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How To Defend Your Home Using The Most

Viciously Effective
Weapon In History...

And You Even Choose To 'Test-Drive' It...


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It's an incredible offer ONLY available to my most exclusive hotlist members.

So if you're interested in protecting your home using one of the most proven weapons in history... and having a piece of sheer bad-ass eye-candy for your mantel or your man-cave... then here's your chance to try it out for yourself on my dime!

Dear Hotlist Member:

What do think is the most effective weapon in history for defending your own castle? Well, most guys would answer: "A gun".

But with all due respect...
that's NOT correct!

By far the most brutally efficient and downright terrifying home defense weapon down through history has been... the sword!

Skeptical? I can't blame you, because a handgun seems to be a much more logical choice. But please, hear me out on this.

Because I want you and handful of other select members of this hotlist to test-out my brand new short-sword... an absolutely gorgeous piece of weaponry...

For FREE if you want!

We call it The Guardian.

This is a slice of badassery you cannot find anywhere else — specifically designed for home defense.

I'll tell you all about it and how you test this out for yourself in just a minute. There's even some very cool free bonus material that you're definitely gonna want to get a hold of.

So please...

Stay riveted to this message!

Hi, it's Jimbo over here at FightFast and TRS Survival. As you may know, for over 30 years now we've been providing fast and easy solutions to defending yourself and your loved ones.

Like simple and easy-to-learn hand-to-hand dirty tricks, jungle commando knife fighting skills, real-world handgun combat training and a lot more.

Now I don't want to give you the impression that a handgun isn't an effective weapon. It is in fact very effective. But it may not always be the right choice.

First of all, there are...

A lot of logistical hassles to
owning a handgun...
isn't there?

I mean it's like my 15-year-old nephew who's itching to get his driver's license — completely clueless on the expense and responsibility and dangers that come with owning a car.

Same thing with owning a gun.

Obtaining the proper permits... understanding and purchasing the correct ammo... knowing how to safely use the gun... taking the time to practice... buying a gun safe... knowing the laws on carry and conceal and safe storage... and of course the enormous liability if anything goes wrong.

And there's also a lot of good folks who simply can't legally touch a firearm. I personally know of one guy who...

Landed a FELONY for
violating probate law!

Government stripped away his rights to own a handgun because he removed some family photos from his deceased mom's home without asking the judge first.

My point is that you may be someone who either can't own a gun or doesn't want a handgun in the home. Bullets go through walls. Kids can get a hold of them. I dunno, maybe you think the wife would sooner use it on YOU than on a burglar.

Frankly there are a lot of good reasons for not having a handgun in the home!

Which brings me to
The Guardian!

Again, when it comes to home defense, a sword is typically not the first thing that pops into mind. Perhaps that's because most people picture a 4-foot saber used by calvarymen.

That's not what I'm talking about here.

We assumed you wouldn't be
on horseback in your home!

So we modernized the design and made it much more compact.

The Guardian is NOT a toy or a cheap novelty item or a cheesy ornament or anything like that. No, you can find those anywhere. They're a-dime-a-dozen and certainly not a serious self-defense weapon.

On the other hand...

The Guardian IS a
deadly serious weapon!

One that will strike absolute terror into the heart of anyone foolish enough to break into your castle. One that's meant to endure the most intensive combat.

Okay... let's take a closer look. Here it is:

As you can see, it's gorgeous, but there's not a lot of fancy frills. We did that on purpose. Again, while it may look cool mounted to the wall of your man cave, it's built for actual combat.

Because as you can imagine, trying to wield a typical Katana type sword inside the tight quarters of your home would be awkward.

So we kept the total length down to just 24 inches and the weight at 16 ounces. Which makes the Guardian about...

The same size and weight
as a classic Roman Gladius!

If you're unfamiliar with the Gladius, then think of the Guardian as a little shorter and about half the weight of a standard baseball bat. Except for that this bat can deliver mind-boggling destruction on your attacker.

Bottom line: The Guardian is
an extremely effective
Close-Quarters weapon!

The one-sided razor-sharp blade is 18-inches of 8Cr14Mov high quality stainless steel.

It's one-sided for a couple reasons.

First is legal consideration. Some areas around the country don't allow for a double-edged weapon.

Another reason is that the dull side can easily be used as...

A non-lethal, but
very vicious
trauma weapon!

Gives you the option just to put him down fast so you can call the cops and have him hauled off... without hurting him too bad or messing up your carpet.

At 4mm thick the blade is very beefy and yet still retains a much needed degree of flexibility. That's what you want in a sword. Means there's no way you'll ever snap or crack this brute no matter how badly you're abusing it.

The Guardian is not a machete that looks like a sword. No way. By any definition, this is a real sword.

It's extremely tough
designed to take serious abuse!

The Tanto tip makes this a devastating piercing implement too — even through a leather jacket or tough winter clothing.

And the 4mm thickness runs to almost the very end of the blade, making the tip extremely strong and reliable.

The blade is full-tang, running all the way down through the handle to the pommel.

Cheap swords don't do this...
which is why they will
instantly snap at the handle!

We on the other hand assumed that your very life could depend on this, and so we stepped up and made the Guardian ultra-tough for even the most extreme combat.

In a camping or hunting or survival situation the Guardian is easy to carry — and I'll tell you about the scabbard in just a second — and it's far tougher and more beefy than any machete.

It can clear brush, chop wood, split logs and the blunt side is plenty tough enough to use for hammering.

It's also a silent killer!

Means you're not drawing attention and giving away your location. Oh yeah...

And it won't ever run out
of bullets either!

The handle is a full 6 inches, big enough for two-handed grasping if needed, though the Guardian is so exquisitely balanced it can easily be controlled with just one hand — even by small women or men who may have very little strength.

The handle scales are constructed from a super lightweight glass-reinforced epoxy laminate G10 – which means it'll last for centuries because it's virtually impervious to harsh chemicals, water damage, UV rays... and even fire.

G-10 is the good stuff because it will never crack or split or swell up no matter what kind of conditions it's subjected to. And the finely milled surface and rounded grooves makes it comfortable on the hand, and yet provides excellent grip and blade retention...

Even when wet or covered
in mud and blood!

Okay... let's talk a little about the scabbard.

Because you need a way to safely hold, carry, and draw the Guardian.

Here's the scabbard that's included.

As you see, this is tactical. Personally I think it's cool, because it's not some frilly ceremonial item.

It's all about function
and speed!

The hard GRN material is perfectly molded to hold your Guardian tightly at the base of the handle.

You can run, jump, turn it
upside down
and shake it...
and the Guardian will
put no matter what!

But with just a slight tug the Kraken is instantly released and ready for action. I gotta say, it took a long time to get this just right. But we nailed it.

Means your blade is protected and in place even when on the move or mounted in a handle-down position on a wall... and yet it draws so blazing fast.

There's also adjustable
belt loops
so you can carry
Guardian on your
left or right side!

I recommend the blade forward cross draw, but you can arrange this however you want.

There's a free DVD that walks you through your options and a lot more. I'll tell you all about this free DVD in just a minute.

You're definitely gonna want to see this.

Just know that... the quick-release scabbard you'll receive is practically indestructible!

Waterproof. Shock proof.
Bang it around.
Stomp on it... whatever...
You can't hurt this thing!

Protects the blade. Protects you too.

Because frankly, your Guardian is damn scary.

And it's this "intimidation factor" that's a big part of what makes your Guardian so effective.

Nobody wants to mess with
the guy holding this!

I mean unfurling this beast from the scabbard... the perfectly balanced heft of it in your hand... the commanding reach... the sobering reality of what kind of hell-fire this could reign down on anyone stupid enough to threaten you and your loved ones is enough to make even your best buddies swallow hard.

Imagine the visceral quivering intimidation that would overcome any intruder when confronted with such a weapon...

Knowing that one deft move
could instantly lop off
an arm.
Or worse!

This is raw power.

And it's why the sword reigned supreme as a terrifying warrior class symbol for much of man's history.

If you're interested in
testing this out for yourself,
just click the "Yes" button
below right now.

The normal price for one Guardian is just $289. That's what we sell it for right now on Amazon and it's doing quite well.

But as a hotlist member you won't pay anywhere near that.

No. You can get a single Guardian along with the hard scabbard right here right now on this special hidden webpage for just...


That's a cool $120 sliced
right off the top!

Nobody else can get it at that price. Only hotlist guys like you.

Yes, you find plenty of cheap swords out there. But please, even if you choose not to get the Guardian, do yourself a favor and don't rely on some flimsy decorative piece of tin to protect your family.

It will only fail you. And it'll happen just when you need it most.

But hang on... I've arranged
something more that I think
you're really gonna like!

And it means not only saving you more money while keeping your castle and your family protected, but also gives you one very cool display for above the mantle, or inside your office or man cave.

Here's the deal: Purchase a 2-pak of Guardians and I will not only drop the price for each Guardian down to a rock-bottom $149, but I will also include a steel bracket and the hardware that you’ll need to mount your Guardians like you see here.

The bracket and strapping system holds the scabbards firmly in place so you can easily grab one or both handles and...

Draw the Guardians
straight off the wall!

Fast, easy, and yeah, damn scary.

It's simple to set up, and I'll even send you a short and sweet video walking you through how to mount this step by step. The hardware is all provide so it'll take you all of 10 minutes.

But I said you could test this out for free if you wanted. You can. Here's how that works.

Click on the "Yes" button below, and get this Guardian package into your hands.

Pull the beast from its scabbard. Take a moment to relish the hypnotic gleam of the blade. Feel the balanced power.

Delight in how easily it swings and how effortlessly it thrusts forward.

Watch the jaws drop and the gleam of envy in their eyes while your buddies drool with jealousy.

If you're like me, you may just have an overwhelming desire to zip a watermelon in half, or hack your kitchen table in two, or...

Head down to the butcher
slice up a side of beef!

It's an absolute thrill just holding this thing.

In fact if you don't suddenly experience that same sense of confident raw power every warrior once felt down in his bones...

...if your buddies aren't a little afraid of you and amazed that once again you continue to build the most awesome tactical arsenal they've ever seen... fact if you're not happy for any reason, even no reason, then simply send your Guardians back in any condition — even if they're used and abused and beat up -- and I will refund every penny of your purchase price, without question and without any hassles.

That guarantee now gives you a chance — if you choose — to...

Test this all out
for yourself, for FREE!

I'm the one taking the chances here, not you.

Plus I will even throw in FREE shipping and handling too.

Makes this more than generous, wouldn't you agree?

But hang on...

There's yet another free bonus to this kit!

It's a 45 minutes long DVD package that covers how to use your new Guardian. I've cleverly named it "Guardian Secrets".

Your teacher, the guy who'll walk you through everything, is Mark Hatmaker -- a FightFast instructor for over two decades now.

This dude may be in his 50s but he almost looks like he's still in his 30s.

Here he is at a recent Spartan event.

Mark lives, eats and breathes ring and street boxing, submission wrestling, and the rough-and-tumble world of swordplay and combat techniques of the old warriors.

He understands the short-sword better than anyone else I know. That's why he absolutely jumped at the chance to show you...

The secrets to properly using
your new Guardian!

These techniques are not difficult. In fact they are very EASY. But you're not going to just figure them out on your own. So you're gonna want to watch this closely.

Here's just a taste of what you'll discover from this DVD package.

  • First of all, you'll discover why the Guardian should not be handled like a typical long saber or a fencing foil. The tactics you'll use with the Guardian are simpler and much better suited to close quarters combat. Mark explains it all, and it means you'll understand the advanced fundamentals of properly using the short sword better than just about any other guy on the planet.
  • Also, discover why treating the Guardian only as a "hacking" weapon — like an axe or a tomahawk -- doesn't harness the full potential of this weapon. Mark shows you how to combine both the Guardian's brutal hacking power and its vicious slicing capabilities together in one fluid motion so that you're getting maximum efficiency with each stroke. This is advanced knowledge — easy to learn and simple to execute — that few guys outside the martial arts world understand. Now you'll be one of the few.
  • Also, learn the proper "swing-arc" you'll use with the Guardian. This one specific technique — and it's easy once you see how it's done — means inflicting 500% more damage with each stroke.
  • Another thing you'll learn is a very cool "pat assist" that dramatically increases the power and speed of each shot with a simple pop on your bicep with the opposite hand. It's insider knowledge that makes a big difference.
  • Also, discover a simple combat stance that will keep you balanced and moving forward aggressively. Again, this is for real-world self-defense. This isn't fencing or saber fighting with a competitor who's also armed with a sword. No. Mark assumes it's unlikely pirates will invade your home, and so he teaches you a natural and comfortable real-world combat stance that'll quickly get the Guardian upfront and into the action.
  • Also, how to use your hip as a kind of "home base" to holding and pointing the Guardian correctly while avoiding any unwanted "drift". Because it's very common for beginners to get sloppy, leave the sword offline, and leave yourself wide open. This one trick allows you to remain in tight combat form so you can react quickly, stay on point and then return back to a ready home position. Again, it's advanced knowledge that makes you look and feel like you've been doing this your whole life.
  • Another thing — and this is important — how to keep your free hand — the one not holding the Guardian — back and out of harm's way while still protecting your vitals. Most guys get this wrong and it leaves them vulnerable to injury and makes them look unskilled. Mark shows you the simple trick to training yourself to keep that hand in tight and out of the way just like a skilled swordsman.
  • Also, you'll discover the simple "numeral five" system of attack angles. Some martial arts systems go as high as 24. But again, this is not about learning a complex art but rather nailing down an easy to remember system for the real world. You don't want anything that'll instantly be forgotten in the first seconds of a confrontation. Mark keeps this system down to just five angles of attack and defense, so you're approaching combat with skill and determination rather than sloppy and wild caveman-style swinging. Again, keeps everything tight with you in total control of the fight.
  • You'll also learn a 3-minute drill to train each of the 5 angles while always returning back to the home position. This is how you'll start infusing these 5 angles of attack and proper positioning deep into your muscle memory. Doesn't take long and once you have it — just like riding a bike — you'll then have it for life.
  • Also, a very cool "forward stomp" footwork trick that ensures your attack is moving forward while the opponent is backing up and, most likely, panicking. You can also work this technique sideways to keep him guessing or in reverse as a kind of fighting withdrawal. But it means you will always maintain complete command of the fight.
  • Another thing you'll learn is how to use the pommel — or the butt of the handle — for extreme close quarters work, just in case of your opponent manages to get right up on you. Of course, keeping your distance and using the longer blade is to your advantage, but we're talking real world fighting here. Extreme close quarters is a very common situation in actual combat. The pommel is a brutal and instant knockout tool, and Mark shows you exactly how to seamlessly incorporate this technique right into your 5 angles of attack.

There's so much more too. Like how to properly train with a partner... specific methods to build up your speed.... to correctly wear the Guardian on your belt using the scabbard for a cross draw position with the cutting edge forward for instant attack ready position...

...a trick to mounting it on the wall with the sharp edge in the correct position so the Guardian is in the "flow and go" combat position.

And more.

This is how you'll quickly gain the skills to make your Guardians more than just a damn cool decoration, but a viable and very effective home defense weapon.

This astonishing DVD
package is included for FREE.

And you can view it online if you want as well. So you always have the DVD as a backup if you need, but you'll also have access to the training on your computer, phone, or tablet if you want.

So hit the "Yes" button now.

You're getting a chance to test out for yourself an awesome short-sword with a quick-release scabbard at a hefty price slash... free shipping and handling...

...a free wall mount with the hardware for two Guardians and a video showing you the easy way to set it up.

Everything covered by a generous money back guarantee AND you'll also receive that FREE 45 minute "Guardian Secrets" instructional video available both online and as a DVD package...

Yours FREE!

Keep it, even if you return the Guardian for a full and prompt refund.

Yeah, wow... you gotta admit that's one heck of deal.

But you must act now,
for a couple reasons!

First is that there are only 200 Guardian kits available at that greatly reduced price and with the free mounting system and the free "Guardian Secrets" video package.

I'm keeping it down to just 200 kits because I'm virtually losing money on this. No worries, I'll make up the difference on Amazon.

But the deal I've just described is only for a small and exclusive group of hotlist guys like you. Nobody else can get in on this. It's just a kind of "thanks" to you and a handful of other good customers.

If you didn't personally receive an email from me inviting you here, then sorry, you can't get in on this.

When those 200 units are gone, that's it. If you hit a "Sold Out" page, then sorry, this promotion is over.

You can still get one on Amazon for $289, but that obviously doesn't include the price break or the free wall mount or the free instructional videos.

Point is, if you're at all
you should jump
on this now!

So click on this "Yes" button now.

This is Jimbo, signing off.

But before I go, allow me to do a quick recap of what's all included in this deal.

First of all I'll rush the Guardian, two feet of fearsome cutlery... a weapon proven over the centuries to be one of the most respected and devastatingly effective defenders of the home. Top quality... a 4mm thick stainless steel full-tang blade... an extra large practically indestructible G-10 handle... includes a thick and durable GRN scabbard with adjustable belt loops... the whole works. We purposely avoided the fancy frills and kept this the wicked tactical weapon it was meant to be.

Second you'll receive a steep discount. Instead of the normal $289 that you’d pay on Amazon, you can get the Guardian for as little as $149 each and if you get two you’ll also receive a bracket wall mounting system and a short and easy ‘how-to’ video that shows you how to set it all up.

Allows you ultimate home protection at your fingertips while also making the man-cave look pretty damn bad-ass.

Third, you'll receive a one-year guarantee. If you don't feel a sense of awe and power just holding this beauty, and if don't agree that you got the deal of a lifetime, just send it back for a full and fast refund.

Fourth, you will also receive Mark Hatmaker's "Guardian Secrets" DVD package. This is where you'll discover how to use the Guardian, or any short-sword for that matter, like a skilled combat expert. You'll learn specific tactics and techniques and dirty tricks that'll build up your natural speed and confidence and make you look like a skilled swordsman in no time. You'll get it both as a DVD, so you always have a hard backup, and receive the link for easy online viewing on your computer, phone or tablet.

But just hurry, okay?

Because I've made up only 200 of these special Guardian kits for my best hotlist customers only. There's no guarantee that you'll get one if you wait because when these 200 units sell out this promotional deal is over.

You can still get it on Amazon for $289. But why do that when you can test it right here right for FREE if you want, along with some awesome free bonus material that's yours to keep.

So hit the "Yes" button now, and I'll see you inside.