the chance to try one out -- today -- on my dime.

Let's take a closer look at this amazing firestarter.

Here it is:

First of all, it's compact and lightweight.

The overall length is just 3.75 inches with a 1-inch diameter and a weight of less than two ounces.

Perfect for your go bag, or a glove box, a kitchen drawer or inside your front pocket.

As you can see, the flat black water resistant non-slip exterior is gorgeous. When it's closed like you see here...

It's Sealed-Up Tight
And Waterproof!

Good for up to one meter.

Which means the Pyro can handle even the heaviest rain storm. Use with total confidence while boating, rafting, swimming across a lake or a river, just about anywhere.

Fires Up Every Time,
Almost Like Magic!

There's just no stopping it.

Heck, we ran it under water for ten minutes and yet it still instantly ignited this piece of paper with no problem at all.

Campers and hunters, survivalists, search and rescue teams and even military guys out in the field have been quick to adopt this amazing new technology.

It's Simply More Reliable
Than Matches
Or Any Standard Lighter!

I mean, imagine yourself in the great outdoors falling through a frozen lake or even just getting soaked-through in temperatures below 50 degrees.

As any expert will tell you, you'd better get in front of a fire fast, or...

You're Dead!

Good luck fumbling around with those so-called waterproof matches. First of all, you can only carry so many of those. And recent studies show that up to one third of them will fail to even ignite.

And I can tell you from experience that a standard Bic lighter doesn't work when wet.

In such a situation you can imagine that the instant glow of your dependable blazing hot windproof plasma-stream TRS Pyro...

Will Look Like A Small
Slice Of Heaven!

Okay... to open the Pyro, just flip back the locking clasp, press the release, and the spring assisted lid pops open, revealing the business end of the lighter.

The Pyro is a durable high quality zinc alloy dual arc lighter.

The high temperature ceramic plate safely contains the 2000-degree plasma stream, so the Pyro...

Won't Get Hot Anywhere
But Directly On The
Dual Arcs Themselves!

Which means you can use it over and over and over again and yet the unit itself will remain cool to the touch.

The Pyro contains a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. There's no need to screw around trying to refill this with gas or butane or messy lighter fluid or anything like that.

The USB port means you can...

Charge It In The Home
With Any Standard

Phone Plug-In, Or Inside
Your Car, Or Directly
The Field With A Solar Charging Unit!

Only takes about 2 to 3 hours before it’s fully charged and ready to use, but there's an automatic shut off when it's ready, so there's no way you’ll ever overcharge the battery.

The quality case construction and the o-ring seal give this a IP67 rating, so it's very effective at preventing dust, dirt and moisture from seeping into the unit.

Keeps everything neat and tidy. But no matter what...

The Pyro Will Fire Up
Wet Or Dry!

The flameless arc is also windproof. You cannot blow this thing out.

Pretty amazing really. It's so reliable.

Which is why the Pyro is fast becoming the go-to technology for anyone who needs a durable reliable lighter. Which, when you think about it, is just about everyone.

But Hold On...
There's More!

Like I said, the TRS Pyro also contains a bright 100 Lumen LED flashlight on the flip side of the unit. Three different settings, high-beam, low-beam and strobe.

And just like the lighter...

The Flashlight Is Also Waterproof And Dust Proof
And Is Recharged From The Same Port!

Means that while the plasma lighter is recharging, so is the flashlight. Keeps everything simple.

This particular flashlight is capable of providing over 20 hours of continual illumination. A very handy thing to have just about anywhere. I don't know about you but I am always in need of good flashlight.

And of course being combined with a lighter make this priceless.

I couldn't be more thrilled to finally get these units into our warehouse. And I'm glad you're lucky enough to be part of this market test.

Here's how you can get your very own TRS Pyro right now:

Just get your credit ready and click on the "Yes" button below.

For a brief time I'm making the price for the Pyro is just $14.95. That's rock bottom and it means I'm practically giving it away.

Plus I'm including...

Free Shipping
And Handling!

But I said you could try this out on my dime as part of this test, and I meant every word. Here's how that works.

Get this beauty into your hands.

If you don't agree that this is far superior to any lighter you've ever owned, if jaws don't drop when your buddies see the hypnotic streaming blue plasma for themselves... fact, if you are totally thrilled for any reason, even NO reason, then I insist you contact me at and demand a full refund of your $14.95. But, just for you trouble go ahead and...

Keep The TRS Pyro
-- For FREE!

That's right, it's yours for as my gift to you, even if you request a full refund.

Try getting that deal anywhere else. You can't.

Which is why my poor quivering accountant is losing his mind over here. Once again, he swears we're gonna get ripped off blind.

That's not going to happen, for a few reasons.

First. I'm restricting this deal to select members of this hotlist only. If you didn't personally receive the invitation email that got you here, you will be told "no" if you try to order through this special hidden webpage.

Number two. There are only 500 lighters available for this market test. It's first come first serve. And this message has just been sent out to over 10,000 hotlist guys like you. So there are no guarantees you will get one unless you act now, like as in right now.

Because if you wait, even for a day, you will almost certainly miss out. Nobody wants that. I want you to get one of these. Making hotlist guys like you happy while field testing a new product is what this is all about.

So please, hit the yes button now.

You're getting this amazing high-tech plasma lighter at cost. Nobody else gets that.

You're also getting free shipping and handling.

You're also receiving a generous one year 100% money back guarantee.

On top of that, you can KEEP the TRS Pyro for FREE -- no matter what -- even if you take advantage of my generous money back guarantee.

But again, there's only 500 to go around. You may never get another shot at this again. So hit the "yes" button below right now and I'll see you inside.