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Covert 'Surprise' Weapon Allows You
To Walk The Streets... Without Fear!

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[Dateline -- Thu., July 7th, Visalia, CA]

I've got something new here that I think you and other hotlist guys are really gonna like.

It's a weapon -- once notorious among gamblers and scoundrels -- that's now being used as a critical backup by:

  • Black Operatives...
  • CIA field agents...
  • Undercover beat cops...
  • DEA Agents...
  • U.S. Special Forces...

And yes, even good citizens like you, interested in a covert way to protect yourself and your loved ones.

I am talking about the boot knife.

And today, as part of a promotional deal to you and other hotlist guys, I want you to try out our very own TRS military-style boot knife...

For FREE If You Want!

We call it the TRS Bootlegger. This is one badass weapon that's gonna make walking the streets without fear a whole lot easier.

Hi it's Jimbo over here at FightFast and TRS Survival on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the crew.

Over the last three decades I've been blessed enough to call some of the most dangerous men in the world my friends. I'm talking about Navy SEALS, and DELTA Operatives, seasoned pit fighters, Israeli commandos, hardcore bar room bouncers, and the like.

All of these guys have faced life and death combat.

Many Had To Kill In
Order To Survive!

And all of them -- every single last one of them -- privately admits that in a real fight, in the real world, where blood is on the line -- nothing is certain.

The most unpredictable things can and will happen. I know, because I've heard all the horror stories.

Guns jamming. Innocent bystanders suddenly pulling weapons. Women and kids dropping boulders from rooftops. Rifles exploding in the heat of battle. Unexpected stuff that happens out of nowhere.

It's the same for you on the streets.

You get bum-rushed by goons at an ATM. Or cornered between cars in a parking lot. Or some laughable pipsqueak turns out to be stronger than an ox. Or you're unexpectedly nailed in the back of the head with a pipe.

Surprises happen all the time. Military men call it "the fog of war".

On The Streets, It's Called Getting Blindsided!

And it means no matter how well trained you think you are, there's a gaping hole in your defense system.

I mean, you could grappled for the last ten years with the Gracies... trained in the ring with Conor McGregor, perfecting a vicious left hook and a dozen six-second choke holds... spent years in the U.S. Special forces learning a hundred kill-em-with-your-bare-hands moves...

...and despite all that...

You're Still Vulnerable
On The Street!

Because nobody can predict exactly what will happen. There's no crystal ball. No rewind button. You just have to expect the unexpected. You have to prepare for it and take steps to improve your odds for when things DO go sideways.

And they WILL go sideways.

It's why military dudes say, one is none, two is one.

Means that they always have a reliable backup. A plan B. The nuclear option for when everything goes wrong, you're caught off guard, hurt, tired wounded and in real trouble.

Maybe some creep appears from an alley while you're walking from dinner with your wife or daughter.

Always keep in mind that YOU are their last line of defense.

Women And Children Can Afford The
Of Innocence...
Not You!

Losing a fight or submitting to some filthy thug who sucker punches you because he wants your girl is not an option here.

No matter how hurt you are, you have to dig deep, beacon that fearsome warrior within, and then...

You Gotta Get Plum-Dog Mean And Ugly!

That's what this Bootlegger is all about.

It's a nasty little surprise for any punk stupid enough to think he just took you out of the game.

This is your backup. Your plan B.

And it's a damn effective piece of weaponry.

Let's take a closer look.

First of all, the total length of the Bootlegger and shealth is nine inches. That's small enough to clip comfortably inside or outside a pair of boots or strapped to the side of your leg or inside a sleeve.

And yet it's plenty big enough to get the job done.

The bold and intimidating blade is 4 inches of a high quality rust-proof stainless steel forged into an aggressive symmetrical dagger design for instant penetration.

You Gotta Admit,
It Looks Badass!

It's also full tang -- meaning of course that the steel runs through the entire length of the knife. So it'll never snap or fail you, even under extreme conditions.

This is one tough little dude, perfect for a wide variety of high-intensity slashing, stabbing and cutting situations.

The Bootlegger is also very thin. Just 12mm thick. Makes it easy and comfortable to carry. You can even remove the clip and achieve an ultra slim profile as a neck knife. Very hard for anyone to spot this because...

It's Practically Invisible!

The handle is a precisely milled and shockingly durable G-10 composite. Waterproof, resistant to chemicals and fire and punishment of all kinds...'s unbreakable and aggressively textured to eliminate slippage even when soaked with blood, water or mud.

The oversized finger guards protect your hands from the razor sharp blade even during vigorous use, and the flared pommel ensures the knife always stays in your hand during pull back.

This pommel also makes a nifty blunt force striking tool if you decide to hammer an opponent unconscious rather than dicing him up with the business end of the knife.

Then there's the quick-draw sheath. This is the key to any successful boot knife. So...

We Put A Lot Of Effort
Into Getting This
Just Right!

It's constructed from a tough, durable, waterproof, practically bulletproof molded nylon that retains and holds the knife firmly, so it won't rattle or work it's way out even if you're running or climbing or heck, even doing jumping jacks.

And yet with just a slight tug, the knife is instantly released and ready for action.

There's 7 steel eyelet rivets holding the sheath firmly together, which allows you thread a piece of paracord and wear this around the neck if you want.

Even has a small drainage hole so water will never settle inside the sheath.

This was important to our Navy SEAL friends who spend a lot of time in and around water. Also perfect for you too... for hunting, camping, and other outdoors activities where you're caught in the mist and rain and weather... or wading through lakes and streams.

This Will Take Anything You Can Throw At It!

The sturdy steel clip is extremely beefy and tough and grips firm to whatever you attach it to. Versatile enough to clip inside or outside a boot... clandestinely attached to a strap on your arm or leg, or as a standard carry on your belt.

The unique box-clip design means you don't have to remove your belt every time you want to wear this. Nope. Snaps right on any belt or strap in an instant...

No Hassles!

Like I said, the unique qualities and precision engineering of the sheath holds the knife tight, so feel free to mount this in any position for an upward or downward or sideways draw. Me personally, I like to strap it to my leg in a downward draw position. Gives me...

Quick Access And A Blazing Fast Deployment!

There's no fumbling around. My plan B is right at my fingertips.

We even provide you with video instruction demonstrating how to effectively strap this in numerous positions around the body.

I'll Send You This Bonus Video For FREE!

I'll tell you all about that complementary instruction in just a second.

Point is, this is a wicked alternative if you're ever caught off guard, get cold-cocked, or lose your primary weapon, or even just because you can't carry a pocket knife in a business setting or a formal occasion.

The Bootlegger is easily hidden and carried comfortably...

For Anyone Who Doesn't Want To Announce
They're Actually Armed
To The Teeth!

Look... I know plenty of SWAT and beat cops and retired spec op military guys and even some active duty commandos in the Israeli and U.S. Special Forces -- and all of them carry a boot knife.

There's a good reason for this.

They know better than anyone that in the field or on the street under seemingly peaceful conditions, even the most normal looking person can suddenly and unexpectedly turn vicious.

I'm not here to explain why. I'm just here to remind you that it happens, and to give you a damn effective solution.

Your Bootlegger is way to turn the tables and regain the initiative against anyone who may have temporarily got the upper hand on you. It's like a having a buddy watching your back...

A Very Fast And
Dangerous Buddy!

As an urban survivalist or a savvy outdoorsman, you won't find a more handy and reliable friend than the bootlegger.

Here's how you can get one right now:

Just click the "Yes" button below. Do that right away.

Check around. A custom designed full-tang boot knife constructed from quality stainless steel with an indestructible G-10 composite handle, a precision-engineered tough-as-nails molded nylon sheath with an extra beefy box-design clip that can hold in any position on a belt or a boot or a strap -- all this would set you back at least a hundred bucks.

At least.

But as a hotlist member...

You're Not Gonna Pay A Hundred Dollars!

In fact, you're not gonna pay anywhere close to that. Nope, for you and a handful of other hotlist guys the price of this Bootlegger is just...


That's a rock-bottom price!

We can manage that because the product was designed and manufactured directly by our little company. There's no middle man. Nobody jacking up the price.

As a hotlist member... you get it for what we get it for.

We'll make up the difference later on by selling it for full price on Amazon and through other retailers. That's how you can get a very cool hundred knife for pennies on the dollar.

So yeah... there's benefits to being on this hotlist!

But I said you could try this...

...For FREE
If You Want!

You can. Here's how that works:

Get this Bootlegger into your hands. Wear it on your belt, or around your neck, or, as the name implies, inside or outside your boot, or strapped to your leg, or under your sleeve.

Try it both as an up and down draw. Get the feel for it. Practice a few times until you really got it nailed down.

If, after that, you aren't walking the streets without fear, brimming over with a new sense of confidence...

...if your buddies aren't blown away when you suddenly brandish this wicked looking piece in an instant practically from thin air... fact if you aren't completely thrilled for any reason, even NO reason, then I insist you return the Bootlegger in any condition, even if you beat it up, for a full and prompt refund of every penny of your purchase price.

I'll Even Give You One Full Year
To Make Up Your Mind!

I completely trust your judgement about whether or not you want to keep this. I know, that's insanely generous. But that's the deal.

But hold on... I also mentioned a free instructional video.

You're gonna like this because it means you won't have to try and figure out all the cool carrying options for yourself.

You'll discover how carry this under your sleeve... on your leg without high ankle boot... inside a boot, outside a boot... in various positions on your belt... how to use it as down draw or up draw... and a lot more.

It's only about a half hour long, but the instruction is intense and to the point. No fluff. Just what you need to know.

And it'll provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to carry such an awesome piece of weaponry.

I'll Send This Video Instruction Out To You...

It'll go out the instant you agree to receive the Bootlegger, and it's yours to keep.

You just gotta act now on this offer, okay?

We've only produced a small batch of these. Just 1000 Bootleggers total. Only 500 of them are earmarked for hotlist guys as part of this rock bottom risk-free deal.

The rest will be made available to outside retailers at full price so we can cover our costs and keep the wheels of our little business greased.

I'm sure you understand.

Bottom line is, you should jump on this right away to get in on this generous deal. 500 may sound like a lot, but there's now over 10,000 hotlist guys like you.

I Expect These To Be Snapped Up Pretty Fast!

I won't have any more produced for months.

So hit the "Yes" button now.

Combat experts all agree that a good boot knife is about the most helpful and versatile tool in an emergency where you're attacked by a dog, wild animal or a person... cutting a seat belt to escape from a burning or submerged car... or even just for everyday use around the home or on the jobsite.

You're Getting The Best Deal I Can Manage!

There's no risk to you and you're getting a free bonus video showing you how to mount this in various covert positions.

It's a heck of a bargain. And there's just no good reason not to do this now. But if you wait, you will almost certainly miss out.

Avoid the regret of losing out, and hit the "Yes" button now.

I'll see you inside.