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Dear Hotlist Member:
Let me read you a Future News Reports. Here it is:

Will that headline come true some day?

It could. It all depends on what you do in the next 15 minutes.

You see, I hate to tell you this, but chances are -- at some point in your life, if it hasn't happened already -- you're going to get attacked on the street.

It might happen next week, or it might happen next year.

But no matter when it happens...

It Ain't Gonna Be Pretty!

Hi it's Jimbo over here at FightFast on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the crew.

For 30 years we've been teaching guys like you simple and devastating moves that can end a fight in a couple seconds.

So yes, you could fight with your bare hands using the powerful martial arts training you've already received from our FightFast videos.

After all, knowing how to effectively use your body's natural weapons to defeat your attacker is a helluva lot better than getting the snot kicked out of you!

BUT... wouldn't you like to have an advantage in the fight -- and be able to inflict MAXIMUM pain and suffering on the S.O.B. who was just about to do the same thing to YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES???

Of course you would. Any man worth his salt would beat the hell out of someone who puts his life in danger, or threatened his family.

But let's face it: Sometimes, fighting empty-handed just isn't good enough.

Sometimes you need a powerful weapon in your hands -- just to equalize things, especially if you're attacked by more than one person at a time.

A gun is great... IF you're lucky enough to be allowed to carry one where you live! But for most of us across this once-free nation of ours, packing a piece is out of the question -- especially in the bigger cities...

Where Crime Is
The Worst!

If the gun-grabbers get their way, and it looks increasingly like they will, NO ONE will be allowed to own handguns in the very near future.

Thanks to powerful political forces and our own "in"-Justice Department, you'll be forced to walk the streets UNARMED!!!

If you ask me, that SUCKS. But unfortunately, it might come that some day.

But even if it doesn't -- even if you're allowed to keep your guns -- sometimes carrying a gun isn't really appropriate or convenient. There are lots of places where you simply can't take your gun -- like an airport or a school -- even if you wanted to.

Likewise, there are times when using your gun wouldn't be appropriate -- such as in a bar brawl or any other non-lethal but hostile confrontation.

As you know, you can't just shoot someone for picking a fight with you or getting out of line after they've had too much to drink.

Guns are only appropriate when it's "kill or be killed."

So What Can You
Use Instead?

There's a middle ground between being "unarmed" and being "heavily armed." The key is to use small, concealable, 100% legal weapons that still inflict a world of hurt on anyone who messes with you.

And... you want these weapons to be easy to use and totally reliable.

You don't want any complicated gadgets that take so much time to bring into play you practically have to call "TIME OUT!" just to find the damn things!

Well, in the real-life hostile situations that happen every single day in this country, professionals who know their stuff -- especially high-level government agents and soldiers in the Special Forces, like the Navy SEALS... Delta Force operators... and the U.S. Rangers -- rely on a set of TWO handy little weapons that I'm going to now tell you about.

Until recently, these two unique weapons were not available to the general public. They were strictly sold to certain government agencies whose members work clandestinely. You probably know who I'm talking about.

These undercover agents needed to have a powerful tactical advantage without carrying a gun and without drawing a lot of attention.

And because of my deep contacts in the industry, the company that had been supplying these weapons to the government is now making them available to the FightFast and TRS Survival.

I now want you, and a handful of other highly trusted "hotlist" members, to now...

Try These Out Without
One Penny
Of Financial
Risk To You!

The first weapon I want to send you is called, "The Ripper".

This wicked little beauty sure lives up to its name!

It looks like a Kubaton -- a simple metal "cylinder" about six inches long that can fit easily in your pocket or on your keychain.

And yet, when put into action...

This Innocent-Looking
Tool Can Tear The Flesh

Right Off Your
Attacker's Body!

I'm serious. It's designed with a special little "notch" at one end of the cylinder. And all you have to do is put it up against your opponent's body, press hard and TWIST!

It GRABS the flesh so tight -- and does NOT let go -- that in a split second, it rips a hole about the size of a quarter on your attacker's arm, leg, stomach, face, neck -- or anywhere you put it!

You can even use it to shred his ear lobe or lacerate his nostrils!

It is the ultimate in pain-causing, non-lethal weapons. And it is very exciting to use.

Just carrying it around with you on your keychain, and knowing in the back of your mind what you could do with it if somebody attacks you -- gives you a "smug" sense of satisfaction and self-confidence.

You'll practically walk around with a little "smirk" on your face. And when someone wants to mess with you, you'll find yourself almost looking forward to it!

Best of all, it even goes right through your attacker's clothing! It catches the flesh from underneath a shirt, and then tears it right from the body!

It's an extremely painful device. And it works like a charm when you don't want to escalate the fight to a lethal level.

Just Apply It To Your
Opponent's Body,
And The Ripper
Does The Rest!

There's nothing the thugs won't do for you when you use the Ripper on them!

And it's so innocent-looking; it will fool anyone who sees you carrying it. We even printed "Gas Shut Off Key" down the side just to deceive anyone asking silly questions.

Everyone will think it's just an innocent valve key... that is until someone threatens you and you're forced to use it.

Then They'll Get The
Picture... Fast!

You see, there's power in simplicity when it comes to weapons. And the weapons described to you here are, in a word, SIMPLE.

Anyone can use them effectively. You don't have to be big and strong. Even frail young women or an elderly grandmother could use this.

The Ripper is strong, lightweight, and compact. And it far outperforms virtually all other weapons. That's why the highest-level government agents in the United States rely on these weapons for their own personal safety.

Plus, there's a...

Teaches You
How to Use
Your Ripper!

I really want you to have one of these. But I've only got a limited supply that I obtained at a special price from the manufacturer -- and I'm going to pass that savings onto you.

More on that in a moment.

Because more importantly, I want you to KNOW HOW TO USE your Ripper. I don't want you to just snap this on your keychain or put it under your shirt and walk out of the house without any training.

No, sir! That would be doing you a great disservice.

Therefore, when you let me know that you want one of these Rippers, I'll also send you -- ABSOLUTELY FREE -- an amazing new video we just produced that teaches you everything you need to know for using the Ripper like a pro in real-life hostile situations.

The man training you is none other than Ray Ellingsen, one of our most popular fighting experts.

Ray made his living as a bounty hunter in Los Angeles -- chasing down the meanest, nastiest, most violent criminals you could ever come across. Guys who are wanted for serious crimes... but who DON'T want to go back to jail again!

As a result of being in hundreds of real-life, do-or-die confrontations with these scumbags, Ray Ellingsen has learned exactly what it takes to WIN any fight you could ever face -- even against prison-trained thugs who outweigh you by 50 pounds... stand a foot taller than you... and are so "hyped-up" on drugs that they're not even afraid of the cops!

You'll probably never face the kinds of criminals that Ray hunted down every day. But just in case one of them seeks YOU out -- on a dark street... in a parking lot late at night... or by the side of the road -- you'll know precisely how to use the Ripper to and win the fight!

But hold on, that's not all. Not by a long shot!

Because I also want you to have a second weapon that is probably...

The Most Effective
You Could
Ever Carry!

This is another clever and "innocent looking" weapon that government agents like to use -- now available from FightFast and TRS Survival.

We call it "The Equalizer".

This is one of my personal favorites because this simple looking weapon will instantly level the playing field against anyone who messes with you -- without having to resort to lethal force.

Devastatingly effective, even against larger, stronger more aggressive opponents.

Even against multiple attackers.

It's basically a 30-inch long rod of unbreakable reinforced fiberglass with a textured grip.

It looks like a riding crop that they use on horses -- and it acts like one as well. Carry it with you just like an innocent walking stick.

Nobody will suspect a thing. That is until you have to use it.

Amazing for striking, jabbing, poking, or simply as a restraint device. Actually works better than a special agent's PR-24 baton because the Equalizer is lighter, quicker, and can inflict so much blinding pain.

Seriously, this weapon gives you an incredible advantage over any attacker. It enables you to do things you could never do with your bare hands or with any "typical" weapon -- even a knife.

Not too many people can stand up to the pain of being hit by this thing!

One of the best things it is that, because it enables you to repeatedly strike your opponent in a lightning-fast fashion; it scrambles his mind and causes him to instinctively cower down and think defensively.

Which Means His
Attack Plan
Gone Out The Window!

He's suddenly a lot more worried about escaping the blinding pain! One stinging crack with this nasty weapon and the ONLY thing he'll want to do is run for his life.

Thus, YOU WIN!

It also works well as a "blocking" device, too!

Give you such a huge reach advantage you can block your attacker's arms and legs with the Equalizer, so you never have to worry about being punched or kicked when you have one of these things in your hands!

Let me tell you... it's very hard to defend against the Equalizer! In fact, it's next to impossible!

Few people understand just how devastating a strike from this can be. You have to experience it to know what I'm talking about. The instant tissue damage it can inflict is mind boggling.

As a simple demonstration, you can take the Equalizer and strike it against a sturdy cardboard box. When you do...

It Will Cut Through It
Like A Hot Knife
Through Butter!

Just think about how that would feel on the back of your opponent's hand, on the side of his neck or face, on the back of his leg, or just about any other sensitive part of his body!

The Equalizer is nothing to mess around with!

You can be as aggressive or as defensive as you want with this weapon. It works just as well either way. That's the beauty of it!

You can also jab with it -- just to keep your attacker at bay, if you need. It gives you an extended reach advantage of nearly 3 FEET!

Thus you can keep him from coming in and getting any closer to you. And the textured rubberized grip and unbreakable wrist lanyard means he can't take this away from you.

Bottom line: He simply won't be able to hurt you when you have one of these!

Plus, it moves so fast and is so accurate...

It Can Disable
Your Opponent
In The
First Two Seconds!

It can even be used to instantly smack a knife or gun out of an attacker's hand. Or instantly humble an aggressive dog.

There's almost no end to what you can do with this simple weapon. The way you use it is only limited by your imagination!

And it's as easy as pointing your finger. Ray Ellingsen teaches you all the different ways you can use this handy tool for self-defense even in the most dangerous situations!

I use this myself during my morning walks around the neighborhood. Nobody looks twice. Nothing strange. Looks like a simple thin walking stick. But man I pity the poor fool who gets on the business end of this thing.

Okay... so you're getting both the Equalizer and the Ripper. And you're getting a DVD package that explains exactly how to use both weapons.

As I mentioned earlier, the general public is finally able to purchase the Ripper and the Equalizer from the same company that formerly supplied weapons to the CIA, the Secret Service, the DEA and FBI, as well as the military.

Some of this company's weapons still aren't available to the public. They're that specialized... and that dangerous.

But if you tried to order these weapons directly from the company we get them from you’d have pay around $260 and then wait a few months.

And that doesn't even include the instructional material that FightFast has put together for you and which I will include in this package and that will teach you how to use these excellent weapons.

But you won't pay anywhere near $260. Not even $200.

In fact, if you order right now, I will rush you this nasty Ripper and the Equalizer and training video for...

Just $69!

That is an excellent value. A $190 savings.

AND... we're backing it up with our 100% Money-Back Guarantee of Satisfaction.

Nobody else in the industry does that.

Here's how it works: If you're not happy with this package for ANY reason at all, just send it back to us and we'll refund every penny you paid.

Plus, you get to KEEP the free video, just for your trouble!

So even in the worst case scenario, you come out almost $190 ahead and get to KEEP the DVD no matter what!

Here's how you can get all this now.

Just click on the "Yes" button below. Do that now.

It'll take you to our secure shopping cart. Just get your credit card ready and complete the form. It'll take you all of three minutes. After that our shipping team will rush your package straight out to you.

When it arrives, I encourage to first watch the video.

It was purposely designed to be simple and easy to learn. Nothing complex, but it's important that you know the advanced fundamentals to become that much more dangerous and respected person.

Yes, you could carry a gun. But again, that's not always an option. And sometimes, you just don't want to carry a gun.

But you must carry something -- or you'll end up as another pathetic statistic of our crime-ridden, drug-infested society that doesn't value their own lives and sure as hell doesn't give a damn if they take yours.

You owe it to yourself... to your loved ones... to anyone who cares about your or depends on you -- to DO EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER to protect yourself from the mindless violence that hover all around us these days, waiting for an opportunity to pounce.

But please... no matter what you decide to carry...

GET TRAINED in how to use your weapons!

FightFast videos are the best you can buy. They teach you everything you need to know.

The video is worth $69. But I'm including it for NOTHING! And it's yours to KEEP, even if you later decide to take advantage of my generous ONE YEAR guarantee.

Use the weapons... watch the training video... practice what you learn... experience firsthand that wonderful new surge of confidence... then carry the weapons around with you.

Nobody will suspect a thing. But you'll once again feel what's it's like to walk the streets without fear, knowing that YOU are a hell of a lot more dangerous than other fool you'll face out there.

If you decide you don't want to keep them, just send them back and we'll refund all your money. And you get to KEEP the free DVD, just for your trouble

So at the very least, even if you don't like these weapons...

You Come Out $69 Ahead!

Not bad.

But I'm betting you won’t ever let go of these awesome little weapons once you feel them in your hands and see what they're capable of doing.

And once you get the expert training from Ray Ellingsen on the free DVD that come with this package, you'll be so highly skilled in the use of these weapons that they will probably save your life someday!

That, as you know is worth much more than the $69 we're asking for these weapons and for that awesome training.

Even so, you take NO RISK by ordering today.

But I highly encourage you to act fast.

We were only able to get a rather limited number of these weapons from the company that's supplying them to our government. And they're working overtime just to fill the demand for all the agency contracts they're working on.

Sometimes their products are on 3-month backorder, or longer.

I know you don't want to wait that long to get these weapons in your hands and start enjoying the incredible level of protection they can give you.

So hit the "Yes" button right now.

Don't wait another minute. You never know when you're going to really need the weapons that come in this special package.

Get them in your hands as soon as you can-because you won't get a second chance if the "worst" suddenly happens to you... and you simply weren't prepared.

This is Jimbo, on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the FightFast crew, signing off.

But before I go, allow me to make one last point.

Please don't wait until these weapons are outlawed.

Right now, they're 100% legal.

But God only knows when some politicians will step in and "outlaw" them "because somebody might get hurt!"

I would hate to tell you -- a few weeks or a month from now -- that we're not allowed to sell these weapons any longer. Yet that could easily happen the way things are going with the legislatures in so many states.

We've already had one weapon that we used to sell outlawed by the disarmament crowd. At any moment any one of the two weapons in this special package could "bite the dust."

So don't delay. Hit the "Yes" button right now.

Get these weapons while you still can!