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Why Does This Professional Street-Fighting Outlaw
(And Navy SEAL Trainer)
Want To Give YOU These Two
Amazing Fighting Knives...

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The Answer Will Shock And Delight You.
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Dear Hotlist Member:

With your permission, I would like to now send you the TWO fighting knives you see above... for FREE.

Why would I do that?

Well allow me a second to explain. It’s definitely worth a minute of your time. You’re going to like this!

Hi. It’s Jimbo over here at FightFast. For almost 30 years now we’ve been providing average guys like you the simple tactics to fighting and winning. Stuff that’ll keep you steely-eyed and calm even through even the most nightmarish scenario.

Yes, some of what we teach is lethal. All of it’s devastating, designed to end a confrontation in a couple of seconds using simple dirty tricks that give you an unfair advantage.

You’ll walk away. Your opponent may not. At the very least he’ll wish he had never messed with you in the first place.

Look, we know that a fight is probably the hairiest thing that could ever happen to you. It’s the ultimate survival situation.

Every single fiber of your being -- body and soul, conscious and subconscious -- is called upon to perform in the most intense, mind-and gut-wrenching, do-or-die situation you’ll ever face.

It’s even worse than getting married.

But tragically, in a streetfight scenario most people panic and freeze like a deer in the headlights, hoping on a star that someone will come along and bail them out.

But in the real world Batman isn’t going to swing in from the rooftops to save you, is he? Nope, in the real world, if you’re gonna survive, you need some skills of your own. Actual techniques and tactics to end a confrontation in a couple of seconds on your terms.

The good news is that there are a LOT of simple moves that really work. I know. For over three decades FightFast has used our deep connections in the military and martial arts world to called in the most dangerous men on earth to share their most treasured fight tricks with you.

We’ve spent over three and half million dollars gaining these secrets.

And that’s what this is all about. Giving you the skills and confidence to be prepared for anything.

Because here are the cruel facts.

If you’re ever approached on the streets by some punk demanding money... or surprised at a gas station by an idiot who swears you had cut him off in traffic two blocks down... or confronted by goons looking to hurt and humiliate you or your loved ones just for kicks – then you must assume something most guys don’t even want to think about.

Namely, that your opponent is almost certainly armed with a knife!

It’s true. A knife is the weapon of choice on the streets today. And if you choose not to get some knowledge of how to handle offensive and defensive blade tactics, you leaving a gaping hole in your defense system and are placing yourself at a huge disadvantage.

You need to be trained in the advanced fundamentals of knife fighting. If you don’t, if you simply ignore my advice, you are putting yourself and your loved ones in extreme danger.

And that’s why FightFast will now give you these free knives.

Let’s take a closer look. We developed this knife ourselves. I call it the “Black Ops Trainer”.

It may look real, but it’s actually a training knife. Amazing quality. The best you’ll find. Made from a solid chunk of durable synthetic rubber.

The Black Ops Trainer is made from a solid chunck of durable synthetic rubber

Unlike other training knives, this isn’t made of some hollow cheap plastic. Nope. This beauty is a hefty six ounces... thick, beefy, and yet flexible.

The overall length is 12 and ½ inches. The blade length is six and three quarters inches. So it’s the right size, weight, and shape of a real combat blade, but it won’t cut you.

And that’s the whole point. Allows you to train with the real deal, without risk.

And we give you two of them. One for you, one for anyone else who wants to train these simple secrets with you.

Okay... about the training. It’s all laid out for you in an amazing training DVD we call Ruthless Street Fighting Tactics.

A lot of the instruction deals with the crucial art of real-world knife-fighting. This is how you’ll get read good, real fast. You can practice the simple training, by yourself in a mirror, or with a buddy or a family member.

But there’s also quite a bit devoted to hand to hand skills, which I’ll tell you all about in just a minute.

Before I do, let me clear about something.

On the street, in a bar, coming out of the movie, if a guy pulls a knife on you, the smart move is to run. No shame in running. Do yourself a favor now and eliminate any macho resistance you may have to this idea.

You see a knife, run like hell if you can.

Problem is, sometimes running isn’t an option. You may be caught against a wall. Or between cars in a parking lot. Or in a seated position. Or perhaps your family or loved ones are stuck in the car.

Or maybe you’re confronted by a knife wielding thug who doesn’t just want your wallet. He wants the thrill of busting you up. Or he wants your girl. Or maybe he just wants to kill you to satisfy his sick idea of social justice.

Who knows. The world is dangerous place. Stuff like this happens all the time. Remember the knock-out game that inner city punks were playing? They would sucker punch an innocent stranger just to see if they could knock them out with one strike.

Or how about the recent gang initiations where wannabe candidates stabbed innocent victims just to get accepted into the club.

Welcome to the world we live in today.

I pity the poor guy who has to face this kind of situation without proper training. He can kiss his rear-end good-bye.

But the good news is, it’s just not that hard to learn how to master these skills. A few hours is all you’ll need.

I know because I have a mountain of letters and emails from regular guys who have actually used what they learned from FightFast to successfully protect themselves and their loved ones.

I particularly like the letter I got from a 71-year-old Texas woman. She knocked out a guy who had broken into her trailer using a simple but devastating move she learned from a FightFast video -- after watching the DVD just once.

What you’ll discover is really that powerful.

You’ll suddenly know exactly how to handle yourself with complete confidence -- whether it’s hand to hand or knife fighting. Whether the blade is in your hands or in someone else’s.

Because frankly, the secrets is that most street tuffs have zero training. Which means even a little knowledge like this will put you miles ahead of your opponent.

Your instructor -- the guy who’ll teach you everything -- is a former Navy SEAL trainer.

Professional Street Fighter, Tom Cruse

His name is Tom Cruse. No, not the actor. This Tom Cruse is a lot tougher. Meaner too. He’s a professional street fighter who’s been in over 200 nasty streetfights.

He’s been arrested and locked up about 30 times for getting into fights and has a police record that he’s not exactly proud of -- but at least it proves he knows what he’s talking about.

And in his professional career, he’s known around the world as the guy who was dropped into live fire combat zones to train Navy SEALS in hand-to-hand combat.

He’s also taught these secrets to packed seminars in 14 different countries with over 10,000 students worldwide. He’s taught law enforcement officers, high-level government agencies, security specialists, private individuals, you name it.

What makes him so unique is that...

He Learned This Stuff The Hard Way

Not in a classroom, but on the streets.

Tom grew up in a tough neighborhood in Cleveland where he got picked on a lot. So he grew up fighting all the time. I mean all the time!

Later, as an adult, he was fortunate enough to meet a small, elite group of accomplished streetfighters who were trained by direct “descendants” of Bruce Lee himself.

They learned the art from a man named Dan Inosanto, who was Bruce Lee’s personal training partner and is still perhaps the greatest martial arts expert alive. A true fighter and a trainer of fighters.

Tom has been on the cover of Black Belt Magazine and Inside Kung Fu and many other respected magazines.

After more than 30 years in this industry, Tom Cruse is on my short list of guys I’d personally want to train with. His skills are nothing short of breathtaking.

For the average guy, street fighting probably isn’t what you think. What most people "think" they know about street fighting -- or what they see in the movies -- will only get them KILLED in a real-life, hostile confrontation with someone who's hell-bent on doing serious bodily harm.

And yes, I’m even including most so-called martial arts “experts” out there, and especially their students.

It happens all the time.

In fact, not too long ago, the assistant editor of a major martial arts magazine -- a guy who’s supposedly a black belt in 14 different arts -- got mugged and killed by a crack head who robbed him for $10!!

That’s a true story -- and it embarrassed the hell out of martial arts world.

Which is exactly why Tom Cruse threw out the fancy schmancy martial arts stuff that doesn’t work on the street, kept the simple and brutal stuff that does, and combined them into one fluid, adaptable “system” that can be used by anybody -- man, woman, or child... young or old... small or large... weak or strong.

The DVD Ruthless Street Fighting Tactics is over 4 hours long and it’s packed with everything Tom put together -- based on years of bloody hands on research -- that will quickly transform you into feared and respected force of nature.

Yes, there’s a lot about dealing with a knife. But there’s also a lot about hand to hand combat. Ultra viscous material that can take out determined thugs in short order, without wasting time on ineffective moves that may look pretty in the dojo but don’t work on the street.

Tom’s stripped away every complicated, hard-to-use technique and concentrated solely on that which will enable you to win even the most mismatched fight you’d ever come up against.

All meat. No fluff.

I can honestly say that if you watch my video and practice what I teach you, you will become one heck of a dangerous person. Others don’t need to know that. In fact, keep it to yourself until you need it. Then, and only then, should you unleash the beast. I swear, it’ll all be over with in a couple of seconds with you ontop.

Why am I so certain?

Because this is the same system Tom trained the Navy SEALS with. These are baddest dudes on the planet. The SEALs chose Tom’s program precisely because it’s based on proven techniques that work. Not on some unrealistic approach.

Plus, it doesn’t take a lot of time to learn. The SEALs could only afford to devote one week of their training to hand-to-hand. They don’t have the luxury of devoting years and years to training.

What you’ll learn “cuts to the chase” and teaches you how to defend yourself against the worst odds in a very short period of time.

Anybody can learn how to fight properly if they have the right training.

Tom’s perfected what really works in a streetfight -- and that’s the stuff you’ll see in this training package.

Nothing else.

I will not waste your time or mine with fancy but useless moves.

Let me take a moment to give you a “sample” of all the things you’ll learn when you watch these Ruthless Street Fighting Tactics DVDs.

  • First... you’ll learn why trying to disarm a knife wielding opponent during a real fight is actually a silly waste of your time. Tom shows you a much better strategy.
  • How to destroy the incoming shots! Every time your opponent tries to make a strike toward you, this is how you’ll make him pay a big price!
  • Also, you’ll discover the reason why training with weapons “turbo-charges” your central nervous system and helps you develop all your skills. You’ll see and feel a huge boost very quickly.
  • Another thing, the timetable for how long it takes your opponent to bleed out -- depending on where you cut him. Critical knowledge that let’s you gauge how much time he’s likely to be a threat.
  • You’ll also learn a brilliant “shortcut” to installing these amazing knife-fighting skills quickly into your brain and body.
  • Also, the right and wrong way to train with your partner. Of course the training knives are perfectly safe, but some of the hand to hand stuff can kill. They are that powerful. So you gotta know how to train to avoid ending up with a dead training buddy on your hands.
  • “Zoning to Zero Pressure” -- your key to maneuverability in a fight. You gotta see this one. Very cool.

And a lot more. Including three blazing fast Stick Disarms. You learn the best one you can use, plus the second best -- and one that will enable you to end up stealing your enemy’s stick and using it against him! Perfect if your opponent has a baseball bat, or a pipe, a stick, piece of rebar, whatever.

And like I said, there’s also a lot on hand to hand fighting. You’ll learn the same system Tom taught to SEAL Team members.

Like the instant Fight Enders. This is cool. But it’s also very serious. This instruction will turn your body into something like a loaded shotgun. So once you learn this material, don’t screw around. There’s responsibility that comes with knowing this, since it allows you to so easily maim and kill people. Including:

  • The proper way to do a head butt for maximum -- even deadly -- effect!
  • On those rare occasions when even the head butt isn’t enough, you’ll discover a tool to put the guy totally out of commission. Please, use this one with great care.
  • Also, the trick to throwing a proper elbow strike to the head -- and how to generate the kind of “show stopping” power to end the fight right then and there.
  • You’ll also discover the “clothes line” choke: instantly cuts off blood to the brain. A few seconds and he’s out! A few more and he’s dead!
  • Also -- Tom gives you 6 different joint locks to choose from -- all ridiculously simple. These are simple “pain compliance” moves for when you choose not to use too much force. Like anytime a head butt or elbow strike would be inappropriate.
  • Another thing: What the “trapping” range is... why you want to be there... and 11 reasons why the this is the most lethal of all fighting range of all. This will forever change the way you see fight.
  • Eight key ways to fight off your opponent while you’re on the ground. These really work. No matter what your opponent does, you’ll make him suffer and pay dearly for messing with you.

You’ll learn about kicking. Including:

  • How to get the explosive power and bone-shattering force into your kicks -- and why some kicks should be avoided at all costs.
  • Where to keep your hands when you kick. (You’ll be surprised at how important this is!)
  • Kicks specially designed to take down a much bigger person.
  • A simple kick that will knock your enemy’s testicles into his throat!
  • Kicks for damage... kicks for pain... and when to use each one.
  • How to catch a high kick and disable your opponent with a return blow he won’t expect!

You’ll learn about punching, including:

  • How to make your opponent feel like he just smacked his fist into the sawed-off end of a baseball bat!
  • What to do if you’re fighting a guy who’s 6’8”, weighs 250lbs and boxes better than you do!
  • How to develop your reflexes so that when the confrontation actually begins, your thought process is eliminated -- and the training methods automatically take over!
  • 5 ways you can inflict pain on your opponent for daring to throw a punch at you! These may not “look” like much at first, but try them without the gloves on and you’ll quickly gain a new appreciation for how effective they are!
  • How to put your opponent’s nose in the back of his head!

There’s also tons of simple tricks that allow you to move into proper “knockout” position. This is advanced material, that’s easy to learn, and super-effective, including:

  • Tricks to throw your enemy off balance with ease. Opens him up to all kinds of nasty follow-ups, including a move that smashes him into the ground in a split second!
  • Very wicked arm wrenches. While he’s freaking out about his elbow being dislocated, you’ll be moving in with a finishing move.
  • Specialized drills that allow you to move in and out of knock out range without getting hit yourself. Some are pretty nasty dirty tricks, but you’ll be glad you know them when the time comes.
  • Instant distraction techniques that inflict mind numbing pain. There’s no better tool than this to get a man to cover up and abandon his fight strategy while you set him up like a bowling pin.
  • Also, how to avoid fighting “strength against strength”. This technique allows even small women and children to move against a much larger man.
  • How to get your your hands on your opponent’s neck. You’ll learn how to get there -- and the most effective way to end it once you are there.

And a lot, lot more.

We show you how it’s done using live students who spar the moves while you get unrehearsed, actual intense demonstrations of how to put it all together.

Okay, there’s so much in this package that I’ve really just scratched the surface. Four intensive hours that I know will impress you.

So much useful information in so short a time, it’s really astonishing.

You’ll Get Very Good,
Very Fast.

Best of all, you can learn it one day and then use that same day if you had to. Plus, you’ll have it for the rest of your life.

You cannot find another training DVD set that is so comprehensive and yet so compact in its training and effectiveness.

It’s broken down and meticulously explained to you. The mechanics of each move are explained slowly enough so that you can see exactly what you need to do, just as if I was in your living room in person, going through the training one-on-one with you.

Here’s how you can get your hands on all this now.

Click the “Yes” button now and I will rush you the Ruthless Street Fighting Tactics DVD package AND the two training knives.

Yes! Rush Me The Ruthless Street Fighting Tactics Package!

The price for you is just $97.

Is it worth it?

Well, consider this. You’d pay over $1000 to learn this exact same material from Tom at one of his seminars not to mention the money you’d have to dish out for the airfare, lodging and meals ontop.

And with the DVDs you’ll be able to review the training as many times as you choose right from the comfort of your own home.

And don’t forget about your free knives... plus the fact that this training can actually save the lives of you and your loved ones...

So considered all that, I’d say $97 is a ridiculously low price. A killer deal to say the least.

But you don’t even risk a penny of that $97 purchase price.

Because it’s 100% covered with a money back guarantee. If you don’t agree that this is the most effective, simple, and downright amazing training package you could ever hope to get your hands on...

...then simply return the DVDs for a full and prompt refund, but keep the two “Black Ops” training knives as my gift to you.

You won’t find a more generous deal than that.

However, there is one catch.

These Black Op Training knives are darn expensive. It took a lot for me to convince my business partners to give these away for free.

They accuse me all the time of being too generous and giving away the store. I can’t blame them, since I like to give away lots of gifts to my hotlist guys.

Anyway, point is, I’ve agreed to place a strict limit of 500 packages that have the free knives. After that, no more free Black Op training knives.

So hit the yes button now, while this is still around.

Yes! Rush Me The Ruthless Street Fighting Tactics Package!

For a safe life, this is Jimbo on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the FightFast crew signing off.

Jimbo Curley

But before I go, allow me to do a quick recap on everything you’ll get when you hit the “Yes” button right now:

  1. First -- you will receive the incredible DVD package, “Ruthless Street Fighting Tactics”. You’ll learn the field tested hand to hand moves proven to work. Plus you will learn some little-known secrets to defend yourself from a knife. This price for this combat course is just $97 for over 4 hours of intensive training. You’d normally pay $1000 for the same training in Tom’s studio, so that’s an amazing bargain. But you are taking NO chances because you also receive...
  2. Number Two... a ONE YEAR guarantee on your purchase price. If you think this training doesn’t have you standing taller and more confident, if you don’t feel like you got ten times your value, if you aren’t walking the streets with a new sense of steely eyed calm, then I insist you return the DVDs for a full and prompt refund of your purchase price. You’ll even get a refund within 24 hours of the package arriving in our main office. You have my word on that.
  3. Third -- you will also receive two free Black Ops training knives. These knives are yours to keep, even if you decide to take advantage of my generous guarantee and get all your purchase price returned. They’re the same size, shape, and weight as an actual combat blade. Means you can train the knife tactics in a mirror or with a friend or a loved one. This is how you’ll get real good, real fast. And it’s actually a lot of fun once you get into it.

It won’t take long -- a matter of hours really -- before you’ll be able to handle yourself in just about any type of situation that comes along.

You’ll learn the same fighting course as taught to the Navy SEALs. There was a time when we were forbidden by the military to teach it to anyone else. But now this elite “close quarter combat” method is finally being released to the public and can be yours for a song.

But don’t wait around. There are exactly 500 packages that include the free knives. This message is going out to over 10,000 hotlist guys like you. So I expect these to be snapped up quickly.

In the end, it comes down to confidence.

Most guys can smell it from a mile away and usually avoid screwing with someone who looks like they’d know how to fight.

However, if anyone of any size, even someone armed with a knife, even multiple attackers, DOES mess with you or your loved ones, you’ll suddenly become their worst nightmare!

You won’t always start the fights, but you’ll always finish them.

That’s my promise to you. It’s my commitment to your self-preservation. Hit the yes button now. All the risk is on my shoulders, so you’re taking no chances here. And you’ll get the keep the Black Ops Training Knives as my my gift to you for trusting me on this.

Yes! Rush Me The Ruthless Street Fighting Tactics Package!